Neurosis – 1986-1993 Demos

NeuRoSiSliveI have no image to go with these tunes, so I absconded this bitchen piece of PS play from my MIA buddy Jason (of the out-fricken-standing, yet dead, Lo-Res Vicera blog). He was one of a couple of guys who inspired me to do this Mustard Relics thing. Anyway, NEUROSIS…it’s what should be spinning on your virtual turntable right fucking now. Back in 2009, we did their Pain Of Mind LP (+ a few demo and live tracks), but today it’s all about their evolution from a very unique hardcore band to the sui generis ambient sludge they are today.

N-A…and what the hell, why not their first 7″ on Lookout Records to finish it off?

Black Sabbath – War Pigs

war machine
As the war machine keeps turning, we have found a new enemy here in the states, at least the fucked up part of the country I live in, but I imagine the fester exists in your neck of the woods too. Or should I say two enemies, most recently. At first it was the “immigrants” now it’s the Muslims. We always need a demon to exorcise. The unfortunate blaming those less fortunate than themselves, fueling profits for those obscenely fortunate, gluttonous few, pulling the puppet strings. They own the food, the shelter, the water, the (dis)information and we buy it as we sell our precious time to them…

Found this vid of an absolutely epic performance of a tune that captures history repeating itself, The Perpetual Cycle of death. Btw way the band is killing it here, but Mr. Ward absolutely slays…

Merry Crassmas!

After 8 years of doing this thing, surprised a “Merry Crassmass” post hasn’t happened around Xmas time. I remember quite well riding my skateboard down Glenoaks to the Turning Point record store in Glendale to get this record when it first came out. Rode my skateboard all the way back to my friend Kevin Amos’ house, spinning it on the turntable and right away thinking it was total shit. It wasn’t until a few play later that I realized it was a medley of Crass tunes and thinking still, this is total shit. To this day I can’t stand medleys…
Jingle Bells
Big A, Little A
Punk is Dead
Big Hands
Contaminational Power
I Ain’t Thick, It’s Just a Trick
Nagasaki Nightmare
While Shepherds Watched
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
G’s Song
Banned from the Roxy
So what
Silent Night