Mikey Dread – Heavy-Weight Style 10″

funny-gifs-imitation-is-sincereNot up on my reality TV, so I don’t know which one this is from, but good for a laugh. Hoydie-toydie people are in and of themselves, ridiculously ridiculous. Kanye and Kim had their baby, that was the opening headline on Yahoo the other day. Not NSA, protests in Turkey/Brazil or anything substantial.  It makes me think that whatever calamity befalls the human race is totally deserved, but I just wish it was more selective, like stupidity being painful. Was it the French revolution where they killed off all the royalty and their supporters, a ruling class genocide? About time for some more of that. The masses of sheep-like followers are more harmful than any spree shooter, tornado, earthquake or tsunami.  Not just useless, a detriment, a blight.

Mikey-Dread-Heavy-weight-Styl-546749Sorta posted this about 5 and a half years ago, HERE, but this time around I have the vinyl and the version of the title track is different. As I said in that post, I had borrowed a tape from from this lady and never gave it back. During my heavy drinking days I was dating (really, just having sex) her and the ony thing I remember is that she had big boobs. That was the only reason I liked her, very superficial during that time, actually I was a big time scum bag. I only stopped seeing her to be with another lady that I had seduced away from her husband, who was a friend of mine. Big time scum bag. The friends that I had at that time (really, just people I got drunk with every night), disowned me at that point. All good though, because I was spiraling out of control, poisoning myself with the bottle and I really didn’t care about anyone anyway. Sorry people, you just can’t compete with the bottle. About the only thing good that came out of this period, was Mikey Dread’s “Heavy-weight Style”…seriously. Listening to it doesn’t remind me of any of that bullshit, but it is like this tiny bit of treasure, a keepsake, a symbol of survival. I had been searching for this 10” single from 1983, for some time, and just recently it popped up on ebay, for a decent price.  Most of the people that come here probably aren’t into the reggae/ska thing, but this is some of the best.  What really gives the title track it’s character, is Mikey Dread’s unique voice and some really soulful trombone work (the trombone is such a soulful instrument on it’s own, like the cello).  Of the two other tunes, I like the dub version better, but neither one of those compares to “Heavy-Weight Style”…no doubt about that.  Give it a spin.

Heavy-Weight Style





VHOLNo prompting on this review, just sort of stumbled across the music and in my blown-away-ed-ness, I felt compelled to make mention of this fine piece of work. Others have had their say on this opus, including the likes of Downpart, Ghosts of Saturn, Album Weak, and Daughter of Plunder…so whatever I say will probably just be regurgitation, since they all dig the hell out of this record as well. First off, the art work is amazing and really foreshadows the music, emotionally complicated yet starkly blatant. To quote the almighty Cyrus in the movie The Warriors, “Can you dig it?” I can dig it, because from the first few moments into the album you know you’re listening to something huge. Almost that raw black metal feel, but not patient enough to be bogged down in the mire. Full steam ahead, raging at times, at others taking time to observe the full moon. For some reason I thought of an opera, or at least as operatic as a fusion of hardcore punk and black metal can get. I wouldn’t expect less though from this bunch of seasoned vets, no amateur bullshit. They have a Facebook and I found the CD in a quick search at Profound Lore Records and Amazon. I need to get myself a copy of this bad boy, but I think I want to wait to see if it comes out on vinyl…

“Songs: Molina” – A Benefit Compilation for Jason Molina’s Survivors

S-MRyan over at Sick Room Records (I’ve posted several of their releases) about a benefit they were having for the survivors of a musician named Jason Molina. To be honest with you, I’d never heard of the guy, so I did some looking around at various places, including Wikipedia. Very interesting life and a sad death. He was a very prolific musician (he had that singer/songwriter, Neil Young kinda vibe) who worked with a lot of other musicians and his creativity will sorely be missed. I guess it’s not important how a person dies, but how they lived. On the other hand reading that his death was alcohol related (in other places it said “natural causes”) touched home for me. Having been near death myself from alcohol abuse and suffering health problems as a result, not to mention the near wet brain that I can be at times, I can relate. Like I said though it’s best to focus on life and Jason was a creator not a destroyer. Anyway, along with sadness and grief (but hopefully happy memories too), the family has been left with some bills. So this guy, Steve has done something out of this world cool and put together a benefit compilation. “After months of submissions, remixes, last-minute changes, and hundreds of emails, I have compiled something that speaks to Jason’s memory, and relates feelings about his death from bands and artists across the globe.” You can go to Bandcamp and give the compilation a listen and then for a small donation pick up a digital copy (39 tunes). There’s a Facebook page where you can read more about it. My Old Kentucky Blog has sort of an insiders view of the benefit and Jason Molina. At least give it a listen…


One of his bigger tunes…

Peopling – Bulbout digital download

bulbout_frntcv_FINCoinciding perfectly with my latest industrial phase, Ronnie from Peopling hit me up with some of his latest tunes.  Visited his music a while back in the form of his S/T CD EP and was blown away back then, so finding out he had released some more, was a pleasant surprise. As of right now this one is just digital, you can hear it (and the other stylings) at his Bandcamp. Word from Ronnie though, is that this will be released as a 7″ when $$$ and time permit.  You can also find Peopling at Facebook, Twitter and a Myspace. The tags on Bandcamp include “experimental”, “industrial”, and “noise”, which of course is accurate.  This guy at Droning Earth didn’t dig it but he has every right to be fucking wrong…hahaha. Just kidding (sort of), this music is not for everyone, not so much like a song as as a speech, no verse/chorus here. The energy is cool, kind of edgy and agitated, chaotic yet somewhat rhythmic.  There’s variety in the sameness of it all.  Hands down the best tune for me is the one below, but go to the Bandcamp to give all their stuff a listen…