Hockaloogie – Houses of the Oly cassette

My wife had surgery in Denver this weekend (all went well). Half the population of Northwest Kansas can handle a knife good enough to gut, skin and dress a deer, but we have to drive 5 hours to find a surgeon who can handle a knife. Probably for the best.  On the way back my wife was passed out hopped up on oxycodone so I decided to see what kind of radio stations I could find. Most of the trip is on interstate 70 and at the time I was passing through almost non existent, Flagler Colorado. Hit the search button and it went clear though the numbers twice with no discernible radio station within earshot. It made me think, which I get to do a lot of on that drive, that as isolated as I am, there is a whole shitload of this country that is even more desolate than I am. And is that such a bad thing? I mean what is radio but a repeating playlist, sensational hand picked news headlines and lame ass commercials. A little peace and quiet may not be such a bad thing. But…there’s always a but, the world does not stop churning just because you aren’t exposed to it. We watched a newer movie last night called Black Death, roughly set in 1350 England that has been ravaged by the plague. Word has reached the Bishop that there is one village that has not been effected by the plague and so he sends out some inquisition type guys to go investigate, because they are sure that there must be some kind of witchcraft involved. Pagan vs. Christian type of stuff. In this world you are either Christian or of the devil, no in between. These guys had taken a message of peace and turned it into suspicion, dogmatism and torture. It turns out there really is a witch, really just a pagan good with herbal concoctions, but the reality was that these villagers had been spared, the “pestilence”, because of their isolation and by coming there these “men of God” had brought the black death with them. So even if we are spared the evils of mankind in our isolation, it’s still out there waiting the opportunity to find a way in. Like that poor little heathen lost tribe in the jungle, being discovered and allowed the great opportunity that “civilization” has in store.
HAL1A true and fairly new friend of the Relics, in the form of RAYMOND S. of the great province of British Columbia, mailed me this cassette which I should have already had. The memories are very hazy on these guys even though my band played with them at least 5 times and I must have seen them a dozen or more times besides that. All I can remember is Steve, the guitar player, who was in the dorms at Humboldt State (first floor Redwood?) the same year I was. Good looking, kind of normal guy and I can see his girlfriend’s face in my mind. And that is it…hahaha. Maybe some of my buddies will fill in their own experiences and memories to at least fill in some kind of picture for at least the posterity that this place provides. I did post them along with a bunch of other Humboldt bands a while back here. Their two tunes on that will not be found anywhere except here (as I pat myself on the back and rub my belly simultaneously).  Couldn’t find any web presence for these guys, which is a bummer because they were a pretty good band.

Temper Tantrum
Bumping Uglies
She Tans Greatly

OnHoGaA couple of flyers (I think I made the yellow one) from, I’d say ’91 or ’92. Don’t remember the Angelos Pizza one, although those were a blast and we got paid with as much beer as we (our entourage included) could swill and pizza we could chow, which was always a shitload of both. The Angelos shows all run into one big show with Hockaloogie, One Man Running, Grimace, a few others.


17 thoughts on “Hockaloogie – Houses of the Oly cassette”

  1. I have good memories of playing shows with these guys. They had a guy named Tyce on vocals and I’m pretty sure he was in Eggly Bagelface. The other dudes also had a surf band called Gins and Barrels. That’s about all I remember but I think they also were in the retard practice coops that Garden weasel occupied, so we probably partied with these dudes. Nice post, bro. I love your descriptions of the desolation of the places you have to drive through. Hope Kim heals up okay. -Ed


  2. Ed thanx for adding a bit to this, according to the Garden Weasel Diaries, they did in fact have a practice pad at the chicken coops. After I wrote this I thought that maybe I should have talked about Superman’s fortress of solitude. Even that little bit of isolation/desolation was interrupted by Lex Luther.


    1. we had the room on the end, those guys had the one in the middle. when we would take a smoke break i used to take a couple beers and listen to them for a couple songs. what i remember most is just the total sense of dispair and humility i walked away with after being baptised in their complete utter amazingness. it could have have been the 17 mickeys bigmouths i had just consumed tho. I also hope your better half recovers quickly.
      as always THank you!


      1. yes we did seemed to me the roof sloped down as you got farther from the house, kind of a manila “confusion hill” thing. the middle one was 5-7 inches to short and the end closet was exactly 8 and 1 quarter inch too short for everyone except steve, he sat down all nite. I always had a kind of a slouch, but i perfected it in Manila.


  3. there was also dave lossy, now known simply as, “cecil” who played drums. he lives in sf now, and is fairly prolific with his (actually very good) movies. he made a documentary about our beloved tamale lady who serves delicious tamales at bars in the mission out of her cooler, and he also made, “the meter maid me mad,” i think it’s called, which is also pretty cool. i think he’s making a #2. he was also in the barfeeders which was a decent band. good dude.


    1. The sequel was a bit longer, called “Meter Maid Me Massacre”. I’m in it as an extra. I used to hang out with them during their San Francisco days. Neil still lives here, Monty a bit north, and I don’t know what happened to Tyce.


  4. *edit* he goes by, “cecil b. feeder,” and it looks like he just finished a full length documentary called, “bloodbath,” about some artist named elizabeth mcgrath. never heard of her. then again, i don’t know shit about art.

    at least that’s what the internet says.


  5. good post. can’t add much as i wanted there but always enjoy the read. hope your wife is well. given the choice, some isolation is damned good.


    1. Good to read from you Sylvia I hope you and yours are doing good as well. I like to visit the city not live in it.


  6. Hey…how does your comment thingy know who I am without prompting it??? Anyways, Leftovers used to gig w/Hock A Loogie & with them when they were Butthammer. i still chat with Neil on FB and Cecil, too. Barfeeders still gig once in awhile. Steve, 1 of the guits, played bass in the Meices in SF in the 90’s. He was the cute guy you were wondering about… I have a HAL tape too. It’s in here somewhere! Those guys really did kick ass. Tyce was a mildly annoying singer though…sorry. Hope all is well on the home front.


    1. Not sure how this blog interacts with your computer sir, in fact I would just love to check out how your computer works. I know that I have to approve one of your comments for you to be on some internal virtual list that allows you to freely comment after that. You know now that you’re free from your intellectual prison, you should have gallons of free time…you could always send me more Humboldt rarities to post round here…hint, hint, nudge, nudge.


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