The Thermals – Never Listen To Me

Life, in a linear way, has a way of being so full of a circuitous blend of choices and happenings, within this giant framework of other people around you doing their own thing. In the late 80s my buddy Ron Kuka (RIP) turned me onto the immortal Fear Of God, I’ve told the story before. Sometime later, before I started this blog, a cleaned up me, armed with the internet and a desire to get back into music, I ended up virtually meeting and becoming friends with Erich, the singer of FoG. His own, life changing (for me) blog, now, unfortunately, in a coma (the links to the music are dead, but you can still get a lot from the words), was an impetus for me to do this here MR thing. He has been instrumental in my present journey of musical enlightenment, but sometimes in ways that I didn’t think was possible. Like getting a tip at the racetrack on a horse that is guaranteed to win, Herr Keller’s taste in music is usually spot on (“Ghost” is a glaring exception). One of his best, atypical suggestions, was Die Antwoord – Fatty Boom…another, for my purposes here, The Thermals – Never Listen to Me. Not something I would normally be into, but for some reason very diggable.  I liked it enough to buy the 7″ and after checking other tunes by the band, this is their “hit”.  Found this cool live version from KEXP

Mustard Relics Industrial Mix 6

IMG_0038Was feeling down last night, because today we were gonna have to put one of my dogs down, so just to let that feeling flow, I made this Industrial-ish mixed tape. We ended up taking the dog, “Angel”, to the vet today and it turned out, fortunately for her, that the condition she has, is usually treatable with steroids. She’s sleeping on the couch now, kinda stoned, as I type this. So anyway, I think this is the best comp I’ve made so far, although, for the most part, it’s pretty somber and dark…

EDIT:  I killed that link, it was an epic mix too, but these days it’s all about digital copyrights.  If you lived anywhere near NoWhere Kansas, you could come over and have a coffee and a smoke, and listen to all these songs and more. it would be a helluva good time. The mix did have a little Russian Witch House…

Dead Can Dance – Host of Seraphim (Live in London – July 2, 2013)

Dedicated to my Brother Jeong Sang Ho, who opened my mind to an otherworldly plane of musical existence, literal mind expansion (Lonely Is An Eyesore). Like discovering the Matrix. Now I see colors and hear sounds in the void that is daily life. There was always something missing (maybe there always will be)…


2arserythra_sandaraxiMy buddy Pantelis sent me this latest PD release which is sort of a collection of unreleased and compilation tracks that features three of the best songs off the ill fated but wantonly epic Martyred Heretics CDr. I am still, beyond honored that he made special remixes for said compilation. This latest PD release features a wide variety of compositions that at one moment will invoke heavy metal-ish guitar noodling and the next put you in a time machine on a trip back to the 80s new wave era. There is even a massive remix of an older PD tune done by the legendary (and also Greek) HAU.  Of course, not knowing Greek puts you (and I) at a disadvantage because you can’t understand most of the lyrics, but you can tell it’s important by how powerful the vocals are. According to Pantelis the lyrics are, “AGAINST THE ECONOMIC POWERS THAT RULE OUR LIVES.” Cyber punk baby!  PD has been at this a for a while now, you can catch up on some of their older stuff here at MR. I can’t get enough of these guys.  You might get more out of this superior review at Dark Underground Music Zine, but for now enjoy what I think is the hit on this one is… barbarian futurism

The download —> Heavy Metal Poisoning Weimar Assembly

Obasquiat – Pertussis

obaI don’t know much about Free Jazz, not because I don’t dig it, I just haven’t really been exposed to anything except for a little bit of the traditional variety, ala Ornette Coleman, Sun Ra and Albert Ayler (who could also be in the Avant Garde realm). These here tunes served me a plateful of education in modern Free Jazz. Literally blown away. Been obsessed lately with Industrial music and it’s many sub genres, seems like Obasquiat is the next logical step in my ongoing education in the finest music this world has (or has had) to offer. This certainly represents the tip top.  Released on October 15th, this digital LP is fresh like you would find in a music lovers farmers market, blue ribbon. Here’s the blurb Marco (one of the movers and shakers in this masterpiece) gave me that you can also find on their Bandcamp page

“It arrived on earth the first album (official) of the project Obasquiat the result was crazy!
“Pertussis” is dedicated entirely to sincerely thank everyone who directly and indirectly contributed to the creation
The album consists of mixed sound collages.The concept of this album is to demonstrate ideas, sounds and mixes of styles
The use of various instruments in the compositions was a way of trying to generate a homogenous.
In music there is an importance to the creation of something new (for that is always intended)
The process involved the collaboration of other projects from Brazil and other parts of the world.
This album has 13 tracks (each in its own way Kabbalistic) represents the closing of a cliclo and consequently the restart other with new ideas, objectives, contestations and searches for the absolute sound
The Introspective project “Obasquiat” the proposal also has to maintain a more intimate contact with poetry and prose (literature in general).
Influenced initially by the experimental music and noise the project now includes a new frontier, heading bases and improvisations more in line Free Jazz.
This direction was unusual for simple, idea of keeping more contact with the roots of african American Jazz and without forgetting the Brazilian rhythms rooted in Africa and arts seeking more the influence of surrealist and some influence of Dadaism”

That’s a mouth full for what basically amounts to a bunch of seriously talented folks, coming together and getting a massive otherworldly jam on. Simply amazing. Sao Paulo Brazil is where it’s happening folks. There’s some people down there who know what the fuck they’re doing.  The only downside of this release, is that it’s digital only (that’s the state of music these days), this really deserves a vinyl treatment, but shit, in whatever form it takes, this is a blessing to the ears. The songs are all over place as you would expect with this kind of collaboration, no two songs are that much alike except that they share a sort of organized chaotic-ous-ness.  I can’t pick a favorite and really there’s not a dull moment or weak track to be found.  Unbelievable and of course, highly recommended…