Zebras – S/T LP

Got this bad boy in the mail a couple of weeks ago (been on a hiatus in case you hadn’t heard) and I gotta say that even though it’s a brand spanking new record, I felt like I had gotten one of those old classics I’m always searching high and low for…a modern classic. I had received a link to the music maybe a month or two ago and was completely blown away, so much so that I sent the link to just about everyone (except Mom and Grandpa) in my email address book. In other words this is some serious shit that needs to be put out there. Here was the message I got…
“ there’s a band that is half from Milwaukee and half from Madison called Zebras who are really cool. They are totally insane and unclassifiable” – Dan Kubinski (Die Kreuzen)
Greetings, We have been digging through the plethora of zines, blogs, and music websites looking for people that might be interested in our new album. We do not fit in perfectly with any scene or genre but you seem to cover music in our general spectrum so I hope you can take some time to check it out.
We are a Wisconsin band called Zebras. Started in 2007 and toured the states many times over. We have had a few member changes and set backs but are back with a new album and a new drummer. Our current members are Vincent Presley (also a member of Those Poor Bastards), Shane Hochstetler (also a member of Call Me Lightning and previously in Haymarket Riot, Hero Of A Hundred Fights & Managra), and Lacey Smith (also a member of Those Poor Bastards). This is our debut full length album and it will be released in late July 2012 on LP, CD, and Cassette. All limited edition hand numbered editions. The first edition of 50 vinyl copies are on green and black vinyl and have all been pre-ordered already. The second edition is 200 copies of black vinyl and we only have a few available for promotional copies as well as a few CDs and tapes. If you would like a physical copy please let us know as soon as possible.
More information:
secretrecords (at) live (dot) com – anything at all.
Slazebras – confused reviews of our split LP.
Bandcamp – downloads and physical albums for sale.
Other Related Info:
Those Poor Bastards page
Call Me Lightning page

So first off, I don’t know if you noticed the image above, but that is one bad ass record cover (it looks even cooler in on the actual 12″ LP).  If I’m not mistaken the image is of a woman from days gone by with ectoplasm “associated with the formation of spirits”.  If you’ve seen the movie A Haunting In Conneticut” (great flick!) you know what I’m talking about.  You know if you’re going to put something out there, take a badass image like that and represent yourself well…the image foreshadows the music.  And the fucking music, what’s not to like or be completely blown away by?  The vocals shred, not in a metal kind of way but almost in a bluesy/hardrock kind of way with the urgency of hardcore.  The guitar is all over the place, raging at times and more emotional at others, with just the right amount of distortion and reverb.  The organ, man the fucking organ is just incredible.  It creates a hum or din that sets the mood for each song, not to mention a bottom end that you can feel in your chest.  Last but not least the drummer…the guy is like a fucking surgeon, carving out malignancy and really ties the whole band together.  I called these guys metal in my categories, but that is a really loose term, with the Moog they almost have an industrial vibe, but there’s no mistaking that this is a live ass band.  Intricate songs, almost jazzy at times, with a surprise at every turn, but not misleading, you have to know what’s coming next.  Every tune is in top notch form, so as usual in that circumstance, I had a hard time picking out just a couple for your listening pleasure (but you can sample them all their wares at their Bandcamp link way up there), but if I had to pick out just one it would be this first one…

Black Cancer


Now go and support these guys, and in doing so giving yourself an aural orgasm, once again at their Bandcamp!

…a hiatus

My good buddy Darryl (hard to find a friend that sees eye to eye with you politically and religiously in my neck of the woods) and my Son Liam in the middle.  While my son is here visiting, for the next two weeks or so, the Relics will be on hiatus, but don’t forget about us, you would be missed.  Just because I don’t like to post without some music to listen to, here’s some Hiatus while I’m on a hiatus…

Hiatus-Careful Consumption