Dave Goodman and Friends – Justifiable Homicide 7″

Any clue what the hell this is from? That’s some trippy shit.

Things are kinda slow around here which works out well as I may be slowing down as well. I picked up my son Liam from the Denver airport on the 20th, he flew in from his Mom’s in North Carolina. We have plans to do all kinds of shit so things may get scarce around here. If you have something to say then please say it, I will still be responding to comments. On top of that my old Humboldt buddy Sam Atakra is going to be sending all kinds of KHSU radio shows and band demos on cassette for me to rip, edit, label and post. Gonna be a real treat and gonna blow the shit outta my Humboldt category. Be looking out for that.

Papalotl3Speaking of Humboldt, another old college buddy of mine Alex who actually goes back to my Burbank High School days (there was three of us from BHS who ended up at HSU), dropped me a line via email the other day.  He sent me a picture of this painting he had done on wood (click on the image because this small photo doesn’t do it justice).  In my reply to him I told him it was fucking “alive”.  Always been a fan of his work, in fact I’ve been meaning to get frames for some of the paintings/drawings he’s done for me over the years.  Really into this one and on top of that he included a poem that goes with the painting (awful nice of him to translate into English, my Spanish is a little rusty).

La Muerte                                                  Death
Devora el cuerpo                                    Devours the body
Con una lengua de pedernal               With its tongue made of flint
Liberando el papalote                           Liberating the butterfly
Que es nuestra alma                               That is our soul
Esta mariposa ephemera                      This ephemeral butterfly
Se alimeta                                                    Nourishes itself
Con las flores                                              With the flowers
De su dulce                                                  Of its sweet
Y embriagante                                           And intoxicating
Mirada                                                           Gaze

NUGGETSOff and on around here I’ve been dabbling or casually exploring the “garage rock” thing.  For the most part looking backwards round here, even though I did review a few products of 2011 because they were at least good.  Gotta say I get shitloads of requests for reviews and as far as I’ve seen 2011 is not a stellar year for music.  Nothing wrong with learning about history and enjoying it’s products.  So as I said, “garage rock”…very interesting and makes for some damn good listening.  Latest discovery is the Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era.  Supposedly what brought about the first garage revival.  Started out as a 2 LP thing and eventually made it’s way to being a four disc affair, along with some other comps that continued with that general them.  The guy behind Killing Moon Music has kindly uploaded that for your listening pleasure.  I looked into buying it on ebay, but it tends to go for a lot so will just have to wait until the time is right.  Along those line, when I had first started listing to MC5 and the Stooges, there was another Detroit band mentioned almost in the same sentence, The Up.  Finally got around to listening to them and although I still like those other Detroit bands better, they still manage to tear shit up on a few tunes (got to learn about the whole White Panther thing along the way).

Brian mentioned a supergroup by the name of Them Crooked Vultures in the last post, so thought I’d do a look around.  Another Dave Grohl project that admirably includes Mr. John Paul Jones.  Found a live set from 2010 floating around out there and was particularly into this first tune but the second one is worth a listen too.  On an almost unrelated side not, if you read their wiki article, the idea of a “digital 45” is sickening to me.

DG&F1What made this one stand out and say “buy me, put me with the rest of your records”, when I saw it for cheap was the fact that you get Steve Jones (guitars) and Paul Cook (drums) of the Sex Pistols on this one, out of 1978.  I did not know that Dave Goodman was the live sound engineer for the Sex Pistols and apparently a very good one at that.  As far as I know this was “his” only release as a musician.  All in all not bad for the buck I think I paid for it.  The first of the  two tunes is easily my favorite with a kind of a sing a long pop punk thing going on.  The second tune is a instrumental early Pink Floyd diddy, that in it’s instrumentalness seems incomplete.  Not sure about the rarity of this and in a half assed search I didn’t find too much on it.  For me just a nifty little record and really that first tune is worth it.  Not too much else to say, I’ve said too much as it is, but remember that even though the posts may slow down a bit, I will be checking the comments daily…have a good day.

Alice Cooper – Clones (We’re All) 7″

BuseyReoccurring realization today, again finding negativity in the Yahoo headlines…I HATE the term “stars”.  Sports, music, film, television, whatever, you are not a star, you are doing your fucking job.  Your wealth and fame, your ups and downs, how much you spent on your mansion, whose dress you’re wearing,  nothing about your life interests me.  Your job is to entertain me and if you do it well, I will watch you do whatever it is you do and ensure that you get paid too much to do it.  The lady who everyday (except Sundays of course) down dusty, muddy, snowy, dirt roads, behind slow moving tractors, swerving to miss deer, faithfully delivers my mail, now she, is a “star” (and also my cousin…hahaha).

coffee winkFor you fellow coffee drinkers, maybe you can relate.  I don’t like those non drip coffee makers that allow you to fill your cup before the pot is completely done.  All kinds of shit going on in the world and that’s what bother’s me…I know, I know.  But the pot is a complete individual entity that has to go through it’s full cycle to become the butterfly that it is.  If you interrupt that cycle, if you mess with the cocoon so to speak, the pot is dead or at the very least you are left with a weak imitation of coffee.  When I get after my wife for doing it, I call it taking the “nectar”.    Take the nectar and the flower is of no use to the bee.  Know what I’m talking about, this is no bullshit and is a serious matter?  You must maintain the integrity of the pot.

Raymond mentioned something I’d never heard, much less heard of, a Dave Grohl metal project called Probot.  I was never a big Dave Grohl fan, I guess for a rediculous reason, his bands are/were popular.  Got into Nirvana after Cobain scrabbled his brain and actually what got me headed in that direction was the Pat Smear connection.  Never gave Foo Fighters a chance but I might have to correct that.  Anyway…Probot?  Impressive, not in that blow your mind kind of way, but PDG (pretty damn good).  The whole concept of having some of the greatest metal and crossover vocalists do your songs is cool.  I doubt that any of those guys would respond to my invitation at a similar project…fame and fortune have their advantages.  This guy had an interesting review over at his 365 Albums in 365 Days.  My favorite tune off the album is also it’s shortest, featuring Mike Dean of Corrosion of Conformity fame,
Probot – Access Babylon (ft. Mike Dean)
…and the in case that got your juices flowing, the whole album!

A band I’d shamefully never heard before.  Proto-goth or proto-death rock from around 1983. Looked into picking up some of their records, there a 7″ and a 12″ EP, but both command out of this world prices on ebay (they have been re-released though).
Part 1 – Funeral Parade (7″)

The search for “new to me” music is a never ending journey for me and really I’ve just scratched the surface of what is out there.  The day you stop learning (searching) is the day you’re dead.  Found this one little hidden niche of music in the form of Peruvian Garage/Surf Rock of the mid 60’s.  Fucking ‘eh there’s some damn good shit in a some of those bands/tunes or as Cheech would say, “oh so too much”.
Los Saicos – Demolicion (this song really blows me away, if you listen to one song on this post, make it this mid 60s rager)

Vincent Damon Furnier didn’t grab my attention when I first heard him in the 70’s.  These days I suppose I realize how important he was as far as the development of rock and roll, extreme in his time.  The songs that I’m familiar with are “I’m 18″,”School’s Out” and “Billion Dollar Babies”, but those have been playing on the radio regularly for the last 40 years.  Incidentally it was/is his connection to radio as a DJ of his syndicated “Night With Alice Cooper”, that airs on the “big” corporate owned, classic rock station here from 7-10 on the weeknights.  What I like about his show is that he plays a much better variety than they do regularly on the station which suffers badly from “playing the same shit over and over again”.  Cooper throws in live cuts, alternate takes, and has a ton of stories about his own encounters with the bands.  So I’ve started exploring his stuff a little bit more and picked up this single 2 or 3 years ago.  Dig this song cuz it’s got that definite AC almost snottiness, mixed with the new wave/punk thing that was going on when it was released in 1980.  Still a relevant song title today.

My copy is a promo copy so it just has the mono version of Clones on the b-side.  Tracked down the album this was off of, “Flush the Fashion” so here’s the b-side,
Model Citizen
…on the same album the opening track is a good cover of Music Machine’s…
Talk Talk

Never one to just send a few tunes out into the virtual netherworld and then quickly end a post (I’m not going to criticize myself for that anymore though because it’s just my style…and I got style!).  In my wanderings I came across this great picture of Alice and Suzi Quatro circa 1974.  In honor of that, from the same year as the photo…
Suzi Quatro – Little Bitch Blue
…of course her best song though is 1981s Lipstick

Hawkwind – Motorhead b/w Valium Ten 7″

Unfortunately this woman doesn’t need some computer nerd’s creative manipulation of a video clip, in the form of a GIF, to paint an image of a self serving lunatic, but it’s good for a laugh.  I work with adults with developmental disabilities so maybe I shouldn’t laugh, but for this lady it’s a choice not an unavoidable circumstance. It’s a shame for the women (and I guess everyone really) of this country that the women that receive that most attention are Palin, Lady Gaga and Oprah.  Speaks volumes about the state of the nation, but I guess you can get that from the guys at the forefront as well.  For a minute there several years ago it was Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love at the forefront.

Been scratching my head for a few days now trying to think of something to write, but coming up with nothing. It’s not like I’m Ernest Hemingway anyway, but this is the thing I do, a chance to speak up from my relative seclusion. Life is just life, it just goes on and on, rarely is there a dull moment. I have some things going on, but believe it or not, in the midst of all the babbling and blathering that goes on around here I do keep some things to myself.  I will say it seems to be a constant struggle of second guessing myself.  Life is so much easier when you don’t give a fuck and letting the booze dictate your actions.  Even still very grateful for what I have.

On the last post I put out there a few King Crimson tunes and buddy Brian mentioned a tune that a mutual friend of ours was fascinated with. Kinda one of their “hits” from the 80’s or at least much so as a non-pop band could have.
King Crimson – Thela Hun Ginjeet
and then there’s my favorite CC tune…

Feel like I should add a little segment to these posts, along with a tune, to pay homage to the guys who without their existence so much of what I listen to would have never come to be.  These godfathers could sure make a guitar sing and in my opinion you must listen to them in order to fully appreciate rock and roll (and all it’s myriad of sub genre’s).
>Son House – Country Farm Blues

Hwkwnd1Hawkwind is a relatively new phenomena for me, nobody over the course of my 42 years had the occasion to turn me onto those guys.  Still kind of feeling them out really as they have a shitload of material they’ve released in their 42 years.  What struck me of course was the Lemmy connection and that they kicked him out of the band after a few years because he was such a loser.  Been after a cheap copy of Hawkwind’s “Motorhead” on vinyl for quite a while and recently got this.  Was a little disappointed at first because it wasn’t the version I had on mp3 with Lemmy on vocals, but really it’s got it’s own tasty flavor too.  Turns out there’s several versions of the tune. This was released in 1981 and the B-side, which is pretty good hadn’t been released anywhere else.


Valium Ten

…the original “Kings of Speed” b/w “Motorhead” single
King of Speed
…from Epocheclipse -The Ultimate Best Of
…from the Warrior on the Edge of Time lp (same as the single?)
…from Live and Rare: Onward Flies the Bird (with the cool motorcycle revving)
…from Motorhead’s original single
Motörhead – Motorhead
…from Motorhead’s “Keep Us On The Road live 1977” LP
Motörhead – Motörhead
…a couple of covers
Poison Idea – Motorhead(I wouldn’t expect anything less but PI shreds it)
Cockney Rejects – Motorhead
…some other Hawkwind tunes I’ve recently gotten into,
Quark Strangeness And Charm
Night Of The Hawks
Needle Gun
…and finally, of further interest?
Lemmy – Thirsty And Miserable(believable coming from Lemmy)
Saint Vitus-Thirsty And Miserable(and to wrap it all up, as insane as Sarah Palin)