Septic Death

big-shawnMy old college roommate and long time loyal Mustard Relic, Shawn, has the dubious distinction of being the first of my friends to visit me here in NoWhere Kansas. I’ve lived here something like 15 years, and it is a wonderful place to me, but there are no extraordinary well known attractions to be found anywhere close. In fact, my little semi-secret hideaway is not on the way to anything cool either. He just happened to be on his way home to Western Minnesota, which is almost due North, a ways from here.  My Son and Wife had the honor of meeting him, and vice versa.  Lots of catching up done and some reminiscing.  We got on the topic of skate bands, because my son grew up on Tony Hawk and other skate games.  The soundtracks on those were highly educational and exposed him to a lot of the shit I listened to back in the day.  It brought up the band Septic Death, which made me think of this epic set.  I’m sure I had it up on MR way back when before the diaspora.  I got it in the wonderful tape trading days of the mid 80s…this one’s for you Shawn…

Assück (last show)

cemetaryThe perfect GIF for a Dead Can Dance post, but I’m feelin’ more eschatological…the dead CAN dance! I’m not a dancer, mentioned that several times around here, and even if I was, not in a dancing mood these days. Shit, it would take several drinks and/or a wedding to get me to even pretend to dance.  Someday though, I will be dancing with the dead.  I would have liked to have danced at the epic show below.  Maybe not the best of their live vids (skip in about five minutes and the sound and vid are better), but it is their last show after all, and with their original vocalist.  Turned this local yokel, a Metallica fan, onto these guys a while back.  It was towards the end of my drinking days, so we would sit around in his yard, get drunk (noticed I mentioned that first) and he would blast his stereo through a PA system…fucking loud!  Perhaps one of my favorite lyrics ever…
the cycle rotates
on the axis of despair
untouched by question
we merely sit and stare

The Residents: LTD VINYL: 13th Anniversary Holland

secretMy pal Vincent of the indomitable Zebras is up to his shenanigans again with his Secret Records, releasing another one of those pesky, must have, uber rarities.  This time round, you wouldn’t think it was possible, he’s outdone himself with the almighty Residents…to quote someone on FB, “Fuck yes!” He had this to say, “We are happy to be the first to ever offer The Residents 13th Anniversary Tour Live In Holland as a limited edition double LP! Never released on vinyl and not even the CD was ever released in the states! The only 13th Anniversary show ever to make it to vinyl was the live in Japan album which is great but was edited down to a single LP. Our Live In Holland double LP has 8 songs not included on the Japan LP AND will include NEVER BEFORE SEEN PHOTOS that Homer Flynn has dug out of his Cryptic Corporation archives. Test pressings should be coming around February and the finished LPs will not be here until around May but VERY FEW are being pressed so make sure you pre-order one!!!!” If this sounds good to you and you haven’t already creamed your pants, do your thing HERE!