NoMeansNo – live Blue Lake Vets Hall 01/26/90

Howdy, get along little doggies and whatnot. Been using up all my free computer time with this electro-compilation CD I’m going to be releasing soon and sadly completely forgot about the blog, which was the inspiration for doing the comp in the first place. Most of the music has been submitted and it’s eclectic electric as all get out. Every composition is verify-ably excellent, and exclusive to this comp…like visiting a bunch of different planets.   It’s unreal how much talent has crossed my path and infected my brain. Finally got a bid from a CD duplication outfit that fit my pocketbook and they won’t be making a stink about sampling and asking my Mom for permission slips.  It’s gonna be a numbered edition of 200, most of which will be going to the artists but I will be trying to sell some to break even, so start saving your change in the piggy bank.  More info as it comes…

NMNReally wanted to put this one in the Humboldt category, NoMeansNo were pretty much a regularly playing band up there, almost locals really, but unfortunately those cool cats were (are) Victoria/Vancouver band. Their shows run together in my mind, so I don’t remember specifics except that these guys are specifically one of the best live acts ever. They play their instruments like they were born with them in their hands, unparalleled, and as a group they are unbeatably tight. I had that same feeling watching them that I had seeing some of the jazz-fusion greats, utter amazement, no dancing for me, completely captivated. You end up asking yourself, is this real, are they really doing that? Out of the blue, my Bro Ed (one of the biggest NMN fans I know) did a solid and offered up this recording to me (and the flyer to boot), and me being your benefactor, I am offering it up to you…

No Means No Live in Blue Lake 1990 pt 1

1. Long days
2. Junk
3, Brainless wonder
4. The Tower
5. Dark Ages

No Means No Live in Blue Lake 1990 pt 2

1. 2 lips, 2 lungs and 1 tongue
2. Rags and Bones
3. Victory
4. The day everything became nothing
5. I am wrong pt 1

No Means No Live in Blue Lake 1990 pt 3

1. I am wrong pt 2
2. Body Bag
3. No sex, only fucking
4. Dad


Just wanted to throw out there that I’m putting together a comp CD of some of my favorite electro bands that I have run across in the 7 years of doing this here blog. Bands included are Prayers, Pornostroika Dadaifi, Peopling, Glanko, Angels Dust, Blitzkreig Baby, Scab King, Street Sects and Mach Baron.  All the tracks are physically exclusive to this release.  More news to come…

04-22-14Made the local paper again, this time doing the only charitable thing I’ve been consistently doing since I was 16. I take that back, for the 4 or 5 years I was drinking myself to death, I didn’t donate.  It tickles me being in the paper, the wife makes fun of me because in a small town everyone makes the paper, but just for a moment I’m famous, a big fish in a small pond, hahaha.  It says something too, to the people who stood in my way…yup I’m still alive and kicking dickheads.

Check this animation, if you’ve ever been a drunkard, you can relate to the end result…

Prayers – Gothic Summer

PrayersRafa, (owner/proprietor of world famous Pokez, a must stop place to eat if you’re in San Diego, 10th & E, downtown), of Prayers, along with the other half of the dynamic duo, Dave Parley, have created another masterpiece of cholo goth, SD killwave darkness. Hopping back and forth from SD to LA has become as regular as the sunset, but they recently opened up for the Cult at several shows, including San Francisco and Las Vegas, these guys are fucking hot right now. So what do they do, throw another pallet on the bonfire, and come out with their epic Gothic Summer EP. So far I’ve only heard the title track (broke is the word that describes my life this week), but you can pick up this piece of bad-ass-ery at CD Baby. You get more of their patented minimalism with a song that is so catchy, after first listen, it’ll be tatted on your brain, Dave is an absolute mastermind when it comes to beats and melodies, while Rafa has this angelic (don’t be deceived) voice that sounds as if he is really singing a prayer. I asked these guys to be a part of the electronic comp tape I’m looking at releasing, but I think they’ve moved on to bigger and better things, I see these guys just getting bigger. I want nothing but well deserved happiness and success for Prayers. This here vid is really something else, on top of the amazing tune, you get visually stimulated with something that is very underground having Prayers written all over it, and done so extremely well, you’d think you were watching a vid on Mtv back when they played vids. Enjoy the vid, but beware, as I said, catchy as fuck…


RamonesWell, today found out that the last original Ramone, Tommy, died yesterday. They’re all dead now, and I guess I’m of the age where the people I look(ed) up to are dying of natural causes, although Tommy was only 62 and no cause of death has been released yet. The Ramones were the door that opened a whole world to me in my pre-teens. No more Bee Gees, no more KISS, this world was a real one, not polished to sell to masses of people who have a fascination with shiny objects. These guys spoke to me like nothing before or since. I can remember watching Rock and Roll High School with my buddy Alex, must have been not too long after it was released in 1979, memorizing the dialog and jumping around to the live sequences. Everything must come to an end. Here’s a great live version of my favorite tune of theirs…

One of my prized records was the “It’s Alive” double LP, such a good live recording of a great set in London 1977, the video is amazing. As I’ve said a shit ton of time around here, my memory is terrible, but I remember specifically, my second year of college, 1988, at my buddy Gage’s house trading him that hunk of gold, for the Bauhaus “Bella Legosi is Dead” blue vinyl 12″ on Small Wonder Records (Gage was a huge fan of the Ramones, in fact when I first met him he looked just like a Ramone). I don’t know what the fuck I was thinking, but I sold out my boys. I still have the Bauhaus record and a few years ago I made amends and picked another copy of the 2xLP. Here’s another one of my favorite tunes from that live set…

RIP Ramones…