Scab Queen – Live @ Maker Fest 2014 (08.09.14)

Going back to that Martyred Heretics theme for a moment, or 28 minutes 42 seconds to be exact, I bring you one of the acts from said comp, Scab Queen. I’ve been sitting on this one for a while, too long really, so this isn’t fresh like an apple picked from the tree, it’s more like your Grandma’s apple pie, it;s nice listening to it again after a couple of months. I fricken love live Industrial music. It’s like the difference between working out with free weights versus on the machines, a guy has the chance to really show his moxie in a live performance, it’s balls to the wall, right out there for everyone to see. Michael, the man behind Scab Queen, is an expert at making a glorious racket, ambient, abstract, avante garde-ness. When you give this thing a listen, do your pal Mustard a solid and think of me at the 9:24 mark, the perfect soundtrack to scene in a Lovecraft story. I think what I love most about Scab Queen, is that they are about as far away from Pop music as you can get, I’ve only just started to appreciate and admire it.

Tom Araya – Looks That Kill

Still waiting on the Martyred Heretics CDr to come back from the manufacturer and in the meantime was neglecting the Relics. Will be posting up again when I have those bad boys in my greedy little hands but had to break the silence and share something that I thought was real skippy. Tom Araya of Slayer doing the vocals for a cover of My favorite Motley Crue tune (God I hated that band in the 80s), “Looks That Kill”. The Youtube clip descriptions says “Rehearsal clip from Nov 1983 w/Tom Araya on vocals Dimitri Galeos & John Araya on Guitar Al Messi on Bass & Jake Alvarado on drums…” Fucking beautiful. Having spent a fair share of my time rehearsing with a band (to no avail, no matter how hard I practiced, I still sucked), I can’t begin to tell you how cool what is going on in this vid is…