☠ Happy Haunted Halloween ☠

Happy HalloweenMy favorite holy day, that you unfortunately don’t get off from work, although it falls on a Saturday this year, so whatever.  The Wife drags me to the pumpkin patch every year with the Grandkids, who love it, but they just love it when you spend money on them….hahaha.  No, they love to be spoiled, but they do really enjoy their time with Grandma and Poppie, especially out at our farm.  Today the plan is to go trick or treating with them, which we’ve done several times.  I remember doing the trick or treat thing as a kid, just barely, and really at only one location, Highland Park, when my “Aunt” Teresa lived there with her two daughters and my oldest friend, Kevin. They had this ghost on a rope that scared the shit outta me. Anyway, wanted to share some things on this special day. Below is Betty Boob’s classic take on Halloween…


8==D- – – –

HempI’ve made it clear a couple of times around here about how I feel about the legalization of hemp and marijuana (industrial, medical, recreational). Still feel as strongly as ever about that. I might also add that I believe that all people incarcerated for marijuana related crimes should be immediately released. And to add insult to injury, to the Narcotics Anonymous community and the FDA, I don’t think marijuana is a drug and as such needs to be re-categorized. On top of that, as if my mouth wasn’t big enough, to claim to be addicted to it, is an insult to those who have real physical addictions. Pot is legal in the neighboring state of Colorado, a tempting fact, and apparently it is causing problems here in Kansas. In this article, “Some Western Kan. Counties Feeling Brunt of Colo Pot Laws”, Kansas law enforcement is wining about all the extra expense caused policing folx coming into Kansas with weed. What a colossal waste of time! These fucks are so busy doing this shit, while real crime goes on (whatever real crime is). I’m a weird the sort. When a person has a cigarette on TV I feel like having a cigarette. Likewise, I now feel like a big bong hit (and I haven’t poked smot in about 13 years)…

f.jpgI was exposed to porn at way too young of an age, I want to say 8 or 9. My neighbor Victor’s parents had those short 8mm films and a projector. I remember all too well the one with the horse and the nun (how is that a turn on?). Probably scarred me, as jacked up as my concepts of sexuality and sensuality are. My first full length porn, a few year later was Deep Throat. The thing I remember best about that flick, other than Linda Lovelace’s unusually shaved coochie (I had a lot of growing up to do before I understood her sexually), was the music. God that was some classic timely shit, get your 70s groove on…
Deep Throat – Theme Song
I found the whole soundtrack at the Sourdough Blog, but just in case that disappears, find it HERE

I have NEVER liked Genesis or Phil Collins, absolute distaste, but the new Industrially enlightened me, found this song to be quite interesting…Genesis – Mama

Keeping with Industrial enlightenment…Throbbing Gristle – Discipline (1980)

SBx2Steve Buscemi!!! Definitely one of my favorite actors. Couldn’t stop looking at this trippiness for a while…

Was, not so randomly looking through records at Discogs and ran across the Haunted House – The Skinhead Sevens Boxset, a collection of represses of some very rare late 60s/early 70s Jamaican Skinhead music. The boxset itself is quite expensive, but nothing compared to the original 7″s. I found it for download HERE and of course, if that disappears you can get it HERE. The hit on this thing…
Claudette And The Corporation – Skinheads A Bash Them
…AND, found another like minded collection called Dancehall 69. 40 Skinhead Reggae Rarities


Sadistic Exploits – Anarchy for Freedom 7″

sadistic exploitsWas doing some hunting down of various records and ran across this, which I’d never heard.  It features Robbie Holland, who would later move to San Francisco and be a mover and shaker in A State of Mind and Mind Matter Records. Their only vinyl output, released in 1982, it’s some good Philly anarcho punky hardcore (but not great). I don’t have a copy of it, the rip is from Dr Drunk Ruins it For Everyone


Thanx to noizaddikshin for the text and music below…
“Sadistic Exploits were one of the early Hardcore Punk bands in Philadelphia formed in 1980 by Brian K. Lathrop – vocals, Peddrick Calder – Guitar, Robbie Holland – Bass and Miguel Gonzalez – Drums. In 1981 they recorded a three song demo (tracks 1-3 here, from a radio broadcast with interview). Miguel left the band in 1981 and with a fill in drummer the band recorded their one and only seven inch. After which time, Howard Twigs became their drummer. This line up played all over but never recorded or released anything. Tracks 4-9 here is from a practice tape and represents this line up. Howard left the band during the summer of 1982 and the band played a few shows with fill in drummers before Robbie left to form the band A State Of Mind. Sadistic Exploits continued on with a few different rhythm sections and released one further song in 1984 on a compilation LP title SCREAM.”

There’s a bunch of clips from a show they played at a place called Abe’s way back on 12/15/84 that you can find at freedomhasnobounds. Below is one of those clips that I found interesting as it’s a cover of the Mob’s “Witch Hunt”…

Some more of their tunes, the last they recorded…

Soom T – Boom Shiva

Don’t consider myself a hip hop guy, but good music and talent are just that, nothing more, nothing less. My newest discovery…moving vocals, groovable production, appropriate theme for what I’m feelnig right now…

[Verse 1]
When we pull into the last stop in for the final time
We can get loud and try to find the diamonds rising to the sky
Get ready for dying ready for the next trial to abide by
Unafraid of time coming to the end of the next line
We bring the love all bring it to all hearts and mind
We preach to be kind try to make people come and unite
In the fight fight fight to be, to think
To teach them all to live their life right
Let’s see it and then to the kingdom we rise

And the ganja, say ya praise for the one
When he hand ya – Say Boom Shiva
Spreading the law within the land, ya
Equanimity, like Rama Sita together burning reefer

[Verse 2]
For the good win, yeah for the good fight yes for the good they try
As for the good know why that like a good riddim we let it ride
Spread the knowledge of the most high, most holy and wise
While we strike a gold riddim, make a sound for the nation
Not give to be given just a love for the human race and
Respect body and mind – turn from the wicked bad kind
And let me see you to a domination light


[Verse 3]
Leave many truth buried in the ground; truth flowing from a fountain
Left in a cave hiding up a mountain, with a record of my sound and
Mungo’s Soundsystem, bass bins to make a din
When the future man find them to hear us nasty like riddim
Re-invent electricity, get the needle in the rim
Get the deck spinning while they all are listening and wondering
“What are we hearing? Is this the voice of God left for the children?”
So we don’t start warring all over again


[Verse 4]
I go recording on sunny islands
Cutting them diamonds, vinyl diamonds spinning, riding
I’m a happy face unless someone smokes my supply
And forgets to press record before I’ve finished spitting on the riddim
I get faster, as the waves always get fatter
Like a ship about to blast up, take and strip away the matter
To a sound that seldom matters without bass abacadabra