(The King) Yellowman – Champion Ft. Ninja Man, Bounty Killer, Shabba Ranks, Tiger, Capleton, Burro Banton, Sizzla, Lady G, Sharrie, Buju Banton, Jigsy King, Josie Wales, Little Twitch, General Trees & Peter Metro

Was listening to my own contributions on Youtube and hit on one of the most popular ones, Yellowman & Fathead – Bad Boy Skanking. These days, when you’re done with a vid, after a few seconds, Youtube will pick a similar one and automatically play it. Well this vid came on and I was blown away, a ton of heavy hitters from the Jamaican dancehall scene. The King has seen better days, but he’s still out there doing his thing and when he makes the call you better answer…

As usual, in case that vid disappears as they often do on Youtube, try Yellowman – Champion

So the next vid that pops, was interesting too, because it features the King, but I’m a little uncertain about Brain Power, never heard of him, although he’s kinda growing on me and he gives proper respect to Yellowman. Yellowmans’s rap 3/4s of the way through is epic and I love how he’s sampled throughout…

Same thing, in case it disappears…Brainpower ft. Yellowman – Mic Bizniz

Prayers – Young Gods video

Prayers are up to no good again with their newest vid, and like their other two, this one is over the top. Since I first started posting their shit two years ago, when they were deep underground, they seem to be on everybody’s mind now-a-days (and rightly so). Check out their latest…

The days of being featured on little insignificant places like MR have been replaced by much bigger fish, check out the vid as it premiered at Vice. They also seem to have a website of their own now, rightly named Cholo Goth. No hard copies at this point, just downloads, keep checking back as hopefully that will change. Hopefully the boys don’t forget about their little friends (me being their unofficial president of the Kansas chapter of the Prayers fan club…hahaha). Just in case all those links disappear as they often do, you can still check out the vid here at Prayers – Young Gods

Mindless Mumblings™

Vomit singerProbably the only moment in the entire history of these idiotic singing competition, reality shows, that I would have enjoyed. Am I preaching to the choir here when I day that these shows and really reality TV in general, represents a low in the history of humanity? And they are so popular, what does that say about our fellow human beings? We share the same air as idiots and they are continuing to breed. I don’t want to share the planet with these people. But I do like seeing idiots make fools of themselves and this picture is a thing of beauty. I wonder what she ate to make such a wonderful display of projectile vomiting?

snowdenThis was a sculpture erected in New York, followed by another one. I say Edward Snowden for President (honest, brave and wanted).

NWTBack in the early 80’s was this epic cable access show called New Wave Theatre. Every chance I would get I tried to watch that show on Night Flight/USA Network, because they would have live in studio some of the big and small name of LA punk rock. I wasn’t old enough to be allowed to go to shows, so I lived vicariously with these live performances. Just recently I was turned onto a Youtube page that has 25 episodes of the show (I don’t think that’s all of them because I remember Fear paly “Welcome to the Dust Ward and I could find it in these 25). Anyway go check them out HERE. Audio from a couple tracks that took me way back…
Unit 3 with Venus – Boys
Heroic Struggles – I’m Life

Ran across a pretty awesome Woody Guthrie tune I’d never heard before…anything for a woman…
Woddie Guthrie – Talkin Hard Luck Blues

My old Bro and ex-bandmate, Jim Shank on banjo…Moonshine Cadillac – Pain In The Heart…

lucifer-an-angel-of-music2I don’t know why I do these mix tapes, when nobody listens to them. I take that back, once I post them, I listen to them all the time at work. I suppose it’s like this here blog, all this time and for the most part it’s me talking to myself. The schizo side of me loves that. The reality is, these mix tapes are killer, if a guy would sit down and listen to them. I spend a lot of time listening to records I’ve bought and music I’ve run across, and when I find something that blows me away, I set it aside for this purpose. My son is coming back to visit here in a couple of months and with his help I’m going to try my hand at doing a hip hop mixtape with samples form stoner type movies. Anyway, here are the files for the latest industrial mix tape, clocking in at just under 80 mins, CDr friendly and of course you can listen to it at Youtube
Mustard Relics Industrial Mix 2

Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät – Aina mun pitää

My buddy Bjorn has enlightened me once again with this band. I have worked with adults that have developmental disabilities for over ten years now, making this type of work a Mustard Relic thing, and how it warmed my heart to see a bunch of guys with disabilities break out with some punk rock-ed-ness. They apparently won some kind of Finnish contest with this performance, which is a semi final to some kind of greater European contest, Eurovision. The comments on Youtube were varied, but some indicated that these guys were terrible and won out of sympathy. I would say they are wonderfully terrible, just as punk was meant to be, pissed, frustrated, simple, straight forward…music to my ears ears. No retro bullshit here, this is the real deal. There is an interview with the band too…

Martyred Heretics review!!!

My Greek Brother (that I’ve never met) Pantelis of Pornostroika Dadaifi, did a huge solid by spreading the word about the Martyred Heretics CD and got us a review at a site called Gangleri. Go there and check it out or check it out below.  3 out of 5 stars, not bad…

v/a * Martyred Heretics (cd 2014)

I got this compilation with a Beläten order. It is limited to 200 copies and so far the only release on the Mustard Relics Recordings label.

After an introduction follows a nice track of what we would call “minimal wave” nowadays, but according to Discogs the project called Prayers only released two 7″s on WEA and EMI in 1990 and 1992, filed “eurohouse”!
Continuing with Angels Dust, a new project that creates strange ‘beat-scapes’ with female vocals. Perhaps best described as IDM. Not really my cup of tea. The other track of Angels Dust does not sound entirely alike, but the description again fits.
Pornostroika Dadaifi also contributed two tracks. Discogs lists them as a “Cyber Punk band formed in 1999 in Lesvos, Greece”. This may go for the weird and nice second track, the first is a less interesting experimental, atmospheric thing; perhaps old-style-industrial is a decription.
Another project with no releases on Discogs: Mach Baron. Their only track starts as dark ambient, but quickly goes over in quite typical “gabber”, hardcore techno.
Then we have a project that does have two releases on Discogs, recent even, 2014. Street Sects makes noisy industrial rock. Not of the typical Ministry style, but do think in that direction.
After this follows the only project that I knew: Blitzkrieg Baby. Kim Sølve contributed a nice, strange and slow industrial track.
The next project I have not mentioned until here presents an interesting track. Pyrotoxxxn starts with a dark sound over rattling beats and after a more quiet middle part continues with more ‘hiphopish’ rhythms. The end becomes more energetic and interesting again.
So how do I describe the track of Peopling? A steady, noisy pulse functions as rhythm. A (digitalised?) bass guitar makes the only thing that can be called a melody and then there are strange vocals. A noisy interlude slides into a more quiet end. A very interesting track! Peopling has another interesting track. “Groundloss” I think is more in the nowave tradition with noise created with guitars and effects.
A long track is Scab Queen‘s “White Forest” of almost 10 minutes. This is a (to me) uninteresting unstructured ‘scape of sounds’.
The longest track lasts almost 15 minutes. Glanko‘s “Terr” (live!) starts as dark ambient, takes over a third of the track to go over in a more guitar-trance like middle part with a piano-synth and ends more spacey again. A track much different from what came before, but interesting when you enjoy experimental spacerock kind of music.

Not only uncommon names, but also uncommon sounds. Some of it is quite nice, so “Martyred Heretics” makes a good surprice. Buy as cd or Bandcamp release. Click on the link below.

Link: Mustard Relics Records