Saké – demo 1995

I don’t know about where you live, but in my neck of the woods it has been straight the fuck HOT. All my years of physical labor and sweating for a living, the heat never bothered me, but being an office slut has made me pathetic. My son and I have spent a lot of time indoors, where my wife has the air conditioning running 24/7 and sucking what little money I have right outta my wallet (but I secretly appreciate the relief found in the cooler indoors).  It’s got me agitated as hell and it doesn’t help making the startling transition from pleasant coolness to blazing heat just to have a smoke.  Once things have cooled down a bit we go outside and throw the football around, so we’re not completely sedentary.

My son Liam, like myself, is a music lover.  His thing is rap, which I’ve dabbled in but I always liked the political, social change type bands (ie. Public Enemy, Criminal Minded, etc.).  I can’t get too into the whole “nigger”, “bitch”, “ho”, materialistic worship of money, senseless violence thing, but I suppose somewhere in the variety of shit I do listen to, a person could find a lot to object to.  Anyway, I’ve heard of Lil Wayne, never listened to him before, so Liam turned me on to a damn good tune.  My computer doesn’t do justice to the bass so a real stereo or good headphones is recommended.  That booming bass, the mono tone stoned out vocals and the mix are a nice a little change of pace.
lil wayne – a milli

Have I tried before to get you to come to terms with your inner 5 year old with Spongebob bowling?  Shit, 334 posts and I know I’m repeating myself.  Not repeating myself with this next band though.

As promised, my old Humboldt buddy Sam Atakra came through with flying colors by sending me not one but two packages of Humboldt related music.  I missed these guys and gal by a year during my 7 year tenure in Humboldt Kali (I was told I was not cool for calling California “Kali”), which is a real shame as they are one of the best bands to come out of the area.  I think my last band Grout would have made a great combo to have shared a bill with them, and actually the band continued on after I left so maybe they did.  Don’t know too much about the band and a google search is useless because “Sake” with an accent on the “e” is spelled the same as “sake”, so you get tons of entries like, “for Pete’s sake”.  Other than this demo the only other recordings I know of is a 7″, 10″ and a split LP.  My buddy Bat Guano weaves a tapestry of  words at his Fugitive Equilibrium blog and did two Sake posts here and here. I really can’t put this band into words anywhere near as poetically as he can. One place I did manage to find in a google search, by using song titles, “Eureka”, “band”, “music” and maybe a few other words to make the search more specific, was Mostly Blue Skies Above Us. Some good additional input and my impression is that all of Sake’s vinyl is included in the zip.  A fucking metric ton of thanx to Sam Atakra for sending me his second to last copy of this demo (he sent me a ton of other good shit including the Jolly Ho Ho’s demo and their LP [his last copy]).  You can find Sam at his Live Journal, a mountain of videos at his Youtube and his own killer website Atakra Productions.  I was waiting for some more intel on the band as the bass player went on to be in The Hitch, which also featured two good old boys who were my former bandmates. Didn’t get a response back and I’m itching to post something…so…anyway…