Active Minds – Welcome To The Slaughterhouse

tornadoTornado season!  I don’t mind them during the day when you can see ’em coming but at night, it’s a different story.  Kinda freak me out to be honest with ya.  When I was a kid, maybe 12, I came out to Kansas with my Mom to visit my Aunt Donna and her family.  I remember late one night playing cards (Pinochle)  in their double wide, before they got a basement.  The weather radio said there was a tornado approaching but there was not much to do without a basement, other than to keep playing cards.  No harm no foul, it didn’t hit us.  I took a picture of one last year but it was too far away and it just passed on north of us.  Oh well, one of the sacrifices for quiet country living.

Alright, one of my Top 10 albums all time for you here.  Of course that’s just a subjective view, but if you don’t like it, fuck you (just kidding?).  You guys all have your own similar deal. I’m sure.  In my opinion though this is right up there with Black Flag’s Damaged (the Back in Black of punk rock).  I know, a total stretch for some of you who disagree with most of what is said here.  I think it’s pretty fitting though as a follow up to my last post.  They are both so different yet they both have a rawness.  These guys are not known for their musicianship but the pure energy and emotion, the fucking passion they offer in most of what they do.  You have just guitar and drums with this band and I can’t even imagine a bass here (probably would sound killer) but that wouldn’t be Active Minds.  I, quite simply, loved this album the first time my needle did it’s thing to it and my speakers followed that emotion.  It was sent to me from the Loony Tunes label in England when it first came out in 1988.  As a side note, I used to love doing mailorder and waiting for new music to come in the mail…still do, it’s just Ebay and Discogs now (the fucking middlemen).  Anyway, there is a wide variety of tunes to be had on this release, even a little piano, but what stands out of course is the hardcore.  It takes them six tunes before they throw in a bit of mellowness.  They sing about every topic popular of the time and genre, and throw in a couple of new ones for good measure.  I think these guys are intelligent about what they write and sing.  A really responsible music blogger would have scans of the lyrics along with all the other writings they offer up.  That blogger would be Bizzaro-Mustard…that first tune really sucks you in…

The Suicide Watch with Ophelia Necro

Her show is on from 10pm-1am on Mondays, for those of you on the West coast, which of course means it’s on at Midnight here in NoWhere Kansas, on a work night. So, it’s to the archives I go. This ain’t now regular show, let me tell you, nothing like the crap that I listen to around here. This hearkens back to the days when I had many friends DJing on KHSU at Humboldt State. She recommended the 01/30/17 playlist where she interviewed Eugene Robinson of Oxbow (listening to that right now). Lots of great music that you may not have heard before, guaranteed!  You can stream KDVS live HERE, as I said her show is 10pm-1am PST on Mondays or go to her archive HERE

Watt’s Bald Head – s/t 7″

Been getting these GIFs from the folks at Senor GIF.  Yeah I know this one is stupid, but I just love the slo-mo expression change on her face (the shock, the terror, the horror, the disgust, followed by the attempt to regain composure)…plus the guy almost looks like me when I was a kid, but of course I’ve never done anything that cool.  Who likes reporters anyway with their funky accents on words and inflictions at the ends of sentences (ever pay attention to that?).  I know it’s cliche to say that laughter is good medicine, but I could think of a 1000 other shitty things to do with your life.

My old buddy Sam and fellow part time Humboldt Cali resident turned me onto this killer punk/hardcore radio feed over at Stench Radio, outta Austin Texas.  Kinda cool to have in the back round while you’re doing whatever you do regularly on the computer…at the moment the Ramones’ “Somebody Put Something In My Drink” is playing.

My bro Brian sent me on my way to find some more new-to-me music, kind of along the lines of the mid-60s garage thing from the last post.  From what I read a very influential Australian band, in the vein of ACDC, the Saints,  and of course the most influential of all, Men at Work.  These are the two songs of their first 7″ (really dig “Easy as Can Be”),

First off…these rips were blatantly stolen from the doncampau site, (I could only wish I had this 7″).  Don’s site is well worth your time if you’re a home taper or you like obscure under the radar type music.  You really should go there to get this, I just wanted it represented here in my Humboldt section for posterity.  In Don’s words, “This northern California quartet was headed up by home taper legend, Kevyn Dymond and featured his long time vocalist Peggy Martinez. Four songs of hooky, punky finesse with the usual Dymond penchant for unique arrangement.”  I couldn’t have said it any better and it was about time for some Humboldt shit around here so…it is what it is.  This was from 1986 a year before my time up there.  One of a million bands and projects of Mr. Dymond and also the legendary Peggy Martinez. You can find them both doing their strange, sarcastic almost post punk thing around here with Barking Dogma and Drilling For Mom, two bands that were/are well worth checking out also.  Wish I knew more about these guys, maybe we’ll get lucky and someone in the know will have something to say.   There is no web presence for these guys. I did manage to get Kevyn’s snail mail address, I don’t think he does internet, so maybe somewhere down the road I might have some first hand info.  For now…the “hit” on this one is the first track “Suitcase”.  Do yourself a favor and at least listen to that one (files supplied by Lil’ Jimmy, thank you Sir!)…


2:17am and I’m listening to this right fucking now (!), by way of Mr. Jefe Langdon’s suggestion and I keep coming back to the tune Mystic Sprawl…”Completely improvised, often abstract music made by real people playing real instruments both traditional and electronic. Remember the past and inspire the future. This is the improvised music of Robert Tripp, Sam Stehr, and Cody West. There are guests where specified. Recorded live. No overdubs are used in these recordings. Thank you for listening.”