Mustard Relics Industrial Mix(es)

badassThis is one of the coolest animated gifs I have ever run across, wish I remembered where I got it so I could give the creator credit, which I shamefully never do anyway. I guess a big fat, all encompassing, thank you is in order, to those responsible for all the images/gifs I have used over the years.

Bad dreams lately, which has left me a little tired during the day. Nothing wrong with a nap during my lunch hour is there? I don’t have those frightful waking up terrified dreams (I’m a horror buff, I find those intriguing), I get more of a kind of weak feeling of inadequacy from my dreams, waking up disappointed in myself. Maybe that says something about how I feel about myself, but in all honesty, when I’m awake I don’t really care about that on a day to day basis. My regrets deal more with how I failed to sock a few idiots in the jaw that deserved it over the years. Call it cowardice or call it trying to be diplomatic, my path these past several years is one of minding my own business. I regret not being a better Father to my son and a better partner to the ladies in my life. BUT, there’s also plenty I don’t regret, unfortunately that’s not what I dream about. Maybe it’s all the industrial music I’ve been listening to.

childmillworkerAs I’ve been saying, been on an industrial music kick/quest, educating myself in a genre that I knew very little about, other than SPK and Kraftwerk. Still a little hazy in the art of putting the music into the sub-genres within the broad framework of industrial…dark ambient, power electronics, Japanoise, neofolk, electro-industrial, electronic body music, industrial hip hop, industrial rock, industrial metal, industrial pop, martial industrial, power noise, and witch house.  I guess what they all have in common is some kind of electronic manipulation and composition of sound.  I am most drawn to the rhythmic sounds with a harsh edge and some kind of vocalizations…I didn’t stray far from my roots, pretty much early SPK-ish stuff.  Tons of good listening to be found, amazing really, but I had to suffer through lots of shit too. You know thinking about SPK I wanted to share the most essential compilation of their earliest recordings, way out of print and when you can find it for sale it’s in the 100’s of $$$. Not going to name it, because I don’t want the mp3 collectors to get their hands on it from a casual search, but it’s 5 LPs worth of some of their best stuff and for those loyal MR friends, YOU NEED THIS!!! (600+ mb so it’s a big file, be patient, it’s worth it)


So in listening to all that Industrial music, maddening after a while, I thought of a few friends who might appreciate a mix, like the old cassette dubbing days, of some of my favorite stuff. What you get is old and new, just under 80 minutes (about 100 mb) a peice so perfect for a CD (in the iPod! age, even those are becoming dated)… from 1976 to 2013. A couple a sites that were very useful in my search (although I probably visited a hundred different sites, which resulted in several vinyl purchases…hint, hint).
BB’R666 (mix 3 is almost exclusively from this incredible site, you must go there!)
no longer forgotten music
The Thing On The Doorstep

Here we go…

Mustard Relics Industrial Mix 1
Mustard Relics Industrial Mix 2
Mustard Relics Industrial Mix 3

ENJOY!!! … or whatever you do to dark, disturbing music.

Here’s a couple of tunes off the mixes that I uploaded to youtube…

Tyrranicide – Hiding Under White demo cassette

abbey roadEven the Beatles are celebrating in the streets with the death of the Iron Lady. Hats off to her as so much of what I listened to in the early 80s would not have existed without her.  She was something to bitch about but I’m sure if she hadn’t of been there we would have found something else to bitch about.  We’re all just bitches.

You know on top of being a burnout, I’m a little mental, or as one of my internet buddies called me, neurotic. I have to state that every once in a while for people who deal with me, like the warning label on a bottle of pills. In this internet age, I’m still getting used to email as a means of communication. I do much better in person, still not great and still mental, but at least I can read tone, facial expressions and body language. When I send out an email, it’s like an invitation and if I don’t hear back right away, I start second guessing myself. Well why haven’t they written back, did I piss them off, am I being a pest, am I asking too much, etc. Then I’m driven, almost forced by cosmic forces to write back and apologize without knowing what I’m apologizing for. I don’t take into account that a person has a life full of goings on, and they get to things as they get to it, pretty much like I do. Hmph…mental. I don’t think I’ll ever get it.

Here’s something to get mental over, let every asshole in the world have access to where you’re at and what flowers you have planted in the pot out front over at Show My Street. It seems cute, but big brother really is watching you. I’m in the country enough though, that they don’t give you a street view, it’s just that birdseye, satellite deal.

My internet buddy Sean of the famed, yet deceased, Damaging Noise blog (he has experienced my neurosis) turned me onto some classic mid-80s metal (m/) the other day, by a band I had never heard of, thought I’d share their bitchen-ness…
Samhain – Plague Of Messiah

While on a metal tip (the main band in this post was as metal as it gets), discovered this Russian forum called Metal Area…tons of listening to bands that you would have otherwise never heard of (or maybe you’re in the know and I should say that I would never have heard of). Tons of shitty stuff too, but it’s worth it to go through and do some listening. Here’s some highlights of my wanderings..
Moss – The Bleeding Years
Heaving Sun – Solar Flare Blastpoint
Blade of the Ripper – Cast Me In The Fire

T-1aT-2Ahhh, yes, Tyrranicide (the mid 80’s bay area one), been searching for this one forever and finally found it at the above site…I only wish I had this cassette. The last band I was in, Grout, had the pleasure of having Ty on bass, who had, several years earlier, been the bass player for Tyrranicide. Our drummer Steve and Ty were from the fabulous town of Pleasanton. I was told back then that Ty had been in the aforementioned band, but that meant nothing to me and until the other day I had never listened to them. Ty was an incredible bass player and a solid human being, never had a bad word to say about anyone. I left Humboldt before he did, and as we all did, he settled down, had a family and last I heard, is a chef in Napa. Tyrranicide is your proto-typical, mid 80’s, thrash/speed metal band, with political lyrics and heavy shredability. Nate at the legendary True Punk & Metal blog had the demo up (and I know it gets old saying this) but the link is dead. Of Tyrranicide he says, “they were writing social/political songs, playing with punk bands, while still waving the flag of long hairism.” I’ll leave it at that and give you a chance to listen…

Hiding Under White

Summoned To Die

Facing Reality


Cripple’s Revenge


Omar Souleyman – Leh Jani

A buddy of mine put this one up on FB and I was completely blown away. Omar Souleyman is the shit. Just love the singing and noodling music, reminds me of the stuff my Mom was listening to in the late 60s, early 70s, going to the Intersection in the Rampart district of LA. Times were different then. Upon reflection, it makes me angry, the religious extremists of the world, the fundamentalists, the religious right, fascist theologians…this is the dilemma of the present and the bane of the future across the world. I love seeing people freely enjoying their music, celebrating, dancing (and I’ll be damned if that shoulder dance thing in this vid is not the coolest move ever).

Lewis Dimmick – This Music: Pieces On Heavy Metal Punk Rock & Hardcore Punk book

This_Music_3_My third book review up for ya, the first punk rock memories, the second being a European hardcore biography and this time it’s a New York hardcore (plus) collection of recollections and poems. My buddy Freddy over at Wardance Records put this thing out and was kind enough to send me a copy. I have to thank him first and foremost, because this was one hell of an enjoyable read. Written by Lewis Dimmick of Our Gang (check out their discography and bio at Stormy’s epic Blogged and Quartered site) and most recently of My Rifle (check out my epic [hahaha] review of their Self Titled 7″). I really like this guy Lewis, just based on his music and most definitely on his book.  Even though I haven’t actually met him, I can really relate to his insights and figure his friends must really value their friendship.  He’s just a year or two younger than me, so we’re about the same age, grew up in the same era, enjoy writing (he’s the real deal of course, I’m just dabbling) and have a love for music that inspired us to play music.  It’s interesting, that we were on different coasts but the scenes weren’t so different.  The way he puts it, “The audience is beside themselves; they are in a state of rapture; they, in their individual awkwardness, attempt with their bodies to illustrate the music; their movements celebrate the self; they dance like asylum inmates; they improvise a response.”  A guy who’s been there can intimately identify with that.  You can tell he was there experiencing these moments with all of his senses, taking it in not just physically but spiritually.  It came to be a part of what defined him, who he hung out with and his responses to life.  On a side note, I like too that he was a long hair in a scene dominated by bald heads.  He wasn’t just observing, collecting data, but a part of what was going on, taking it all in.  Talking about Roger Miret of Agnostic Front, “I was intrigued by his street look, his street existence.  I never thought I would inhabit a world where tattoos are as common as white underwear.  Today even pop stars look like punk rockers, but punk rockers that have undergone the full spa treatment.”  The book is a quick read, which left me wanting more.  I’m just a junkie when it comes to something like this, I can’t get enough…so I read it again, this time paying a little more attention to the details. Once I started reading it, there was no way I was going to put it down, leafing through the pages was as easy as eating ice cream on a hot summer day.  And then you end up sitting back and reflecting on your own similar experiences.  GREAT fucking book.  The artwork for the cover, is pretty snappy and punctuates the whole vibe.  This thing is available now for pre-order and will start shipping out on April 22nd.  You can get it at Wardance Records.  Thanx Freddy and Lewis for a fantastic read.

Hex Machine – S/T 7″

kittySomething cute this time, they don’t always have to be foul or gruesome. This guy kinds looks like me when I was younger and a 100+ pounds lighter.  Had an all white cat like this one towards the end of my life as drunk. I let it outside one day and it just never came home.  Another reason to get drunk I suppose, although the sun or moon shining was a good enough reason.  Never understood why people (guys mostly) don’t like cats.  Yes, different from dogs, but enjoyable in different ways.  In a lot of cases it’s a macho thing, the same type of guys who have lifted trucks and lots of guns.  I have a truck and guns (standard issue here in the bible belt), but I like kitties…and small yappy dogs too.

Still on this Industrial music kick, probably have listened to a 100 bands I hadn’t heard of before.  So much of it pushes the boundaries of what industrial is/was.  The one I keep going back to is Esplendor Geometrico…true, early pioneers of Industrial music in it’s purest form.  I picked up their 1980-1981 Prehistoric Sounds 3×7″ +CD box set recently with their earliest stuff. They released a ton of shit and a lot of it can be listened to/bought at their Bandcamp. Here’s the first track off their 1981 “EG-1” cassette…
ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO – Muerte a escala industrial

HeMa1HeMa3HeMa4HeMa2Time for the post-punk-math-rock-stoner-asoraus that is Hex Machine, who are self described as “a heavy rock band from Richmond, VA formed in 2004 or 1995 depending on who you ask.” I got this 2006 release, their first vinyl, a few years ago, for dirt cheap, because I’d heard they had Dave Witte (of Discordance Axis, Melt Banana, et. al.) on drums. Turns out they have another Mustard Relics alumni in the form of ex-Human Thurma bassist Trevor Thomas, on guitar and vocals.  Am-Rep-y and Touch & Go-ish (a common way to describe several bands I have posted) is how I’ve seen them described.  One press release I read for their newest album here stated, “Hex Machine has soldiered on in feigned attempts to contain its angular raging bull on acid approach to the stage with the likes of the Jesus Lizard, Clutch, Harvey Milk, Converge, and Lamb of God.” Lamb of God? You know I’ve never listened to that them…hmmm.  “Noise rock” seems to come up too, but that doesn’t mean a whole lot to me.  Noisey?  I guess if you mean that they pack a hell of a lot of music into each tune.  There is kind of a dirty feel to them or maybe muddy is a better term.  Snotty too, almost taunting, daring you to guess what’s around the bend on the next tune.  There’s a good biography type page at a place called Sonic Bids and they’re well represented on the net with a Facebook,, MySpace, Bandcamp, Big Cartel, Reverb Nation, and a Blogspot.  All in all, worth a listen…

Blueprint To Madness
On Tender Ice

Their newest tune off their 2012 release “Fixator” at Bandcamp…

Some live stuff…