Various Artists – Martyred Heretics CD-R

Well the time has come to make the official announcement, the comp I’ve been working on is now ready for pre-order…

Martyred Heretics - One Sheet - Editable (DOC)-page-001



Beck / Bean split 7″

the-kiss.gifWish-ta-God I knew what movie this is from. Makes you wonder what the rest of the flick is like, although this could be as good as it gets, that’s usually the kind of luck I have with movies. Haven’t seen a good horror movie in a while, if I was a good blogger I would list some of the lame ones I’ve seen, in order to warn you off of them, but I don’t remember any.  A while back we watched “Human Centipede”, so part 2 is on my list, but the wife refuses to watch it after watching the first one. Been scarce here lately, still working on my Electro compilation CD that I’m releasing, I’ll write something about that in the next post…

The latest email joke from my Gramps…
They say that during sex you burn off as many calories as running 8 miles.
Here’s my question,
who the hell runs 8 miles in 45 seconds?

I’m a huge Walking Dead fan. In fact the show brought me back to reading comics and that, of course, is a good thing. Here’s a pretty bitchen deleted scene that I ran across…

Beck-BeanGot a really good deal on this, Beck’s first release, and it has a special spot in my collection. My band Garden Weasel played a show with locals Grimace and out-of-towners Muzza Chunka down in Garberville, and I don’t remember meeting him, but Beck was there, must have been around 91 (the only time Garden Weasel ever played outside of Humboldt County). Grimace, Muzza Chunka and Beck were all on Bong Load Records. This is pretty typical early Beck, odd stuff…whacky is a good word.

Beck – To See That Woman Of Mine
Beck – MTV makes Me Want To Smoke Crack
Bean – Privates On Parade
Bean – Rock Scissors Paper