MK9 – s/t 7″

This has to be one of my greatest GIF discoveries. I’m like a European explorer during the age of discovery…discovering places that were already occupied and claiming them for myself. If you’ve ever spent any time on a computer that is acting up or worse yet crashed, then you should be able to relate to the gory details of this wonderful little animation.  Moral of the story…the computer always gets the best of you.

Nothing worth mentioning in my life…all is quiet. The world is still the way it is, beautiful and ugly at the same time.  We continue to watch a lot of movies, mostly of the blood and guts variety but also those high dollar mainstream action flicks. The Mechanic wasn’t too bad although it wasn’t balls to the wall, but I’m a sucker for Jason Statham with his balding-ness and his approach to that condition…shave your fucking head (as opposed to a toupee, the comb-over, a hat for every occasion, spray paint, etc.). Not a bad sound track too which is always a plus for any flick and pulled this French/African ditty (perfect for a New Orleans setting) out of the mix…dig it
Nuru Kane – Goree

Today is the anniversary of Elvis’ death…35 years I believe.  I was with a Cuban baby sitter that day and I remember her saying “aye Dios mio, Elvis se mudio?”  One of the two songs from Elvis’ first recording in 1953…
Elvis Presley – That’s When Your Heartaches Begin

Was going to post something else that I’ve been working on in the Humboldt vein, but I’m waiting for some liner notes from a buddy. Not wanting to wait too long to post anything, for fear of losing the therapy that this place provides me.  Anyway the rip here represents the first time I listened to this thing.  I picked it up not too long ago because the cover was interesting, the year of release was 1981 and the seller claimed that it had come from KROQ during his/her tenure there as some kind of staff support.  On top of that was that it had a cover of Donovan’s “Hurdy Gurdy Man” a tune later covered by the Butthole Surfers in a masterful way.  Did some searching and MK9 is a tough one, tons of hits for Mortal Kombat 9 and a 9mm called MK9 by Kahr Arms.  There was a 2000’s band called MK9 and a recent Underworld Records but neither are the same.  Otherwise there were several of these for sale for anywhere between $20-40 (no way I paid that much).  As I said this rip represents the first time I listened to this and my first impression is that I kinda dig it.  It doesn’t blow me way like Devo’s stuff from that time but it’s similar, maybe even more no wave-ish in an artsy kind of way.  “Run Machines” could have been on a soundtrack for an early 80’s, B space movie, while their cover of “Hurdy Gurdy Man” is unique and listenable.  All in all not a bad little score and probably the first time this has seen the light of day since the 80’s.

Run Machines

Hurdy Gurdy Man


The Jolly Ho-Ho’s – Drunks Are People Too LP

Duh…a pic of me that my son took at my new favorite  fancy style coffee chain, Mochas…handsome fucking devil…if you enlarge the thumbnail you can see my nose hairs.  Kinda bummed right now because my time with Liam is over until next summer.

Jack of TSOL (shameless name dropping, actually I am just one of 5 million faceless “friends” he has on facebook) sent a request out for medium’s (tarot readings, crystal balls, speaking to the dead, etc.) the other day and being the polite sort that I am I suggested a place in Hollywood that I’ve mentioned around here called the “House of Hermetic”. If you remember, I mentioned that the two little old ladies who ran the place (probably long since passed into the spirit realm) had some kind of incense that could drive unpleasant people from the store. Anyway, Jack comes back with a link and apparently the store made Hate Magazine’s List of “Satanic Cults”.  You see I am secretely satanic.  What I wanted to write back was that Wicca predates Christianity and that satanism was a Christian construct, when it wasn’t enough to demonize the Jews they had to create an enemy that could be found anywhere and in anyone.

Anyone remember this tune from about 1984, File 13 – Tastes So Good? I didn’t even know what it was called back then or who did it until I just did a search using the lyrics I could remember (the internet is amazing). Takes me right back to high school. There where these hot little clubster twins, who loved this tune, my buddy Kevin dated one for a long time…I dug on the other one, but she thought we should just be friends…hahaha.  First time I ever had a gun pulled on me, the four of us were cruising the Glendale/Burbank border in my ’74 Volkswagen Bug. Cops pulled us over, had him and I get out out and lay on the ground at gunpoint. Apparently someone had reported that we had kidnapped the twins. If only I could have added kidnapping to my long list of crimes…a legitimate criminal instead of a small time hood.

A buddy of mine that I haven’t talked to since Humboldt, Nick Reynolds of Grimace, asked me if I was playing music these days and I said no because of the redneck environment I live in.  His response, “yodel, banjo billy tornado rage rock”…perfect.

My first thoughts after listening to this for the first time and doing the rip, “…elements of punk, ska, flamenco, mariachi, Violent Femmes-ish country Pogues-ish penny whistle stuff (track 21) and hardcore that almost borders on power violence at times…some pretty incredible shit.  I know I saw these guys several times, mostly parties I guess, but it’s real hazy (kids, don’t fuck with drugs and liquor, because at the very least it can be like a psycho girlfriend and fuck with your mind…worse…your memory).  Sam (who is the reason I have this cassette at all gives up a much better description of these guys than my faded memory could ever supply over at his Atakra site (that’s a must go to site anyway).  Used to party quite a bit with one of the guitar players, can’t remember his name, big guy who drove a huge beat up suburban.  He actually loaned me that suburban when my truck broke down…cool guy.  We lost touch I guess after one of my close buddies socked one of his buddies in the eye with his keys in his hand.  Actually broke the key off in the guy’s head just missing his eye.  Bad scene, because that dude was pretty cool too, if I remember right, just a case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time.  Anyway this is a “must-listen-to” piece of Humboldt history.  Sorry no track titles if it had something included with that kind of shit, it’s long gone.  Released in 93?  I don’t know shit except this is some badass shit.

EDIT: Just minutes before I posted this I found out from Sam who found out from one of the band members, Payson, this was not a demo, I assumed that as it said “Hated in Humboldt” on the cassette and the album is obviously called “Drunks Are People Too”.  Oh well I’m an idiot, but I guess when all is said and done, at the very least you get some of the almight Jolly Ho-Ho’s.  On a side note you can still pick up a copy here and here.

Jolly Ho-Ho’s-01

Jolly Ho-Ho’s-02

Jolly Ho-Ho’s-03

Jolly Ho-Ho’s-04

Jolly Ho-Ho’s-05

Jolly Ho-Ho’s-06

Jolly Ho-Ho’s-07

Jolly Ho-Ho’s-08

Jolly Ho-Ho’s-09

Jolly Ho-Ho’s-10

Jolly Ho-Ho’s-11

Jolly Ho-Ho’s-12

Jolly Ho-Ho’s-13

Jolly Ho-Ho’s-14

Jolly Ho-Ho’s-15

Jolly Ho-Ho’s-16

Jolly Ho-Ho’s-17

Jolly Ho-Ho’s-18

Jolly Ho-Ho’s-19

Jolly Ho-Ho’s-20

Jolly Ho-Ho’s-21

Get the whole thing in one neat little package here.