Obasquiat and Dancing Deadlips in Free Sonic Explorations – Urban Astronauts

Small world time here at the Relics, with two bands I’ve reviewed before (separate and independent of each other), Obasquiat (Brazil) and Dancing Deadlips (Poland), doing a collaboration of sorts. Marco, of Obasquait, didn’t give a lot details other than this is “new material, recorded in partnership with the project Dancing Deadlips”, so I’m guessing this was a virtual affair unless folks were hoping on planes. Of Obasquait, I’ve been known to say, “a bunch of seriously talented folks, coming together and getting a massive otherworldly jam on,” while of Dancing Deadlips, I’ve pointed out that, “I see myself sitting on another planet surrounded by strange sights and sounds, listening as a story unfolds.” So I guess, imagine, an alloy of the two, jammy, dreamy…I just love Dee’s voice. Anyway, this seems to be part of a bigger collaboration that will be an upcoming album “The Mindness”…

The Chewers – Live at Exit​/​In

Our friends The Chewers are back with a chance for us to vicariously sit in on one of their deranged live sets. As they put it, “Nashville’s most off-kilter weirdo-avant-whatever rock duo.” This live set proves that they’re not just a studio band, true showmen. I’ve already said quite a bit about these nutty fellas, just know that, if you like your Rock and Roll heavy on strange originality and crisp musicianship, this will be the penis pump that skyrockets you to pornstardom…I fucking love these guys (looked for live video on YT of this set or something recent as they now have “dancers”, but no luck)…

EDIT:  Just got an email from Travis of The Chewers and the vids are now fucking up from this show…Behold!  The Chewers Live @ Exit/In playlist


Sleaford Mods – Jolly Fucker

infiniteEver the GIF-whore, now I steal them from fucking Facebook and instead of sharing them at that fucking place, I bring them to my home away from home, where animated GIFs have been the norm for ages. This one reminds me of another one I posted many moons ago, sort of a representation of the hustle and bustle of life, the interconnectedness of human existence, seemingly chaotic but ultimately ordered. For better or worse, purposeful. My purpose is this place and it’s music. A buddy of mine has been mentioning these guys for some time now now, still haven’t figured out if he was being sarcastic about digging them (the limited nature of communication that is confined to written text). This is the first song I heard by them and I was thoroughly impressed. Minimal, intelligent, angry, snotty in a way that only the English can manage. Less than 2.5 minutes of your time…

Promote yourself, look like a cunt.
Vodka parties. Cushioned walls in a shit club.
I ‘aint bothered where it goes, I’ve got a job,
I’ll rot away in the aisles of the Co-op mate, no prob.
French Fancies, Mr Kipling, acid dances.
Let’s laugh at local record plants,
Elitist hippies, arrogant cunts, Ian Beale, tight trunks,
Tight pants, grammar wanker. Walk the plank, pirate mankey.
Sixty kids, where’s mine? Wasting money on shit coffee all the time.
Fish fingers, take the batter off. I can’t believe you had kids. Fuck off!

Jolly fucker! Jolly fucker! Jolly fucker! Mr Jolly Fucker!

Lamp Light Boogie. Re-press, re-press.
Bus cunt. Move then, mate. Move for fucks sake!
The machine goes bleep. Ticketless. Sheep.
Baa baa crack sheep. Have you any rock?
EDL twat. Tommy used to work on the dock. Union went all white. He fuckin’ loved it.
Take it down, there. Take it down, there. Camouflage. Humpty Dumpty. Crusades.
Blood on the hands of working class rage.

Jolly fucker! Jolly fucker! Jolly fucker! Mr Jolly Fucker!

Why do I walk on City and Guilded splinters?
Digital time boards on the new Public Shitters.
Soft dips in hard roads. Curry Night. I’d better watch my words.
Two Pint Bull and loads of Office Turds.
Push in. Don’t push me! I was here first, you cunt! Can’t you fuckin’ see?

Jolly fucker! Jolly fucker! Jolly fucker! Mr Jolly Fucker!

(So Mr. Williamson, what have you done to find gainful employment since your last signing on date?)


19.4- top
18.6- middle Rob?
19.2- top
18.4 mate, middle

Can of Strongbow, I’m a mess
Desperately clutching onto a leaflet on depression
Supplied to me by the NHS
It’s anyone’s guess how I got here
Anyone’s guess how I’ll go
I suck on a roll-up – pull your jeans up
Fuck off, I’m going home


So Mr. Williamson, what have you done in order to find gainful employment
Since your last signing on date?
Fuck all
I’ve been sat around the house wanking
And I want to know why you don’t serve coffee here
My signing on time is supposed to be ten past eleven
It’s now twelve o’clock
And some of you smelly bastards need executing

Mr. Williamson your employment history looks quite impressive
I’m looking at three managerial positions you previously held with quite
Reputable companies, isn’t this something you’d like to go back to?
Nah, I’d just end up robbing the fucking place
You’ve got a till full of 20s staring at you all day
I’m hardly going to bank it
I’ve go drugs to take, and a mind to break