EON – s/t cassette

bull-gore_o_GIFSoup.comStarting off here with a theme I used way back when, running out of things to say I guess.  Can’t really get enough of gored matadors though and this one satisfies me on so many levels. The gored matador level, the man vs. nature level, and of course the plain ole blood and gore level (you just couldn’t duplicate this without CGI).  See the horn sticking out of this gentleman’s mouth.  I wonder if the bull still gets butchered when he is the obvious winner?  I’m sure he does.  You know, I eat meat, after 15 years of being a vegetarian, so maybe I’m not better than a matador or the people who follow the “sport”, but damn that shit is a throw back to the days of slaughter in the Colosseum.  Funny too how brave the matador is made out to be, with a bull that has been tortured, speared and left exhausted before the matador even hits the scene.  At least the bullriders in American rodeos (haven’t made up my mind on those yet) have to ride a bull that’s fresh and raring to go.  I don’t know, perhaps it all sucks, everything sucks…

Was going through my records looking to make a few extra bucks and sell some shit on ebay, yes even in my little corner of the world we have hit the hard times that everyone seem to be going through.  So came on this one, Fang’s 1998 release, American Nightmare.  This was the second coming of Fang though, after the singer had done a 5-6 year stint in prison and not the band I remember from the early 80s.  It just didn’t do it for me, although the cover is a site to behold, funny as hell, done by an extremely good artist and to be honest with you, if I owned a bar/club (a venue for bands to play of course) I would have this as a mural on the wall.  Anyway like I hinted at, this thing didn’t do much for me, except one tune, a cover of Thin Lizzy’s “Jailbreak”…that was just perfect.  Figured that my throngs of fans should get a chance to sample it, so I ripped it and even posted it to Youtube as it wasn’t represented there either.  Dig it or don’t.

EON Cassette CoverIn this modern age, sharing music is just as enlightening as the old tape trading days, minus the impatience waiting for the mail to arrive.  Can’t get away from waiting for the hard copies to arrive, but with a few clicks of the mouse you can at least give shit a listen.  So my internet buddy, Bjorn, of Unter den Linden & Pilleemandjoonks, among others, emails me the other day. We shoot the shit sometimes (he’s been a stud and sent me hard copies of rarities too) inquiring about our very different living situations and locals. This time he sends me a tune by a Swedish mid 90’s band called EON with his nephew, Fredrik, on vox & guitar, recorded when he was in his teens.  I’ll be damn if this stuff doesn’t rock the fuck out, with a heavy emphasis on the interestingly unique side of some kind of metal conglomeration.  Elements of thrash and speed, mixed with an odd sort bluesy post-grunge.  Fredrik’s vocals sound so much older and mature than he is at 17.  Like nothing I’ve ever heard in metal.  It could even be called pre-Nu Metal if Nu Metal wasn’t such a bad word (I don’t care what you say, the System of a Down early demos I posted a while back…shred).  The music is hard and soft, like a salad with croûtons, chunky and driving.  I got in touch with Fredrik and asked if he’d do a little who, what, why, where, when, how on the band… “The demo was recorded about 15 years or so in a small town called Kristinehamn located in Värmland. Kristinehamn had practically nothing to offer, so creativity was a way to survive and deal with the surroundings. Almost everybody was in a band at that time, and i guess we all influenced one and another. The strong influences I had at that time was anything from Slayer, Entombed, Henry Rollins, the Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Alice in chains, John Lee Hooker, to Miles Davis and probably a lot more, at that time I was also interested in paranormal phenomena and astral sleep. Since i don´t remember everything from that time this could give you an idea of what elements influenced the demo. We were around 17 years old when the demo was recorded, a year later the band split up, we had different paths to walk i guess, I went to study music, the bass player Pontus went to another school and the other guitarist Dava got kids early, the drummer Christer still plays in different constellations like me. I live in Gothenburg and i have finally returned to rock´n roll after exploring what i had to explore.”  He’s going to be sending me some of his more recent tune-age so keep an eye out for that.  This stuff would probably be lost in time if it wasn’t for this.  In the meantime, explore the band that was EON…

EDIT:  This was lost in time again during the great Mustard Relics apokálypsis, but all is left to be revealed. It’s just too fucking obscure and too damn good not to be floating out there waiting to be heard. Special thanx to Bjorn and Fredrik for feeding my brain with this monster of a demo, cheers guys.  There is no web presence for EON, or at least none I could find other than my old post and I’ve noticed that people have been hitting this post, but of course nothing was there, just scorched earth. So we continue to sow the seed and we all reap the harvest…

The Creatures – Miss the Girl 7″

netherageDon’t think I’ve been that angry since I used to have my drink on.  Surprised I didn’t get my ass kicked more often…I really deserved it, it’s like they say…stupidity should be painful.

My Gramps sent me a couple of jokes (it just tickles me that he uses email)…

It was mealtime during an airline flight.
‘Would you like dinner?’ , the flight attendant asked John, seated in front,
‘What are my choices?’ John asked.
‘Yes or no,’ she replied.

A lady was picking through the frozen turkeys at the grocery store but she couldn’t find
one big enough for her family. She asked a stock boy, ‘ Do these turkeys get any
The stock boy replied, ‘No ma’am, they’re dead…’

Didn’t get into the Creatures (Siouxsie and drummer Budgie) until a few years after I got into Siouxsie and the Banshees in the mid 80’s. There was this girl named Anna who was a long time LA punk scenester (she dated Rene from the Iconoclast and one of the older brother crowd of punks from my high school, Norman) and I will forever be thankful for her getting me into Siouxsie and the Mob (UK). She was over 21 so it was real common for us high school punks to go over to her apartment to hang out and drink beer. Great person, I wish I was still in touch with her and hope that whatever she is doing she is happy.  We’ve done S&tB at least once here at MR and I mentioned that one of the best shows I had ever been to, was seeing them in 1987 (I was in a complete and total state of awe, completely forgot about the hottie I was with…wonder what she’s doing today too).   The Creatures first found their way in my speakers, around that time, buy way of another friend, this one from college, Dawn.  My fondest moments with Dawn (I had a long running crush on her) were cleaning her dorm room (that she shared with another long time friend, Cathy) in all hours of the night, with the assistance of some of the finest speed Humboldt had to offer.  Last I spoke to Dawn she was a lawyer in Washington DC while Clinton was president and told me she didn’t blame Monica as he was a real stud.  Cathy I wore out my welcome with about 10 years ago when I was drinking REAL heavy, and would pull the classic drunk maneuver and call at all hours of the night to boo hoo about how miserable life was.  So sadly both those friends too are just memories and all I can do is hope that they found happiness in life.  Anyway Dawn was a huge Siouxsie fan (looked like her a little bit) and I dubbed a shit ton of S&tB stuff that she had, onto cassettes as a result (I have very few S&tB LPs, just a shit ton of 7″s).  Dawn suggested I look into the Creatures and I quickly found their “Feast” album used at People’s Records there in Arcata.  Very tribal sounding stuff, as you would expect with music centered around drums and vocals.  Budgie is an eclectic drummer, while Siouxsie is a dreamy singer so it works well. Pretty much what you get though is a more artsy S&tB.

Miss the Girl

Hot Springs in the Snow


The Creatures with John Cale..

Real old (77-8?) S&tB shit…


8th.hcb.flyerIn case it so happens that you’re in Humboldt County on February 9th, shit jaunt up from Frisco or saunter down from Portland/Eugene.  Great oganization headed up by a good buddy of mine (Lil’ Jimmy), him and some other homies (the Leftoverking) playing the tunes, mostly covers (don’t be a shithole and request “Freebird”, go out on a limb and ask for “Junkie” or “Simple Man”.  At the Alibi of all places, my home bar when I was in college…”another Black Russian, please Dave.”  Best flyer I’ve seen in a LONG time.

Happy New Year!!! (8 days late)

12-12Made the local paper again. Funny, it’s not till I see a picture of myself , that I realize how hefty I am. If it wasn’t for my herniated discs I’d do crunches…yeah right.  Hit 44 yesterday, not much of a birthday, something about two 4’s.

01-03-13 (26)Had my boy, who is now a man, here for the holidays, first time we’ve spent Xmas together in 10 years. Fucking stud, his old man could not be any prouder. Hell of a way to drop into 2013…does not get any better than that. Just like his old man, he’s a music lover (and a video gamer, lover/not a fighter) although his deal is hip-hop and rap. WTF right, at least it’s not all about emo or Green Day.  So he is my consultant in a genre where the full extent of my knowledge is pretty much the Beastie Boys, Public Enemy and NWA (and maybe few more from the same era).  Now you need to put aside all sensitivities when you go exploring thus because you’re guaranteed to get a shit ton of niggas, ho’s, bitches, gunplay, a fascination with shiny objects and most certainly all about the MONEY!  “Time is money so I went and bought me a Rolex.”  Objectively though you have to support the creative process.  Of the newer stuff, my son and I share a fondness for the stoney sound, where you’re almost certain the rapper and DJ have been hittin’ the green…shit they’re not shy about it.  Damn the samples are critical to that vibe too.  Anyway, Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa figure pretty heavily on my Son’s playlist…these four tunes have the Mustard Relics stamp of approval.

Big Sean – Made (Feat. Drake)

Wiz Khalifa – Phone Numbers (Ft. Trae Tha Truth & Big Sean)