Sacco and Vanzetti…

A friend of mine reminded me that today marks the 87th anniversary of the execution/murder of Nicola Sacco (April 22, 1891 – August 23, 1927) and Bartolomeo Vanzetti (June 11, 1888 – August 23, 1927). THIS is a decent enough read. Today we don’t have quite the appalling working conditions of that time but we never the less have a huge disparity between the wealthy and the poor. Percentage wise much worse and burdened even more by inflation. I think that in today’s climate there would be many cheering an execution such as that was, cheered by the very people who would benefit the most from some kind of reform. Most people don’t know what’s good for them. Below is a pretty interesting little thingy-ma-jig, not sure what to call it…

Nobody tells the story better than Mr. Woody Guthrie…

Thundering Asteroids – live on KBOO 08/11/14

KBOOJust a short one here, it’s been a while, but as I’ve been hinting at, my spare internet time has been spent on this Electro-Comp CD that’s in the works. More word on that is coming soon as it’s expected to be released at the end of September. As far as this post, sometimes less is more, hence you get less babbling on my part and more killer music. The Thundering Asteroids are this powerhouse of a melodic, hardcore-ish Portland band that will make you stomp your feet and put a smile on your face. My old friend and bandmate is now on guitar, that’s how I found out about them, and the other day I had the joy of listening to them do a live set on Portland’s KBOO 90.7 FM. I love live in studio radio sets (I thank Mr. John Peel for that), it’s a very specific sound/energy/quality you can get out of a band. Well TA tore shit up, I had perma-grin, so what better thing to do than to bring a smile to you. I will warn you, BEWARE…the first song is so catchy it’ll catch your pants on fire!!!

Goblin King
Voight Kampff Test
Scott Pilgrim vs. My Heart
Sexy Lamp
Hit It and Crit
Nuke the Site From Orbit

If you dig these tunes, go visit KBOO 90.7 FM (where you kind find mountains of archives) and Thundering Asteroids (the fine folks making this joyful racket)…

Animated Shorts #6

Judge Harry Pregerson InterchangeWondrous and disgusting at the same time, like so much of human creation.  I remember when this was being built, took an awful long time to complete (and anybody who has had some windshield time knows how much road construction sucks).  Driving it is just a blur, but this photo really captures what an awesome achievement it is, although what it symbolizes to me is the overpopulation of the planet’s worst enemy.  Having taken geology and earthquake classes I know about the deep underground subduction faults Angelenans have looming beneath them, I wonder how this thing would do with an 8.0???

Pool next to the oceanOnly the human race would put the world’s largest swimming pool right the fuck next to the ocean.  If anything it should be in some landlocked place like Nevada, or better yet, my current home state of Kansas (where the world’s tallest water slide is).  This place doesn’t appeal to me at all, in fact people who find this appealing, are unappealing to me.

Prince Far IRecently discovered the amazing stylings of Prince Far I. Can’t believe I never ran across this guy, who like the almighty Fathead was shot dead at a young age. Was on utoob listening to a very old Reggae favorite of mine The Rastafarians ( a band you must really check out despite the obvious name…but there can only be one right?) and one of the suggestions off to the right there was this Prince Far I guy. There’s several full albums represented, but I started off with one where he does Psalms and other bible verses, prayers, which as it turns out was his first LP and he did for the benefit of those in Jamaica who are illiterate.  Immediately, I was blown away by his deep gruff voice. A deeply religious guy, but he’s a DJ too, so you get this really far out roots/dancehall mix. So was just kinda listening to various releases and ran across this one live set that was a trip, called Prince Far I With Suns Of Arqa – Musical Revue (released by the epoch ROIR cassette label). The backing band has this almost impromptu free form jazz with effects thing going on. One of his hits from that set…
“Throw Away Your Gun”

The backing band, Suns Of Arqa or their label or somebody has a Bandcamp where you can listen/buy all the tunes from that live release.

Another joke via my Grandpa…
A very nice, innocent woman wants to get married, but she is only
willing to marry a man if he has never had sex with another woman.
After several unsuccessful years of searching, she decides to take out
a personal ad. She ends up corresponding with a man who has lived his
entire life in the Australian Outback and he has no experience with
women. She is very happy with him, and she feels that they are perfect
for each other.. So, they end up getting married. On their wedding
night, she goes into the bathroom to prepare for the evening.
When she returns to the bedroom, she finds her new husband standing in
the middle of the room, naked. All the furniture from the room is
piled in one corner.
“What happened?” she asks.
“I’ve never been with a woman” he says, “But if it’s anything like a
kangaroo, I’m gonna need all the room I can get

Not animated, but a short nonetheless, from the mind of Mr Klay
“Dead On Arrival”

The very first Felix the Cat…
“Feline Follies (1919)”