No Dubs – Brigad 45 B / De Anhöriga split 7″

Big time fan of horror movies, I guess you might have caught me saying that a time or two.  All kinds really, even the B movies, except the ones that suck of course. Not sure which movie this is from, I’m sure I’ve seen it because I’ve seen ’em all, but the special effects are incredible.  Even going back to a movie like Nosferatu, special effects have played a big part in these types of movies.  Whatever makes them scarier or bloodier the better.  Found out about a podcast that my buddy Josh was/is involved with, a discussion of horror movies as a genre, go check that out at The Brood.  The latest two that I’ve seen are “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” and “Paranormal Activity 3″, not the gory kind of horror, more of the edge of your seat kind, but both worthy of a rental.

I’m almost always waiting on record in the mail, something I’ve ordered or gotten from ebay, but those unexpected, out of the blue ones are the best. My buddy (that I’ve never actually met) Bjorn outta Sweden, of De Anhoriga, Unter den Linden and most recently Pilleemandjoonks fame, came through and sent me a mixed CD and an extremely rare 7”. We hadn’t been in touch for some time after swapping mixed CDs (mine of Humboldt stuff, of course he dug One Man Running and his was of UdL and Pdj). The mixed CD (reminiscent of the tape trading days) has the latest Pdj demo, which rocks…here’s the best of that in my opinion…
Pilleemandjoonks – Konsumenten
Pilleemandjoonks – Ett Helt Nytt Ar
on top of that, Bjorn made it a true mix and added a bunch of 90s-00s Swedish stuff, the best of which, hands down is this one…
The Ark – I’ll Have My Way With You
Turns out, one of his daughters is a chip off the old block and has a music thing of her own that takes the form of Wild Fields. I wish there was more pop like this, beautiful…
Wild Fields – Wild Fields 

This here record tells me that 1980 Sweden had it going on in a big way.  This has been posted before at the almighty Killed By Death Records, with much better rips I’m sure, but I just had to share it here at MR.  So for my birthday I got a miniature donkey and this closet classic (Bjorn literally found it in his closet).  Both bands are utterly perfect in their punk-rock-ness, but they do not sound at all alike.  If you consider yourself an old school punk and you haven’t heard this, you are a fool if you don’t at least listen to this thing…

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