Aperiodic – Future Feedback LP/CD

A-FFAnother one from those guys over at Cincinnati’s Phratry Records (if you follow things around here you might remember these bands, also on Phratry…Disguised As Birds, Mala In Se, Swear Jar, Rambos & United Sons Of Toil.  This time we have Aperiodic and I gotta tell you this band is way the fuck out there.  Here’s the description I got, “Aperiodic is a meeting of Noise and Free Jazz with elements of No Wave, Musique Concrète, and Hardcore. In addition to standard rock instruments they utilize an arsenal of world instruments to create freely improvised music. The end result is free, but not aimless. Guitars shift between angular riffing and textural lilt, elastic drumming, and a multi-directional low end. Aperiodic currently shares members with HOLY FUCK (Young Turks/XL/Beggars Group) and THE EXPONENTIAL and previously shared members with ENON (Touch & Go Records), A TEN O’ CLOCK SCHOLAR (Grass Records) and LAB PARTNERS.”  I don’t know if I can describe it any better than that, “free, but not aimless” is just perfect.  But I gotta say something about this bad boy, don’t I (cuz I never shut up around here…I’m actually very quiet in person)?  Well for starters, it’s all over the place in a way that only something along the lines of avant garde would be.  It’s passive and ambiasonic at times, and then builds into a monstrous crush that test the moxy of your speakers.  It’s a whisper then a roar.  The average guy might not dig it, because it’s not melodic and doesn’t have that verse/chorus formula.  I remember when I was in high school we went to on a tour of the University of Redlands, to kind of give us a vibe as to what college was about.  Anyway one of the students who was a tour guide, was a music major and for a project he hooked up an old standup piano with all kinds of microphones and set it on fire.  He had a tape of it, and of course I asked to listen to it.  Well can you picture it in your mind or imagine what it might have sounded like?  It’s sort of a natural sound with the crackling of the fire, the straining of the wood, strings popping, sounds that leave you wondering what it might be…that’s Aperiodic.  Natural.  It just makes sense, it’s exactly how it’s supposed to sound for that moment.  Blah, blah, blah…I don’t know.  They’ve got some reviews and more info about the band HERE. Here’s what I thought was some of the best of it for your sampling pleasure…

…and if that wasn’t enough check out their Bandcamp player (below) and then go pick it up at Phratry Records

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