the Go Set…

…not something I would usually review here (am not supposed to be reviewing at all right now), this band is a lot bigger than the Relics, but I did listen to them and did dig them, so by proxy, the are now Relics themselves.  Very polished, high end production, pop folk punk, done very well. AND they have bagpipes!!! AND no it’s not hokey, it really adds a nice vibe to the music. They have a new album coming out next month and are touring here in the states…  |

…almost like them better live…

the Psyatics…

…not reviewing right now but still getting requests. A lot going on in the Mustard world right now, wishing for a time when I didn’t give a shit, or at least gave less of a shit. Did happen to listen to one request, because until I go deaf I will always listen to music. Anyway, I don’t feel all the tunes these guys are putting out there, but several of them rocked the fucking house! Yet another example of rock and roll as it should be in our so called modern age. Everybody in the band is good at what they do, aural boner, but the vocalist really ties the room together (and this is kind of peculiar but I really dig the sound of the snare of their first album)…

Blues Vids

Years ago in college a buddy of mine made me an insane blues comp, my introduction into that world. Listened to that thing for years, but several years ago I looked for it in my cassettes and no luck. Posted something about all that a while back, in more detail. To this day, the blues that hits me hardest is the man and his guitar stuff, just that, suppose that makes me a simpleton in the bigger world of blues. The YT links below sort of represent that, these guys come from varying styles, back rounds and eras…

Mississippi Fred McDowell – Shake ‘Em On Down

Big Bill Broonzy – Backwater Blues

Big Joe Williams – Sloppy Drunk Blues

Furry Lewis – When I lay my burden down

Furry Lewis – John Henry Blues

Bukka White – Got Sick And Tired

Bukka White – Aberdeen Mississippi Blues

R.L. Burnside – See My Jumper Hanging On the Line

John Lee Hooker – Tupelo

John Lee Hooker – Serves Me Right To Suffer

Mance Lipscomb – Sugar Babe

Lightnin’ Hopkins – Baby Please Don’t Go