V/A – Making Blindness Fashionable (Humboldt Council Of The Blind Benefit CD)

Anyone know what band this is, they look like they rock…hahaha?  Can’t let a little pukin’ stop the bangin’, ya know.

Haven’t read too much on the Occupy Movement, but I guess I’m down with the basic premise. This country and really the whole world is not served well by the super rich, the destruction of the middle class and the plight of the working poor. I’m trying to stay away from serious topics, but there is some humor. 1st, apparently the guys who are going out of their way feed these groups are frustrated by the freeloaders who could give a shit about the movement and are just looking for handouts. 2nd, DRUM CIRCLES. Now I’m down with drumming and the many forms it has taken throughout the history of mankind. But the social phenomenon of the modern day waspafarian drum circle is just classic. Having been around that sort of thing, most people can’t handle it at all, but for me after a while it’s silly and annoying (just my opinion of course). Where it gets interesting though is that you’ve got these drum circles going on at the occupy things and I know that the establishment must be annoyed as hell…and that is good.

Friday’s are cool, but wishing that the other four days of the work week would fly by, is not.  And then Saturday flying by only to be bummed all day Sunday because tomorrow is Monday.  What a life…hahaha.

Always on the hunt for new, to me, music. Ran across The Nurse, an all lady outfit, out of  ’83 Japan, via Sean’s Damaging Noise bleaorgha…give that first tune a listen and tell me that isn’t some cool shit.

Just because things have been a little strange in my head lately (when things are repeatedly strange, they aren’t strange anymore, they’re normal…talking to myself really, out loud)…some bootleg live SPK from the “At The Crypt” cassette, just for that moment…
SPK – Berufsverbot

About four years ago, I reconnected with Lil’ Jimmy Forbes after years of only being in touch with a few folks from my Humboldt days that still reside there.  James has really come through around here a provide rips of a lot of Humboldt bands from days gone by.  My impression is that he is a mover and shaker in the scene up there these days.  This comp is an example of that moving and shaking, and is a slice of the 2008 punk, alternative, metal, etc. scene up there.  As the titled says this was a benefit for the Humboldt Council of the Blind and with 22 bands there is something for everyone.  This really is proof positive that Humboldt is a melting pot of creativity.  I wasn’t into all the bands but they’re all good if that makes sense.  The standouts for me where the Eureka Garbage Company, The Fire Demons, Machete, No Not Yet (Peggy M. on Vox?), Monster Women, Warren Teagarden, the Hitch and Henpecker.  Enjoy…

Eureka Garbage Company-Young Lovers

The Ian Fays-Broaches & Buses

Neptune Society-Mad Dog

The Ravens-Do You Want It

The Fire Demons-Hole In The Ground

The Buffy Swayze-My Birthday

The Delta Nationals-The Last Logger Leaving Town

Machete-Dirty Piggy

Dynamite Sweater-Buffy Swayze

Nipplepotamus-Living Fence

Eric Nevis-Help Me, Jesus

No Not Yet-Never A Good Time

Arrogant Hare-Hearts Come In One Size

The Monster Women-Diary Of Disconnectedness

Warren Teagarden-Haircut

Madi Simmons-Living Witness

The Hitch-I’m Sick

Common Vice-Mayflowers

Broken Hearts-Sno


Universalia Jane-No One’s Shaman

Tin Can Luminary-Army’s Peace


I know that nobody’s going to download each and every one of those songs and according to my sources this thing is sold the fuck out, so in my never ending effort to please the voiceless, download the whole thing here.

Stargazers – 100 Foot Worm Makes Own Food 7″

Ever been asked to leave? Or better yet, made to leave?  I had a lot of good times in bars, but it’s like your IQ drops 30 point points the second you enter the door and who the fuck knows where it’s at by the time you leave.  The stench of hormones and liquor.

Trying to think positive instead of turning these posts into a bitch session about shit we are all aware of. One of the best hardcore acts EVER (SERIOUSLY)

This joke reminds me of a several of the guys I provide services to at work…
I was walking past the mental hospital the other day, and all the
patients  were out in the yard shouting, “13….13….13.”
The fence was too high to see over, but I saw a little gap in the
planks, so  I looked through to see what was going on…

Some idiot poked me in the eye with a stick!
Then they all started shouting “14….14….14!”

Wanted to take a second to thank my buddies who have been commenting around here, you know who you are. I won’t get into the begging and pleading for comments that I have fallen victim to before, but I will say it makes a difference. Just got a notice from the provider for my server space, which is not cheap, so I end up asking myself every year around this time, is it worth it. I really could save myself a lot of money and buy a $2 journal and start every entry with “Dear diary…”
Stargazers1Got this one way back when at a record store in San Diego….the used bin for $.50. Not sure I even listened to it and if I did, I must have not thought much of it.  Pulled it out the other day, thinking to myself, “I don’t remember listening to this” and then I thought to myself “I should play this, the cover looks really amateurish, but it might be good”, so I put it on the turntable and thought to myself, “this really sounds like the Butthole Surfers and one of the song titles mentions Paul Leary, the guitarist of the Butthole Surfers.”  Not a whole lot of web presence on this thing, but you can pick up a copy for cheap.  I stumbled across a site called Butthole Surfers Anal Obsession and this is what he had to say in his BS bootleg category…
“By far the most obscure of the bunch, info on this one has eluded me. It claims to be a Paul Leary pre-Butthole Surfers recording, but it’s not…or at least part of it is not. The “White, Dumb, Ugly & Poor” is a live SBD recording…a version that has not surfaced at all, other than here. The rest are strange instrumentals, one (titled here as “Criminal Unicorn Men In Formation”) seems to be from the same Thai cassette as “Kuntz”. a very odd studio version of “No Rule” too. Rumors that this comes from an old mix tape of Paul’s can’t be verified, although only a few in the inner circles ever knew that Paul wanted to use this name before settling on Butthole Surfers.  It’s impossible to tell when these recordings are even from. The “No Rule” sounds to be from earlier than when they started playing it live, but that could be due to the poor sound quality. Either way, though, I’d call this the most interesting of the lot. Despite of the mediocre quality, and the odd non-Butthole Surfers material, I really enjoy this one.”
So I guess you could call this Butthole Surfer related.  The first track is worth a listen.  The tune is worth your time, but the hit on this thing is “White Dumb Ugly Bored”.  At least give that one a spin..

Ultimo Rausea / Barrell split 7″

This little scale illustrates what I’ve been talking about for a while.  “The American dream is a nightmare.”  Someone has probably said that before, but in case they haven’t, I have officially coined a phrase, and you read it first, here.  I’m deep like that.  Actually I’m too burned out to articulate what I’m thinking, which is really too bad because it’s some deep shit.  If you could listen to my phone calls at work you would hear a lot of “um” and “ah” and “oh” in between every phrase as my mouth waits for my brain to catch up.  Anyway…what was I talking about…oh yeah…an interesting read about the Walmart phenomenon, a good example of that 475:1 thing, can be found at this site called Corpocracy.  Funny thing is that I have no choice but to shop at Walmart.

Speaking of corporate giants, someone please tell me why the hell I watch the NFL. I just love the game, so much so that I’ll even watch teams play that I’m not really rooting for.  Overpaid athletes and fat cat owners, paid by the networks selling advertising to other corporate giants.  And of course also paid by overpriced tickets, parking, food, beverages, merchandise and whatnot.  Blah, blah, blah you’ve heard it all before around here.  Tried watching college and actually got into that, but even then I’m reminded that I didn’t really like the jocks in high school or college.  I suppose just like shopping at Walmart, by watching football I’m making my own little contribution to the machine.

Yet another 7″ I got just because of the cover…almost peaceful, but really disturbing, with the syringe and the hands holding her down.  Maybe it’s just me but it’s more disturbing than a headless corpse.  So I like the cover art, but the music, well “um” and “ah” and “oh”.  Pork Queen is a techno/industrial improvised, instrumental ambiance kind of band and I didn’t make it the main record featured in this post, because I just didn’t get it.  In fact, if I didn’t like the cover so much I would probably sell it.  This was released in 1993 and represents their third released.  Of the two tunes here, “Gunman” has kind of grown on me just a teeny tiny little bit, but the other tune was neat because it had music in the runout groove, so it was endless and I had to use the fade (for the first time) while ripping.
Italy, Spain, Europe, Logic
In case these guys are your thing, trip out on some more (even longer songs) from WFMU’s Beware of the Blog.

After the L7 post, my buddy Shawn mentioned a later L7 tune that is worth putting out there, for our listening pleasure…
L7 – Shitlist
He mentioned it as being from the cult classic (not sure what the criteria is for the that) movie Tank Girl…some of my favorite underground type actors in that movie including Iggy Pop.  Actually they do a different tune on that soundtrack and “Shitlist” is from the movie “Natural Born Killers” (another interesting movie, but I’m a fan of Juliette Lewis fan).  I don’t think the soundtrack for Tank Girl disappoints either, give that a spin here. L7’s tune on that soundtrack was good too, but I seem to like most of L7’s stuff…
L7 – Shove
Speaking of Juliette Lewis, ever heard her music?  She’s got a good voice but the music for the most part is pretty weak.  A couple of decent ones from their 1st EP, provided for reference purposes only…
Juliette and the Licks – 20 Year Old Lover
Juliette and the Licks – American Boy
Back to L7, my buddy Brain mentioned another tune worth posting from the John Waters movie “Serial Mom”…
L7 (aka Camel Lips) – Gas Chamber

Blah, blah, blah…that’s a lot of babbling, on to the featured record

Got this one because it was Japanese, because it was a picture disc and because it was cheap.  Back in 1984 when I got the P.E.A.C.E. comp, I was first exposed to Japanese hardcore with the likes of G.I.S.M. and the Execute.  Been a sucker for shit from that country ever since.  It’s hit and miss really because you’re a sucker or some kind of perpetrator of reverse prejudice to think that all music from those islands is worthwhile.  In this case, in my humble opinion you get one hit and one miss.  Ultimo Rausea, a Japanese band with a Portuguese name (or is it Spanish) play some straight forward post hardcore in the vein of old school hardcore on this release from 1998.  I gotta be honest with you though, despite the harsh screaming they’re pretty bland.  I’ve played their side several times and it really does nothing for me.  Now the flip side, the Barrell side is a different story.  As I usually do, I listen to the music of the band I’m writing about.  I’ll be damned if I don’t really dig these guys.  More sophisticated by far than their counterpart and I guess just more interesting and definitely soulful.  Give em both a try if you like, but tell me you don’t like Barrel…

Ultimo Rausea-01-Rant & rave

Ultimo Rausea-02-Scal a wag

Barrel-03-Massive Displeasure

Barrel-04-Blue Mind


L7 – Keep Rocking EP (John Peel Sessions 1989)

Anybody else watch Coraje, El Perro Cobarde (Courage, The Cowardly Dog)? Like Mustard Relics, set in NoWhere, Kansas.  Always been a cartoon fan, of course going back to the days when it was all about Looney Tunes and Hannah Barberra.  It wasn’t so long ago that I was watching them with my son…it was all about Pokemon at that point.  That cartoon either lost something in the translation or was stupid in Japanese too.  With grandkids now, I’m still watching cartoons, I would anyway, but probably of the more adult variety as opposed to Spongebob Squarepants and Dora the Explorer.  One the adult variety that I have on DVD, which is highly recommended, Rob Zombie’s The Haunted World of El Superbeasto. If your down to give it a whirl I hunted down the file for it here.  My buddy Davrick has been in the animation world for years and years, and I’ve always been a fan of his work and really of him as a person too.  His latest project as animatic editor on the TV version of the all around killer Kung Fu Panda.  Be sure and watch that.

Had this one ripped for a while because I really wanted to share it’s bad-ass-ness, but it got lost in the shuffle as I float through life. I didn’t really get that into L7 back when they first came out, friends in college thought they were the shit and got caught up in that sort of hard rock thing (dare I say grunge, although L7 was from LA) circa 1987. Even though I thought of myself as pretty open minded musically at the time, I just didn’t get the groove with these ladies.  These days this shit is right up my alley though as I crave a hard rhythmic type of thing over the screaming chaotic mess.  When I ripped this 7″, which as stated in the title of this post, and was limited to 500 copies, I had just found and posted this ripper of a tune,
L7 – Stick To The Plan
So I came to realize that this band was well worth listening to and therefore posting.  This particular record is kinda cool in that it captures some of their earlier stuff in the form of the always cool, live Peel Session form.  Mentioned it a hundred times, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t cool to hear a live set through a soundboard and the Peel Sessions really capture that.  My favorite tune on here is the first one and I really like the Dead Kennedy’s cover, but not one of these four songs stinks.  As Suzi Quatro said, “Rock Hard”…

Packing the Rod
Lynch the Landlord

L7 and Karen Black doing “Bang Bang (He Shot Me Down)” originally done by Sonny and Cher, although Nancy Sinatra’s was really good.