Alchemy Distillery

My old Humboldt buddy and bandmate, Steve Bohner, musician (WD40, Garden Weasel, Grout, The Hitch, Sad Wings of Destiny, Magnum and most recently Lord Ellis) and owner of Alchemy Construction, is venturing into new territory with his wife Amy, Alchemy Distillery. A distillery specializing in the finest spirits (oh if only I still drank, hahaha). They’re doing one of those kickstarter things raising money to get the business off the ground. Watch the vid, they explain it extremely well and at the very least you get to share a moment with two beautiful people. We here at Mustard Relics (which of course is just me) wish them all the happiness and success this world has to offer…

Street Sects live

Street SectsWas recently blown away by and did a review of the Street Sects 7″, “This is extreme music from extremely demented minds.” Have since been in touch with Leo, one of the movers and shakers of the band, both of us having been losers at one time (I’m sort of a loser of a different sort now, he’s a stud though). I don’t talk too much recovery here, used to and still sometimes allude to that kind of stuff, but most of the people that come here are normies, drinking’s great. I don’t go to meetings anymore, but still need to relate on that level every once in a while. You know it’s nice meeting people that have shared experiences (of any kind), you can sort of reflect and discuss where you’ve been and most importantly where you’re going. Leo is definitely going places with this Street Sects thing, with the 7″, eventual box set and live shows (when you play industrial you gotta prove your moxie and do it in front of an audience). Last weekend, Street Sects played a well received gig in Dallas, you can read about it at THRWD, “Street Sects employed heavy fog, heavy strobe to create an atmosphere of uncertainty and insanity, as lead singer Leo Ashline melted in and out of the fog, appearing randomly inside the crowd, fucking with the audience’s sense of reality.” There’s some vids up un Youtube now, one of which (just good for the audio, as there’s very little to see) you get a live version of one of the tunes off the 7″…
Street Sects – Bliss (Live)
Another vid up ther of some even more recent tunes, there’s something about how Alicia Montgomery captured it that is just perfect for the vibe (wish I had been there)…
Live at the Ware Wolf Haus in Dallas, Texas 03/22/14

Animated Shorts #1

LIV_7.MinorTheaterThe internet is my link to the outside world and you can find me almost randomly wandering that world frequently (especially when the wife is working the late shift…when she’s home we watch movies). I enjoy my self imposed isolation and all the perks of country living, but I also enjoy living vicariously, on a never ending quest to entertain and educate myself. Plus the internet is how I keep in touch with my friends who themselves have landed all over the globe. Youtube has always been a source of enjoyment and learning, mostly listening to music, but so many other paths lead to that site. Lately it’s all about watching animated shorts (Youtube is not one of the sites the administrator has blocked at work…Mustard Relics on the other hand, has been blocked). These animated shorts take me back to the college days, going to the Arcata Minor Theatre for their animation festivals. Even back then the shorts were perfect for me and, my need to be immediately and succinctly amused. From the gory to hilarious, the deep to fleeting, these festivals were guaranteed to please. Just by the nature of them being a collection of shorts, if one sucked (which was rare), it would be over quickly and on to the next. These days, by virtue of the internet and Youtube the supply is endless, although you didn’t have to suffer through commercials (but a guy’s got to make a buck). Anyway, here’s two I recently ran across, that were particularly good (I’ll see if I can remember to post some of my faves from time to time)…
“Sebastian’s Voodoo”

“Mighty Antlers”

Letterbomb – Demo

vinylHow fucking true is that? The only thing that would have made the comic better, is if he had been pushing a wheelbarrow full of records, gotta have some selection. I was trying to explain to someone the other day, how a friend of mine, over 30 years ago, had told me that a wave (analog) represented sound so much more accurately than binary code (digital).  You can really tell the difference in listening and I do prefer vinyl over CDs, but that’s just because I’m a nostalgic motherfucker.  Just learned a couple of years ago that 45 rpm is better sounding than 33 rpm…has something to do with the length of the grooves.  I get this audiophile catalog in the mail every so often, they sell all kinds of outrageous stereo equipment and also represses of albums on 2 45 rpm 12″s, none of which I can afford to buy…but a guy can dream.

The RavensI have missed out on a hell of a lot of raging Humboldt music since leaving there 20 odd years ago, may as well be 200 years ago.  My latest discovery at the hands of Jeff Langdon via Faceplant is a band called Ravens featuring stellar front woman Melissa Medina.  I posted a sampling of her epic vocals when she did a Beatles cover, fronting for The Hitch…
The Hitch – Come Together
This time around, you get more of a straightforward rock and roll thing, but you know that over the top RnR boogie you can only get straight out of Humboldt. Kind of a stoney, bluesy harmonica infused, garaged vibe…a garage surrounded by redwoods, ferns and banana slugs.  They have a Myspace (but the tunes on there belong to another band with the same name, strange), a bunch of vids on Youtube and I think they were one of the bands featured on the Rural Rock N Roll documentary (essential viewing).  According to Jeffe, “Recorded at the raven’s practice space 2004 on south g street in arcata. engineered and mixed by jeff langdon on an adat 8 track recorder. featuring melissa medina on vocals, kevin harp on guitar, mike donahoe on bass, and bandon wayne on drums.”  Here it is where Jefe put it at Soundcloud.

letterbombYet another Humboldt band I missed, seeking my fame and fortune in the big city, was Letterbomb. I had asked Rob Perkins if he had been in any other bands since Grimace and he turned me onto them. According to their Myspace they were active around 00’s, but I don’t know anything else except the low down he gave me, “im playing drums morgan on guitar Gregg Mall on bass and Vince signing..we did this in one it has some slop…4 songs one right after the other no stopping. but its pretty much exactly how we sounded live..we were fun to watch and tight ! we had good equipment so our shows sounded good.” Actually I do know something about the band, they fucking killed it. For doing this in one take, they didn’t miss a beat. Kind of a sped up melodic hardcore thing, with just the slightest of metalic-ness shining through. Think Bad Religion mixed with Suicidal Tendencies, but of course with that Humboldt made rubber stamp of approval. I wouldn’t expect anything else from Rob of Grimace or Morgan of One Man Running…I don’t remember the other two guys from my being up there.  Listening to the tunes again, just now, it’s amazing how fast they are chugging along and still maintaining any semblance of melody.  This is a band that I would have definitely liked to have seen live.  The “hits” in my opinion are “Cycle” and “Reflecions”…

Don’t Hesitate

EDIT: The links are dead and I don’t talk to Rob anymore, he “unfriended” me on fucking FB, apparently he’s kind of an alt-right type person now, so I have no way of getting them back.  Too bad, as these guys really shredded…

Woody Guthrie – Songs To Grow On For Mother And Child 10″

WG-1Parenting is probably the toughest job there is and the easiest thing to fail at. Raising a kid is no fucking joke, although parents range from laughable to pathetic. For about half of my son’s life I chose the distilled bottle over being anything that resembled a Father. Overall I would rate my performance as a low C. On the plus side the gifts that I did give took the form of a love of the written word and a love for music. That is the bare minimum that I could do, and really for every parent out there, those should be required. They were two of the gifts given to me. This here record features one of my favorite artists (who himself was reputed to be a less than stellar Father) doing original lullabies. It’s 1956 and what a parent might cuddle up with their child and sing may have changed, but the sentiment is still there. If you have a little one, play these tunes for them, maybe you can plant a seed…

Grass-y Grass Grass
Swimm-y Swim Swim
Little Sack Of Sugar
Rattle My Rattle
I Want My Milk
Grow Grow Grow
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 Day 2 Day 3 Days Old
Wash-y Wash Wash
I’ll Eat You I’ll Drink You
Make A Bubble
Who’s My Pretty Baby
Write A Word

In case you want to pass these on to someone else and their little one, here’s the whole thing…Woody Guthrie – Songs To Grow On For Mother And Child