Christ On Parade – A Mind Is A Terrible Thing LP


This here record is absolutely essential listening.  Had it on cassette forever, just recently got the vinyl. Maybe the best release on Mind Matter Records, if it there was something as ridiculous as a competition.   It’s funny I’m at a loss for words lately, which is sad to me, seeing how I want to convey greatness on a record I have loved for so long.  Oh well, here it is in a;; it’s glory…

Teach Your Children Well
Joshua Brown
Pressure To Succeed
T.V. Media Mass Murder Celebrity
Nothing To Live For
Rock ‘N’ Roll Armageddon
Twenty Years
Everyone’s Crazy
Riding The Flatlands
Kill Your Landlord
Stupid Questions (Not To Ask)
Self Serving/Doctors
Dead Meat
Old Mac Donalds Farm

…is there anybody out there?

Steve-BuscemiLonging for the days when I would get 20+ comments on a post and there was some kind of dialog…about the only place you can virtually find that anymore is on the dreaded Facebook. Don’t make me have Steve Buscemi plant one on your mouth…if you’re reading this, throw me a bone in the form of a comment.  It has no bearing on whether or not I continue to run this establishment, I’m just curious if there are any silent visitors…

Angels Dust – Musings cassette/CD

Our friends at Angels Dust doing what they do best. I’ve only heard two tunes so far and love it (one a remix and another brand spanking new). Mostly remixes done by other producers of older trax, and also some new trax. You can pick this up in cassette or CD tomorrow…


The newest from my buddies at PD. With the hell that is Greece right now there is still creativity…

You can also see the vid at Youtube and check out their other stuff…

Random shit…

stoned-smileyBeen sitting on this hodge podge of randomness for sometime now, not knowing how to make it into a cohesive post. Just some unconnected, yet, in my opinion, interesting stuff I’ve run across in recent internet travels.  First a couple of animated GIFS, of course, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Hurt my feelings recently, when a friend of mine complained on facebook about all the GIFS people were posting.  Never have even tried to post a GIF there, but dig some of the ones I run across.

smoke ringKinda depressed right now, not sure why, life is comfortable. Suppose with the magnifying glass that is the mind, anyone can find a dark room in a house. It must be the music I’m listening to these days. Recently started to listen to the iPod at bedtime and most of it is dark angry stuff. Ran across the vid below and managed extract the audio for the what I thought was the best (unnamed) tune…Death Industrial meets Rhythmic Noise. Pretty indicative of what’s on the iPod…
Brighter Death Now – excerpt from live at The Acheron in Brooklyn, New York City on October 18, 2014.

Another similar tune with that general vibe I’m talking about…
Genocide Organ – God Sent Us I

Even the Chipmunks (I’m not much for parody) can become somber and dark…

This has nothing to do with anything other than the depressing state of media (or the thing that is media)…