Beck – Loser & Steve Threw Up 7″s

Finding this GIF coincided perfectly with a Bruce Lee marathon they had on cable.  Just like this GIF that was some classic shit.  I know the choreography, special effects and acting has come a VERY long way since the late 60’s early 70’s martial arts flicks, but one thing they had back then was excellent casting.  The strictly Chinese ones from the same period are good in that way too…anybody ever see the Master of the Flying Guillotine?  Check those flicks out sometime or maybe you remember but the villains and the extras they had were spectacular.

Found a cool site where you can do online image editing, check it out it’s called LunaPic.  I had fun playing with the pic below from a screen capture using VLC (a very good media player), but the image came out pretty dark, as it is in the movie. Played with it and I think it came out pretty sharp.  I’m too chicken shit to try out a pirated version of Photoshop (no way I could afford a legit version).

Speaking of movies, we’re always watching them around my homestead, renting/recording or actually buying (usually used at Hastings, do they have that chain of stores in your neck of the woods?).  A while back a buddy of mine recommended a Swedish flick called Let the Right One In.  INCREDIBLE movie!  It’s got just a little bit of gore and I guess it could be called a horror film, but really there is so much more.  Well worth seeing, if you’re looking to have a cinema night.  So last year they came out with an American remake, which I was leery of but I figured at least I could talk about how shitty it is when they take foreign films and remake them for an American audience.  The question is why and my guess is $$$ (not a difficult guess, if you don’t mind me saying).  I don’t mind when they take an old movie and remake it, with modern sensibilities and special effects (with Halloween, the remake and the remake sequel were a 1000x bloodier and more importantly, brutal).  So any way they immediately remade this recent foreign film and instead call it Let Me In (why even change the name, silly media movers and shakers).  First thing I gotta say though…damn GOOD FLICK.  Not a whole lot of differences between the two so it was almost like what’s the point ($$$ again), but I don’t know if it was seeing the story a second time or that the Norwegian version was more subtle, but I understood a lot more of the story and it’s themes.  I have a feeling that as an American I need to be kicked in the head to understand underlying meanings.  Anyway GO rent either one and let me know what you think.

Hot sauce, anybody can make blistering hot stuff, and unfortunately there is the weak stuff too, that tastes like tomato sauce, but the real trick is finding the stuff that has the taste and just the right kick.  My three favorite here, next to my own garden fresh salsa fresca, can be found at just about any major store…yeah I’m ashamed to say I shop at walmart but out here in the sticks there aren’t a whole lot of choices, when I was in San Diego it was all about Trader Joes and Costco (a damn good store that pays their employees fairly when you compare those wages to the guys/gals at the top).  So…salsa, you have three very different flavors from three very common hot sauces, I don’t miss a meal without one of those three (except maybe cereal).  Any favorites you guys have?

Was kind of looking at posting something abrasive as most of what I’ve posted for a while is on the mellower side of things, but been sitting on this one for a long time.   I had posted one of my favorites off his One Foot In The Grave and promised I’d legitimately do a post on him.  That tune is well worth listening to and if you’ve ever felt like an idiot in a relationship…you will relate,
Beck – Asshole
You can tell by his music that Beck is a trippy mofo but I don’t think that’s an act, you can read his bio at my usual questionable source Wikipedia.  In the article it talks about Beck signing to Geffen (DGC) for less $$$ than other big labels had offered him so that he could have more creative control, which is kinda cool because he has all kinda releases on the smaller independent labels (as both the 7″s I’ve posted are) like Flipside, K, and Bongload Records.  I guess he was born into Scientology, which I’ve read a lot of negative stuff about, but I really know nothing about the “religion” (future internet wandering topic).  Johnny Cash himself must have had at least a little respect for the guy as he covered one of the tracks off one of his early records, Stereopathic Soulmanure,
Johnny Cash – Rowboat
This first single has three very different tunes.  “Loser” was the “hit” that made it for him, but you know what, rightly so because it’s a damn good song…I mean it.  The guitar work is killer, the drums are right there, but fuck, lyrically the guys is a genius.  Seemingly meaningless musings that for me (maybe too much acid) makes sense,

“Forces of evil on a bozo nightmare
Ban all the music with a phony gas chamber
’cuz one’s got a weasel and the other’s got a flag
One’s on the pole, shove the other in a bag
With the rerun shows and the cocaine nose-job
The daytime crap of the folksinger slob
He hung himself with a guitar string
A slab of turkey-neck and it’s hangin’ from a pigeon wing
You can’t write if you can’t relate
Trade the cash for the beef for the body for the hate
And my time is a piece of wax fallin’ on a termite
who’s chokin’ on the splinters”

As Cheech and Chong would say, that’s some good shit.  “Alcohol”, the whole emotion of the song reminds me of being a miserable  24/7 drunk…  Now “Fume”, there’s a tune, the guitar in the chorus is almost exactly what it sounds like after a hit of nitrous…maybe if there was a bit more of a helicopter sound.  Play it till the end.


I’ve gone on and one…this is another early one, the one above was his 3rd 7″, this is his 6th.  “Steve Threw Up” is hilarious, while “Mutherfucker” has the hard edge that I initially wanted out of this post (next time we will tear shit up).  Enjoy

Steve Threw Up



Rocket From The Crypt – Plays The Music Machine 5″

Tripouttaniss (haha, love this GIF!)…is the Colbert Report considered liberal media?  Never really looked at media as being left or right wing, as it is it’s own beast, selling sensationalism and not concerned with any kind of social responsibility.  I guess these days though with Fox on the right and MSNBC on the left, the news can be a little more black and white.  Fascist and Communist…hahaha. Love the Colbert Report though where anything political is fair game, left or right, and open to being exposed for it’s hypocrisy and fallacy.  Actually a fan of satire in general because we can find humor in just about everything we do, although I guess we can find our lives/points of view to be a pathetic travesty as well.  This is a good week for optimism though because a jaded view of humanity can become a burden and it gets boring to listen to someone bitching all the time.  It has warmed up here in the sparsely populated, desolated, isolated, pseudo wasteland that is Northwest Kansas and the snow has all but melted.  The guy I get hay from thinks the worst of winter is over, but of course being the pessimist that I am, I feel like we haven’t paid yet for the fact that winter got such a late start.  Life is like that too, when it’s been especially hard you look for that light at the end of the tunnel that signals that you crossed over to the other side.  On the other hand when things are going great you’ve got to be careful and not let your guard down because that’s when the shit will hit the fan.  To use an AA cliche, “one day at a time” right?  In case you’re a “friend of Bill W.” or you’re looking to be enlightened/entertained, check this out for 400 AA Slogans!

Music imitates life too…I guess people imitate music as well.  Lately I’ve been “spinning” a lot of garage music.  I don’t know too much about the mid 60’s garage scene, except that maybe on ebay, when a guy is trying to sell a record and he puts in the description that it’s garage, you can count on him adding another $10 to the starting price (same thing if you list it as “Northern Soul”).  I suppose as a genre, historically those bands are considered proto-punk and in the late 70’s early 80’s you see a garage revival thing going on.   First thing I think of is the Cramps, the masters.  My bro Jefe mentioned The Music Machine in the comments on a Troggs post a while back…felt like I should have heard of these guys a long time ago, but I’m no expert and the day you stop learning is the day they may as well cut off your oxygen.  “Dig” Music Machine, have them on the ebay radar, but in the meantime have downloaded everything I can find..their hit,
Talk Talk
slightly lesser known, but still two killer tunes
Masculine Intuition
miraculously that little bit of garage sweetness somehow led to another little diddy, by an equally killer band,
The Seeds – Pushin’ Too Hard
be sure to check my buddy Peter’s Killed By Death Records you get a punk cover of that one.
Go figure that the 60’s garage sound was popular and influential in the late 70’s, early 80′. Pogue’s frontman Shane McGowan’s earlier band the Nips (aka Nipple Erectors) had a sock full 60’s padlocks to split your head open to.   On a side note,,,Mr. McGowan is proof positive that some can be sloppy shit faced 24/7 drunks for 30+ years and somehow maintain (not me), anyway…’66 garage done in ’70 punk rockness,
The Nips – All The Time In The World
In 1984 the Damned did an album (and a 7″) under the name Naz Nomad & the Nightmares, a bunch of covers and a couple of originals that are worth some time for you reckless 60’s junkies who know how to dance “the jerk”.
She Lied (the Bittersweet cover)
Action Woman (the Litter cover)

So on the Music Machine tip we have Rocket From The Crypt. Saw them play at least once in San Diego (The Casbah), but the memories are hazy as apparently they did not withstand the brain cell genocide associate with being excessively drunk, or maybe they just didn’t impress me that much.  Reflecting on that, up to a point I sure had a blast partying, but damn, what’s the point of being pass out drunk, you can’t even remember if you had a good time.  On the other hand maybe “remembering” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.   Saw a hell of a lot of bands over the years, but for the most part I don’t remember if they were good, who played with them or even who I was with, sometimes.  Anyway this 5″ EP is from 1995 and to be honest with you it’s alright, but the originals (up there) just have something more authentic and original, obviously…still cool though.  This is what I’ve been listening to so…

Just so you can get a sense of the “real” Rocket from the Crypt (and it’s kinda worth it), here’s two tunes (originals) from these guys off their first LP “Paint as Fragrance” in 1991…

Jamaica 69 – Matehuala Rides Again 7″

Life is good…just got done re-alphabetizing my records (no small feat), which reminds me of taking my own mental inventory. A seemingly linear thing to do but there’s something holistic about that, worthy of a ceremonial puff of tobacco.   Digressing…was checking out some of my favorite sites similar to this one and was admiring their short but sweet take on the music, something if you’ve spent any time around here, I have a hard time doing. An obstacle (which is what the word “sin” means) to enjoying this place, how I seem to enjoy reading my own writing.  I work with people who enjoy the sound of their own voices and I don’t like that…

Heard a double shot of the Kinks on the radio the other day, two tunes worth sharing from these pre-punksters.   The first, their 1966 classic, describing people you probably know, maybe even your Dad (sorry for the shitty sounding rip),
The Kinks – A Well Respected Man
The second, this version recorded live 20 years later about the shared hatred of two brothers, but I think we can relate to as a general point of view,
The Kinks – Hatred (a duet)

Stumbled across these sites, 420 Music Blog (a lot more musical variety than the blog title suggests) and LBC 90804.  Was actually looking for some live bootleg Sublime stuff and encountered a band from my past, Slightly Stoopid.  Saw those guys play in San Diego in the late 90’s and was blown away (got in a fight with my then girlfriend after the show partying with the band because I felt like she was getting too flirty with the singer…I was stupid when I was drunk). Anyway these guys have some obvious influences like Operation Ivy/Rancid, Sublime/Long Beach All Stars and I guess that whole punk/hardcore/reggae/ska thing in general. Kinda fit well with well with the main band for this post.  These tunes are off their 1996 self titled album on Brad Nowell’s Skunk Records, their best in opinion because it’s got the most hardcore injected into it.
slightly stoopid – operation
slightly stoopid – opportunities
slightly stoopid – stop
slightly stoopid – american man
As I said, what I was looking for was some live Sublime, so here’s a taste of that,
Sublime – Saw Red
Sublime – Pool Shark-Myage-z-man
“Now I’ve got the needle
and I can’t bleed, but I can’t breathe.
Take it away and I want more and more
One day I’m gonna lose the war”
…speaking of dead junkies, I stumbled across this interesting site,
Fuller Up: The Dead Musician Directory
…then Hudley Flipside mentioned another better site on that same topic,
Dead Punk Stars

This record goes out to my good bro Alex. A tall glass of water and a wide cup of coffee to the memories of skanking away. Alex was the skank master…have you put on your dancing shoes in a while. This also goes out to the RA in the dorms that told you and Gilbert to turn off your “hat dancing music”. What I expected when I got this was some Mexican ska from the year 1969, but this 7″ was recorded in 2003. The other down side to it was that it had  two massive warps.  Warps so huge I thought for sure it would not be playable, but I think it sounds okay.  On the upside this is some VERY sweet 60’s Jamaica styled ska (that may not be favorable to some).  I know nothing about Jamaica 69 except that they take me to back to those carefree times of limited responsibility and hanging out with the homeboys.


Mi Generacion

Rudy Enamorado

Se Acabo El Amor

Sexy Reggae

Edit: Not quite as short of a post as I thought it was going to be.

Filth / Submachine – This Is Why We Are The Drunks split 7″

einsteinEDIT: This is not the original animated gif that was inserted here, that was lost to the ravages of time, more specifically the switch from my own dot come website to a wordpress…it is what it is. Einstein will have to do…

Tripottaniss…how do you like this one? There are some real masters at creating these GIFs out there, it makes it a real pleasure to steal them and use them for my own purposes (non-profit of course). I have Photoshop, just need to learn how to use it.  On a side note, but maybe the most important thing said on this post, gotta thank y’all for all the comments on the last post, I really enjoy the interaction. The final outcome may not be mind blowing, but I put a lot of work into every post so…thanx!

I know I complain about the weather every once in a while round here (small talk, ya know), but bear with me.  This morning at 7am I went outside (we don’t smoke in the house, people tell me it makes the house smell, I wouldn’t know) for my morning ritual of a smoke with a cup of coffee.  Noticed that it was pretty damn cold out with a heavy wind, but you know how things are when you just get up (hazy).  Apparently it was -10f outside with a wind chill of -30f.  I know it’s colder in other places in the world, people throughout the history of humankind have had to deal with it and worst of all there’s folks that have to go out and work in it.  I spent about an hour doing chores and decided that fuckin wind taught me what my limit was.

A whole generation of kids that will not end up learning to play real or even their own music. They need to invent a game where you plug a real guitar into (that could be my million dollar idea).

We talk about movies sometimes around here and wanted to HIGHLY recommend a flick called, Winter’s Bone.  Not what I expected or one of the genres my wife and I usually watch, but this one was intense.  The roles of men and women, the culture, how people look at the future, the subtle brutality of the characters, the blunt dialog…damn. Must see movie, check that out.

Did Gary Numan’s “Cars” a couple of posts back and my buddy Shawn mentioned a cover of the tune, not necessarily as being good, but just that it existed,

Found another cover of sorts, a live version with Mr. Numan on vocals…
Nine Inch Nails – Cars (with Gary Numan, London 7.15.09)

It’s been a while since we explored this territory, but thought it was about time for some more Filth. A long while back, we had their first 7″ Live the Chaos and also a track from the There’s a Faggot in the Pit comp (along with some tracks I picked up here and there). If you’re a fan of Filth do yourself and them a favor and go pick up some of their stuff at Alternative Tentacles. This 7″ has never been repressed and the Filth tracks are what you’d expect from their special brand of abrasiveness. The big surprise on this thing is Submachine or at least that first shredding track. If you listen to one tune on this post make it “Suicide Drive”.

I don’t know much else, this was released on CI Records in 1994. That’s enough babbling for this post, listen to the music.



Dear Fuck


Suicide Drive


Bonus Beer Song (duh)

Couldn’t find the split in it’s entirety on Fucking YT, but I thought the Filth discography made a nice substitute and some damn good listening…