NEW WAVE rock ‘n’ roll Get behind it before it gets past you. 2×7″ comp.

I have to agree with Homer, torture me with donuts anytime.  My cousin owned a donut/coffee shop not too far from where I’m at here in the middle of nowhere and she insisted that for me, both were always free. My Mom says that my love for donuts and also fish and chips, is due to the fact that she worked at Winchells and H. Salt Fish & Chips in Hollywood when she was pregnant with me. My in utero education also included lessons in music appreciation (hence my love of music) in the form of a nightclub over on Temple street in LA called the Intersection. But the question is can a man live on music and fried food alone?

Don’t usually get clued into events like birth, death and anniversaries until after the fact so as a result I don’t get to represent that much around, like some of your better sites do.  This morning on the radio, Elwood Blues reminded me that today is Muddy Waters’ birthday.  As far as music appreciation, he might be in lesson #1 for the origins of rock and roll.  Thanx to this site, which has great taste, but didn’t have anything else to say except cut and paste, I didn’t have too look far for Mr. Waters’ earliest recordings.   Here’s one to give you a lesson in how to make a guitar speak for you…1941 baby,
Country Blues

SteveOne of my many Aunts back in the 70’s had this Steve Miller Band album (Book of Dreams) painted on her bedroom wall.  Actually a very beautiful painting even if it is kind of cliche and could be considered typical of the 70’s.  I can remember that she did an incredible job on it and it was huge, probably 5 feet across, but all I could think of was that the circle wasn’t perfectly round.  Why is that?  Even today I can look at the most epic tattoo but if the lines aren’t perfectly straight or the curves aren’t smooth, that’s what pops out at me.  Anyway they played a tune on my new classic rock radio station (if you remember the old one got typical and only had a relatively small number of tunes in their selection, thus doomed to play the same songs over and over again [and I don’t care how good of a tune ACDC’s Back in Black is, you just can’t listen to it every day, play fucking Jailbreak every once in a while]) and I can’t for the life of me ever remember hearing it.   The album before Book Of Dreams, Fly Like An Eagle (1976) had hits like the title track and “Take the Money and Run”, so unless you’re a fan I can imagine most radio stations didn’t play this one you probably wouldn’t have heard it (or care too?  I don’t know).  Bad ass tune in my opinion with great lyrics, I didn’t guess it as being SMB (even though it’s sounds exactly like one of his tunes), check it…
Steve Miller Band – Serenade
Just for the sake of a needless compare and contrast, trip on what SMB was doing 8 years earlier on their first album (or not),
Steve Miller Band – Steppin’ Stone

New Wave Sire 1This little double 7″ comp from 1977 was a history lesson for me, as before this thing I knew nothing about three of the bands (my old elementary school buddy Roy, his Mom was into the Talking Heads and I’d Heard them on the radio, and actually my least favorite band on the comp).  On a side note these scans are from the new $32 all-in-one scanner printer thing-a-ma-bob I got at one of the up and coming multi-death corporations, Walmart (what do you want, it was cheap and Walmart chased of all the little Mom and Pop competition years ago in my neck of the woods).  Sire Records put together a nice little package of a sampler here (albeit with a stupid title), I don’t think it’s very rare though and the tracks are just the “hits” off of their Sire released LPs, but damn…  After I ripped it, listened to it several times through and thought that it’s too bad I don’t have all the albums these tunes are samples of.  The bands here are all historic and a guy could go on and on about their importance, so if you haven’t gotten into them before it would be worth it to check out their albums.  One thing all the bands have in common is those snotty as fuck vocals, except for the Talking Heads whose music, at first listen, sound a little like 70’s Michael Jackson (and actually the Saints’ vocalist sounds a little like a mix between Iggy and Bob Dylan, hahaha).  Anyway…

Dead Boys-All this and More

Dead Boys-Sonic Reducer

from the Talking Heads: 77 LP

Talking Heads-Uh-oh, Love Comes To Town

Talking Heads-Don’t Worry About the Government

from the (I’m) Stranded LP

The Saints-(I’m) Stranded

The Saints-Erotic Neurotic

from the Blank Generation LP

Richard Hell & The Voidoids-Blank Generation

Richard Hell & The Voidoids-Betrayal Takes Two

Just in case you wanted to hear the original of the Saints’ “(I’m) Stranded” a superior site like Peter’s is where you need to look.  Here’s the vid for the album version…

You can get this at Discogs

8 thoughts on “NEW WAVE rock ‘n’ roll Get behind it before it gets past you. 2×7″ comp.”

  1. Always enjoyed Richard Hell and the Voidoids, that was a good era. Television and Suicide are other bands that I like. There was a pretty good documentary of the NY/CBGBs scene then.


    1. Two bands I haven’t explored a whole lot that I’ve been meaning to. Don’t remember the name of that documentary?


      1. Nah, dont remember. It briefly discussed a lot of the bands back then, such as Blondie, Ramones, etc… It may have been on VH-1 or something like that.


  2. can a man live on music and fried food alone you ask? i don’t know but i’ve been trying. man you made me want fish and chips now. as far as the music good stuff. not that into new wave but that’s not to say i don’t like it. good post.


  3. I used to own this a long time ago– I even made a photocopy of the front once and cut up the letters to use on the cover of one of my fanzines back in the ’80s, since all the letters in the zine’s title were also in the title of the record… the things we had to do before computers and printers


    1. Dave thanx for hitting me up. I know what you’re talking about when you had to literally copy/cut/paste, we did our demo cassette inserts that way. Need to go and hit you up at your place now. Thanx again.


  4. cool comp man. Good to see that the Saints got represented since they always complain that they were over-looked in their day – bullshit! They were on fucking Sire, pretty good for an Aussie band. Keep posting from your Wal-mart deth machine, bro!


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