Fire in the Cave – S/T digital download ep

Well the requests for reviews keep coming in and as long as the bands don’t suck, this one definitely does not suck, I don’t mind doing them.  In a way I appreciate the opportunity as otherwise this place would be mired in the past and I encourage everyone to not only appreciate the history of music, but to realize that it’s history is unfolding all the time.  Unfolding is what Fire in the Cave do.  Doom at it’s finest, which for me is where metal is at these days.  Here’s what the band have to say for themselves…

“To them, I said, the truth would be literally nothing but the shadows of the images.” – Socrates.  Fire in the Cave is a band from Orlando, Florida. The group is comprised of the final lineup of the now disassembled band: Bad Actor.  Blistering riffs become sluggish spells of hypnosis constructed in movements. Each sonic assault surrounds every sense passing through moments of suffocating heaviness that fade into psychedelic tranquility. The band is lyrically driven by themes of environmental psychology, disgust for spiritual proselytization and the inherent beauty in the tribal instinct of mankind.”  Our self-titled debut was tracked and mixed by Scott Angelacos and Jeff McAlear at High Five Audio in Deland, FL and mastered by Collin Jordan at Boiler Room Audio in Chicago, IL.

The first tune did not grab me right away, but the second tune really hit the spot and then going back to that first tune I found it hit the spot as well.  Long tunes, about 8 minutes each, which don’t usually float my boat, but these kept my attention from begining to end, as I said, they unfold.  I wish I had big words for these big songs (there’s just two), but my burnt out brain limits me to words like raw, fat, burly, meaty,chunky and evil.  The drug days are over for me (maybe a little late) but I imagine these guys would go well with a bong load and I double dog dare you to give them listen after dropping a tab or two of acid.  This is the stuff Witchy Poo from H.R. Puffenstuf would listen to.  As you would expect from a band that calls themselves doom, you get some heavy, ploding stuff with over the top vocals.  The lyrics are layered with metaphor, weaving a sort of story, dream or vision.  I’ve got that 2nd tune for you but you can listen to them both at their Bandcamp page and then you can download for “name your price” (kind of a cool idea).  There’s a comp of Florida metal bands on that same page that may be worth your time, I just noticed it and haven’t given it a listen yet.  EDIT: Got a chance to listen to that comp and I’ll be damned if Florida doesn’t have as serious as a heart attack scene going on…I can feel my hair growing!  This will be coming out on cassette (do you still have a player, I do) soon, so keep your eye’s peeled (another good way to describe the music, eye peeling).  Anyway, give it a listen…

Fire in the Cave – Aeden Carr

The lyrics so you can sing along (hahaha)…
This civilized swamp, in which we dig our toes, it withers our skin and strengthens our foes. Freed locusts pour upward from the thicket where I saw her collapse. Towards the forefront sky they rise, breathe and circle toward the west.
To my waist I’d been deepened in palpable sorrows, emitted from her wails and wishes. I knew not where this town called Christ she spoke of lie, and I’d surely not heard of its men.
I am the warmth that burns safety through this fenwick. I walk upon my land ankle deep in living water.
I wade through pockets of serpents, and primitive sluggish fins. I live among an exiled leader, and his howling maddened children. Their leader, Doran Amory, had grown them out of flaws that he shed unto his soil.
His family stands before me in my final steps out of the marshes.
With mire behind me, Doran offers me his lukewarm hail. “Aaden these foreign colonies, they continue their weak and mournful crusade. They fear the light, and welcome caliginosity.”
I told him of concerns with locusts breeding where there shines no light.
This sweltering climate had driven the servile hosts through pyrexic neurosis. Away from ushering pyres.
When they’d heard of my most recent meal we both decide must act quickly, for Doran knew where their temple lie, and tonight it must burn bright.
With rifles at our backs, we charge onward, toward the sounds of hymnal desolation. These intruders will, soon know the ire of our kin.

Dead Fucking Last – S/T (My Crazy Life) 7″

“You fucking with the rotation…puff, puff, give…”  Lessons in smoking etiquette.  A French rapper with a tune called “Puff Puff Give”…
I haven’t smoked bud in about ten years, after a while it was easy to quit, it just made me paranoid as fuck and I just felt disabled instead of high.  Boy but there was a time when I was weed smoking mofo.  My first time was when I was ten, and my buddy stole some from his dad.  It was full steam ahead from there. They told us in junior high that it was the “gateway drug”. We both ended up being drug addicts/alcoholics.  From the dirtiest brown Mexican to the finest Emerald Triangle green bud, smoked it all. Probably should have spent my time studying instead.  Have a hankering to smoke a little every now an again, but that’s just not me anymore, I think I just miss being altered. I’m more worried when I crave a drink. Something a little stoney for y’all to groove to (hahaha)…
Merzbow – Remblandt Assemblage Mix 005b2

This is what the hubbub was all about at this year’s Super Bowl (I know I’m a bit late in commenting on it).  I was watching and didn’t even notice, but I didn’t notice Janet Jackson’ boob either the year that happened.  M.I.A. this year’s rebel is best known (she may be a one hit wonder) for her tune Paper Planes built around a sample of the Clash’s “Straight to Hell” and featured in the movie “Slumdog Millionaire” (anybody see that movie).  These half times shows are a joke, t-bone steak for the masses, but I gotta say I’m always in awe of the whole grand production of it all.  The amount of time and energy put into something so inane, but I guess you could say the same thing about football itself.  A list of all the entertainment throughout the history of super bowl half time shows shows that they started with something innocent enough in college marching bands, but they sunk to a whole different level with Michael Jackson in ’93. The Blues Brothers (-John, +James and John Goodman) in 97′ was probably pretty cool…oh, should have known, it’s on youtube.  A different kinda blues…
Mississippi John Hurt – Make Me A Pallet On The Floor

I know there’s a lot of folks that don’t like Obama, but I’m not sure why since he’s turned out to be the Republican’s Democrat, with the signing of business as usual measures anyway.  I don’t even know why they call it Obamacare when the final product hardly resembles what was originally put on the table.  But let’s say Obama does suck and it’s time for a new puppet, then we are in for some scary times folks because the four Republicans that are left are some serious idiots.  Scary kind of idiots that are blatantly for a corporate America instead of one about the people and to use the words of MDC “they say they’re Christian, but they’re all fake, multinationals on the take”.  Pretty soon you will have a choice, get lucky and be one of the 1%, or sweat away your life for chump change.  I guess someone’s gotta work at Taco Bell, I just can’t imagine doing it after the age of 20, much less 35.  For as long as there’s been politicians we’ve had something to bitch about…
Cream – Politician

No frills, simple and straight to the fucking point hardcore outta L.A. from ’93. I got it because it was on the Beastie Boys’ record label, Grand Royal. Imagine my pleasant surprise, when I found out that Adam Horovitz of the B-Boys plays bass on this their first release (don’t believe he played on any others though). Not much to say, give any tune a listen and you get the gist of what they’re about, and really the song titles say it all (lyrically you won’t be left scratching your head wondering what they’re talking about, blunt).  They sound very much like the Beastie Boys when they do hardcore.


The Mosher

U Don’t Understand

Pizza Man

Meter Maid

Monk’s Honor

Knucklehead Nation

Americas Most Hardcore

Get The Fuck Out

Think About The Pit



King Automatic vs. Bud McMuffin 7″

THE SENILITY PRAYER : God grant me the senility to forget the people I never liked anyway, The good fortune to run into the ones I do, and The eyesight to tell the difference.

Silly mindless facebook games have been occupying my precious time as of late.  I’m so easily hooked on shit.  Nothing mind opening/altering, plain silliness.  I guess there’s nothing that says a human being’s time has to be occupied by something thought provoking or world changing.  Without that though I have nothing going on in between the synapses to share here.  Oh well no loss, there’s always music to reflect on and that speaks for it’s self.

This buddy of mine at work (the only far right fundamentalist Christian who isn’t a relative, that I call a buddy) was talking about KISS the other day and we were reflecting on having been fans when we were kids.  He mentioned that Paul and Gene had a band together before KISS called Wicked Lester, so of course I had to hunt that down (and I thought I WAS a fan).  Not KISS, as that band was a response to Alice Cooper, the New York Dolls and the like, in an effort to play a little harder and to have a gimmick.  WL is has more of a funky vibe with a definite 60’s hippy influence.  Their album has never been released, I suppose at one time because it might taint the KISS image. I got the whole thing at The Metal Missionary, but here’s the first track and in my opinion the best…
Wicked Lester – What Happens In The Darkness

I hate to direct people to other places especially when they’re cooler than mine, but I would not be your chum and your pal if I did not recommend that you go and check out this site that an old trippin’ buddy of my turned me onto, The Acid Sweat Lodge. Not sure where they get all their pics from but, I’m in awe.

Ever heard of this guy, Jandek? I was trippin on old Son House vids
“you know I didn’t feel so bad,
until the good Lord sun went down.
I didn’t have a soul,
to throw my arms around.”
…and I don’t know how I ended up with Jandek, something along the lines of someone calling him “avante garde atonal blues”, which peaked my interest, so here I am. Trippy stuff, I’m not sure what to make of it, but his story makes good reading. I’m not done exploring yet but this was a pretty good tune off his first album from 1978…
Jandek – Show Me the Way, O Lord

In the process of hunting down music from Mr. Jandek, a pop up page happened and started showing the first episode of the Jackie Chan Adventures. My son and I used to watch that cartoon…enjoyable.

One man band time. Picked up this one for cheap without knowing anything about it. I like those mystery purchases when the music turns out to be enjoyable. Both these guys do the one man band thing which must be popular in France as that is where these guys are from (I think). Kind of a bluesy vibe, definitely rockabilly with a little hipster thrown in (the kind of guys in San Diego who drove 40’s and 50’s bombers slammed to the ground, whitewalls, a spotlight, chop-topped, painted primer black and where dress, tatted, and side burns, like Mike Ness these days). I dig both of them although I think I favored Bud McMuffin. These guys have style though, something I have always pathetically lacked.

King Automatic-Road Crash Fascinating

Bud McMuffin-Black Mamba

King Automatic-Black Magic

Bud McMuffin-Do Anything But Do It Yourself

No Dubs – Brigad 45 B / De Anhöriga split 7″

Big time fan of horror movies, I guess you might have caught me saying that a time or two.  All kinds really, even the B movies, except the ones that suck of course. Not sure which movie this is from, I’m sure I’ve seen it because I’ve seen ’em all, but the special effects are incredible.  Even going back to a movie like Nosferatu, special effects have played a big part in these types of movies.  Whatever makes them scarier or bloodier the better.  Found out about a podcast that my buddy Josh was/is involved with, a discussion of horror movies as a genre, go check that out at The Brood.  The latest two that I’ve seen are “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” and “Paranormal Activity 3″, not the gory kind of horror, more of the edge of your seat kind, but both worthy of a rental.

I’m almost always waiting on record in the mail, something I’ve ordered or gotten from ebay, but those unexpected, out of the blue ones are the best. My buddy (that I’ve never actually met) Bjorn outta Sweden, of De Anhoriga, Unter den Linden and most recently Pilleemandjoonks fame, came through and sent me a mixed CD and an extremely rare 7”. We hadn’t been in touch for some time after swapping mixed CDs (mine of Humboldt stuff, of course he dug One Man Running and his was of UdL and Pdj). The mixed CD (reminiscent of the tape trading days) has the latest Pdj demo, which rocks…here’s the best of that in my opinion…
Pilleemandjoonks – Konsumenten
Pilleemandjoonks – Ett Helt Nytt Ar
on top of that, Bjorn made it a true mix and added a bunch of 90s-00s Swedish stuff, the best of which, hands down is this one…
The Ark – I’ll Have My Way With You
Turns out, one of his daughters is a chip off the old block and has a music thing of her own that takes the form of Wild Fields. I wish there was more pop like this, beautiful…
Wild Fields – Wild Fields 

This here record tells me that 1980 Sweden had it going on in a big way.  This has been posted before at the almighty Killed By Death Records, with much better rips I’m sure, but I just had to share it here at MR.  So for my birthday I got a miniature donkey and this closet classic (Bjorn literally found it in his closet).  Both bands are utterly perfect in their punk-rock-ness, but they do not sound at all alike.  If you consider yourself an old school punk and you haven’t heard this, you are a fool if you don’t at least listen to this thing…