Victims of War – demo tape

This is an almost exact representation (his mannerism, the look on his face, how it leaves him off balance) of my salute to the human race (and hopes for a Happy New Year).  Now what movie is that from…I know I’ve seen it?  The title of this tune off the Bullshit Detector comp from 1980 fits the emotion perfectly,

Counter Attack – Don’t Wanna Fight For You.  Ha, ha, maybe we aren’t hopeless.

Back to work after a holiday…
uncomfortably familiar mountains of paper work…
logging every action down to the minute I complete on the computer, with my somewhat slow, limited typing skills, to be reviewed by some horrendously overworked government agency…
speaking to burnt out government agents who have dealt with rude people for so long that they have now perfected the art of being rude…
coworkers who have delusions of being Oscar winners and instead have turned the office and day center into the ugliest of dramas that makes even day time soap operas seem tame and rational…
and even still I love taking care of those details in life that most of us take for granted for a portion of our population that simply can not do those things, being an advocate. Grateful to be welcomed back with issues of bedding, bed sores, bed pans, bed wetting and bed bugs (or are they carpet beetles, a subtle yet important difference).

My buddy Billy from Greece (read up on what’s going on there, maybe where the world is headed) posted some Extreme Noise Terror not too long ago that is well worth checking out and sent me on a couple days worth of listening to all kinds of their stuff.  Way back when I posted Holocaust In Your Head and Peel Sessions, which definitely aren’t as rare but are still well worth checking out. In his post he mentioned a pre-ENT band called Victims of War that he posted on his other site (workaholic). Been really diggin on that early 80’s UK hardcore thing so this was a pleasant surprised I cheated on this post (as I did with the last one) because I’m just reposting what he posted except that I separated the one long mp3 into tracks (there was no cover for the tape so I did my cheesy attempt at graphic for the cover). I know cheating, but what the hell, it’s what I’ve been listening to recently. Happy New Year.

Didn’t Fight For You


Wild Youth

Power & Greed


Anti Government

Police System

Death Row


Christ on Parade

Well the computer at home is officially dead, or at least the hard drive is.  It’s a blow to what has become a way of life for me, at least in part.  Considering all the bullshit going on in the world and what other people might really call a tragedy, it’s pretty minor I guess.  A friend of ours loaned us a beat up old computer that her brother in law pieced together, and it has Windows XP like my old one, but the RAM on it is not enough to support that operating system.  Can you say slow?  …or maybe a better way to say it is, slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.  I’m a spoiled SOB so dial up speeds are a test of my patience.  Worst part though…NO SOUND = NO MUSIC.  Not sure what to do except start saving the change…ha, ha.  Anyway, I started this post with the old machine, so the songs were already uploaded (another thing I will not be able to do) and most of the text was done.  Thanx though to those of you who sympathized with my dilemma, my Mustard Relics loved ones.

So what do yall think of WikiLeaks? Those maniacs are sure stirring the pot. I haven’t read anything they’ve “leaked” but they must be onto something if they’ve got the heads of state around the world running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Not sure if it’s a threat to security, whatever the fuck that means, but too many secrets are not good, somebody might actually figure out that “they’re” up to something.

With Christmas on the way, I thought I’d represent with what some might say was the opposite in the classic good versus evil battle.  Actually the fundamentalist types around here and elsewhere are always talking about the Devil being outside somewhere, they call him/her/it, the “enemy”.  In what has for the most part been fruitless discussions with these so called Christian (as you may already know, I am the only true Christian), I have been know to say, if your worried about the devil, he’s right there, and I point at their heart.  I have nothing against Christmas, I celebrate the season in my own way, but my wife likes to have the Christmas tree up.  Actually I’ve read and studied quite a bit about the subject and find it pretty interesting.  What sucks is the commercialization, but that’s a no brainer right?  I feel like I’m the only one complaining though when they’re already trying to sell you shit before we’ve even done Thanksgiving.  There’s not one aspect of human life that isn’t commercialized or for sale, I think about that every time I see bottled water.  So anyway, to satisfy your raw black metal drum machine craving (you know, at times black metal can really push my superstitious nature, but other times it just sounds silly, you be the judge). This might make you grin,
Haat – Branding Iron

WARNING: Not one song on this post was ripped from a piece of plastic/wax/polyvinyl chloride that I have in my possession, everything was “found” (I’m like Columbus, a discoverer) on the net.  There’s a ton of records around the house begging to be highlighted here, but damn it I felt like doing a Christ on Parade post.  If you haven’t heard them before look into some of their records, especially the two LPs, fucking out of this world good band.   The LPs and 7″s I have, have been posted a million times in various places.  Found some pre-CoP stuff and a demo a while back, and felt they needed to be represented here.  First though, just to get us in the mood, I found some stuff that I thought was interesting and worth listening to.  These more recent bands exhibit CoP-ism or are CoP-esque.  Not sure if they were influenced by or even have ever heard CoP, but for one reason or another you can hear it in their music.
El Dopa – Slave
Empty Grave – No Friends
Under Al Kritik – Insomnia (live)
It’s All Gonna End – Stupid Stupid

As I said a while back I found a band called Teenage Warning which featured two members of CoP.  Apparently there was a 7″ released of their 1983 demo, but that’s long out of print.  You can find the whole thing plus some other stuff here, here and here.  Some raging hardcore worth your time,
Teenage Warning – No War
Teenage Warning – Flash, Duck And Cover
Teenage Warning – Thoughts of War
Just for purposes of comparison, here’s the later Christ on Parade album versions of two of those tunes.
Thoughts of War

In 1986, Christ on Parade released a demo and for part of the same reason I dig the Teenage Warning stuff is that I get to hear tunes that I’ve been familiar with for a long time but in earlier, rougher, (better?) versions. I’ve long since forgotten which blog I got these tunes, but a thankyou goes out to the faceless individual who initially shared these (and probably just got it off of a file sharing site themselves).  With that, I’ve babbled on enough and turned this into another boring mega post, when what you should do is just trip out on how good this music is.

For Your Viewing Pleasure

No Truth


Land Lord Song

Drop Out

Another Country

Chaos Breeder

…still fucked…

“…and these are the Days of Our Lives.”  My own personal drama unfolding.  REALLY don’t like being without the computer, know all yall can relate.  I’m on the one at work now, but that doesn’t count, because I do all kinds of shit on the one at home and this one is being “watched”.  It’s all about the music.  Spent all weeekend trying to get to the bottom of it, talking to various tech types, making headway, only to get zapped back to square one.  I don’t have the cash to take it in and I kinda feel like if I did they would just make me pay to hear the words, “you’re fucked”.  Thanx for all the comments guys.  I’m thinking about doing a Mustard Relics telethon here to see if “we” can’t get some donations for a new one, ha, ha. My love affair with this machine may be over (I know I’m being dramatic).  I dedicate this song to that infernal machine (GREAT early punk tune if you didn’t here it the first time around).

Technical Difficulties

The computer is fucked at home right now and I didn’t want the five of you that read/listen to my shit, to stop coming round.  Apparently viruses can attach themselves to something healthy and critical in your hard drive, and when you delete the virus it takes that little piece of important with it.  People who create these things are slimey little bastards.  I have several cool posts (at least I think they are) in the works, which I can’t wait to wrap up.  Can’t even listen to records right now because I’ve got the turntable running through the computer.  In the meantime, my buddy Sang mentioned Crass (actually Steve Ignorant and the Stratford Mercenaries doing a Crass tune), and I’ve got a post coming up featuring them in the future, so I thought I’d share a tune for yall to mull over.  Really a cold war relic of a song, anticipating nuclear annihilation as many of us did in the early 80s.  We can’t forget though that life on the planet is still only a push of the button from being erased, after all, the missles still exist and are patiently waiting to be deployed (blow the shit out of everything).  The bombs of today though are the car, roadside, suicide, etc. bombs that have changed life on the planet in a different way.  If you don’t believe me go to the airport.  Anyway, I love this tune and even though the bass is a little heavy in the live mix, the bassline is simple perfection.

They’ve Got A Bomb