Melt Banana – a 7″, a 6″, and…

Wanted to thank all the regulars for the great comments in the last post.  As I said there, comments are the food that keeps this place alive.  Amazing how such little text (as profoundly inspirational as it was) could make that happen.  A friend, who doesn’t seem to come around here anymore (where are you Fernando?), once called this place a cafe and I’ve always dug that.  What good is a cafe though if there aren’t fellow music lovers to have coffee and shoot the shit with (it’s that damn facebook or maybe it’s just the content).  You can even smoke here, probably one of the few places in the US where you can still smoke indoors.  If you are one who comes here and doesn’t comment and obviously choose to read all this bullshit (what you want, I’m trying to get a medal for humility), COMMENT!  If you want to share a ride, help me out with some gas.  “Ass, grass, gas.  Nobody rides for free.”

For those of you, like myself, who are easily amused,
Spongebob Bowling. Ha, ha, another reason to be someplace else besides here.

Picked up some CDs at the Goodwill, in the big town, and for a buck forty nine each (perfect for my hobo pocketbook) I felt like I scored.  A couple of later Butthole Surfers later LPs (that song Pepper is cool, they deserved to make some money after all the craziness they’ve shared over the years), a Vaselines anthology (80’s college indie-rock at it’s finest), an X double CD anthology thing with all kinds of early demo and live stuff and Tom Waits’ Rain Dogs.  It seemed like everybody and his brother dug him in the 90’s.  With his scene with Iggy Pop in Coffee and Cigarettes, it is a must watch flick.  My favorite tune from Rain Dogs is,

Tom Waits – Clap Hands

Not sure what everyone else does in front of the computer, maybe you’re the dick in hand type (a very noble past time).  For me it’s all about having 5 or 6 tabs, a couple of folders and maybe an application or two open, multitasking, but always with some music playing through my stock, built into the monitor speakers (it’d be wise to upgrade I think).  When I play records even it is through the computer, which displaces that analog experience somewhat (you still get the snap, crackle, pop), but I don’t have an extra turntable to hook up to my stereo. I wish I was sophisticated enough to discern the difference but my ears are damaged and I never had much of and ear for that anyway.  Along those lines, got a bunch of cool Humboldt 80’s demo type stuff from Little Jimmie the other day, so expect that along with a Crutch 7″ to show up in a post here soon.  Something I’ve been spinning (and hard-driving) a lot of lately, is Melt Banana.  I’m no expert on how a band is classified into genres or even the names of all of them, but everyone seems to call them noise rock.  In my over-simplification of things, I just call them hardcore.   Sort of connected to Humboldt in a way, by that out of this world live I posted a while back, Live at the Vista 1998.  If you don’t believe me, check out a sample, Melt Banana – Circle Jerk, or this Dead Kennedys cover (that my burned out brain will not let me remember the title of).  I’ve also posted their, split with the Locust.  I’ve always been amazed by the guitar work of Agata.  With his mastery of effects and stretching what you can get a guitar to do, it’s sometimes hard to believe there isn’t a synthesizer in there somewhere.  Anyway…

This one, aside from the music just being over the fucking top, as everything they do, I dig for the label it’s on, Slap-a-Ham Records.  I have a lot of the stuff from that label but I wouldn’t mind having everything they ever put out.  This one is an early one for MB, 1995, but from the beginning it was obvious they weren’t bullshitting around.  I know from experience that if you’re going to like anything by this band, you are going to have to be down with Yasuko’s voice.  If you can’t groove to her then this post is useless.  On this one give the first tune a spin but let it go about 40 seconds, past the intro, for it to get rolling.


Seesaw Semiology

Cough Coughed Coughing

Q For Quinine

Bird Like Monkey Part 2 (calling on the Cliff)

Least Clipper

Baby Buggy Spitted

Drill the Dentist


Once again, aside from the incredible, albeit short list of tunes, on this one, I like that it’s a 6″.  Not a whole lot of music fits onto a 6″ 45, but you should see their 5″ splits with Xerobot and Fatomas.  This one’s 7 years newer and as time goes on you get the feeling they get more refined and experimental (if that combination is possible).


Get the Head Back


Neck on B1

A while back I got a live session from these guys on the net (can’t remember which site, sorry) and in my never ending effort to overdo things, I thought I’d present that as well.  I broke it up into tracks or groups of tracks the best I could, without taking anything away, so I could post direct links, for your listening pleasure.  I’m too lazy and my memory’s too jacked up to remember song titles so… If I’m not mistaken it’s Dave Witte, of Discordance Axis (et. al.) on drums.  You MUST listen to the first track, and be amazed.

Melt Banana – Brighton 30-10-2003-01

Melt Banana – Brighton 30-10-2003-02

Melt Banana – Brighton 30-10-2003-03

Melt Banana – Brighton 30-10-2003-04

Melt Banana – Brighton 30-10-2003-05

Melt Banana – Brighton 30-10-2003-06

Melt Banana – Brighton 30-10-2003-07

Melt Banana – Brighton 30-10-2003-08

Melt Banana – Brighton 30-10-2003-09

Melt Banana – Brighton 30-10-2003-10

Melt Banana – Brighton 30-10-2003-11


Black Sabbath – Into The Void b/w After Forever

Was having a smoke at work today and saw this bug on the sidewalk. A tiny little thing with huge antenna that he was using to feel around on the concrete, seemingly, walking around in circles. I got up real close and asked him what he was looking for.  All of a sudden he jumped up, and flew away. I didn’t know he could fly.

BS-ITVShort and sweet this time, with no wining and carrying on, a’ite? A nice follow up to the last post, I think, with this bootleg I got a while back. I probably paid too much for it, as you know, I’m poor and as a result a tight wad, but damn it I just don’t have too many Sabbath 7″s (and you really can’t have too many). A pretty sweet audience recording of two tunes from Master of Reality, played live before the album was released. Alternate lyrics even.
The sleeve is made to look like an official release from 1971, pictured at left, featuring the songs “Into the Void” and “Black Sabbath”.  I fucking love every member of this band and the sound they created. My old band grout did a cover of “Into the Void” that I really enjoyed playing even though it may not have been a joy to listen to.  If for no other reason  than to have seen these guys in their prime, I should have been born 10 years earlier (except then I’d be in my 50’s now). Damn. Live January 14th 1971, City Hall, Sheffield, England

Into the Void
After Forever

EDIT: Took down those direct links to those two songs a while back, BS has a whole gang of copyright police hunting down folks “sharing” their music, so go get your shit on itunes! or spotify or some other similar avenue. In the meantime the whole set (I was two years and 7 days old when that gig happened) is up at fucking youtube…

Black Sabbath – Paranoid

A FUNK! That’s what I call this mood I’ve been in now for a couple of weeks. Depressed, down in the dumps, the doldrums, bummed out, debased, debilitated, daunt, discouraged, scorned, weighed down, etc. (I used that thesaurus Brian recommended). I’m sure I’m not alone in getting that way sometimes and at the very least, most imperfect people, can relate. Funny thing about it is that I’m a moody bastard and sometimes there’s a reason for that shit, sometimes not. When I was a young man it was usually about boo-hooing over some failed relationship. These days it seems to be more of a chemical imbalance I suppose. I’ve grown up some over the years, I might even say wizened (a little), so that when I get into that mood I stay away from the self pity. It’s a plain and simple fact that half the fuckers in this world have it a lot worse than me or you. Kind of something your Mom would say if you were going to waste food. Famine, civil war, genocide, oppression, blatant corruption, true poverty and a REAL sense of hopelessness is what most of the OTHER selfish, greedy, opportunistic, cannibals face daily. I have all my limbs, all five sense, a job that pays the bills and meets not just my needs but some of my wants as well, and for the most part my wits, so I don’t have anything to slow me down.  The only thing I’m a victim of is myself and my own choices.  Yet here I am in my little FUNK and maybe I haven’t learned anything because going back to my teenage days, when whatever hormones make us emotional, kicked in, and I discovered that sensation.  When depressed I listen to depressing music. Kind of like when your emotions are at their worst for whatever reason and you go out and get drunk, in other words take a depressant.  Almost a masochistic thing. I’ll start you off with a couple of classics,
The Cure – Boys Don’t Cry
The Smiths – How Soon Is Now
Any favorites you guys have for those woe-is-me moments (they don’t have to be that failed love crap)?  The thing to do isn’t to get drunk or listen to that sappy stuff, it’s to take a stimulant.  Go out and get yourself an eightball of some coke or speed, and live it up.  Put some early DRI on the MP3 player and dodge traffic on the freeway. Actually my bro Brian took it to a righteous level and requested this one…
Fishbone – Everyday Sunshine

paranoidHaven’t done a “Top Ten All Time” thing in a long time (and actually by the time things are said and done here at MR, I hope to have a top 13 or 14). If you don’t have this album in some way, shape or form, I really don’t know what to say.  Disappointment would be my first thought, especially if you claim to be a lover of music. Like a junkie and his tar, you MUST have this record. My first exposure to it was from my Mom’s best friend and 60’s/70’s party buddy. She bought the record brand new when it first came out, which was no surprise as my Mom and her didn’t dabble in the mainstream very much when it came to music. I was of course blown away and got my own gatefold copy from the used bin in about 1979. The music, the words, the whole vibe fit me in a way that my old Taco Bell uniform never did. A light in the darkness.  Not a woe-is-me thing, but a brooding anger.  Each member is special in their own right.  There is an almost imperceptible difference as far as which one is my favorite, this one or the first self titled LP.  They are two completely different albums and normally I would pick the earliest recording but in this case Paranoid was my introduction to the band.   Plus there were more songs, so I felt like I was getting something more from the band.  This is one of those albums, which to me is great from beginning to end, not one bad or weak tune.  Sabbath for me ended in about 1975 and as much as I dig Dio, there is no Black Sabbath without Ozzy and Ozzy just didn’t cut it for me on his own, even with the legendary Randy Rhoads.  No light in the darkness.

A little something different this time, I’m not going to give you MP3 files (which would only be for sampling anyway, right?) of something you should be able hold in your greedy little hands.   Everybody and his brother has covered Black Sabbath including my old band Grout.  My original thought was to provide a shit load of covers of each of these tunes so that a guy could trip on the variety of different bands’ take on each tune.  Some covers are lame karaoke type shit without a personal touch but I’ve talked about how I hate that drivel before.  Some tunes, like Rat Salad just aren’t covered that much and in the case of that tune I only found one version.  So rather than give up a shit load of tunes that probably no one is going to take the time to listen to, I picked out two of what I consider are the most interesting or listenable.  In some cases I’ve found a special Black Sabbath version, but nothing from the original album.  Of course nothing comes close to the vibe of the originals.  Many, many musicians have been touched, influenced by and have masturbated to these guys, so take a second to give a few of these tunes a listen.

EDIT: Damn I had a lot of cool tunes in this post, but I took ’em down…if you feel up to the challenge, do some surfing on the web and you could end up spending hours on bands who have given tribute to the mighty Sabbath!  I don’t care how fucking old you are though, pick up a copy of this album (and while you’re at it you may as well pick up the self-titled 1st LP as well)…

Phallacy – No Toilet Paper demo

Yes I do have family members (my cousin Tory) that “noodle” for catfish.  With that, there is no denying where I choose to call home, a whole mountain range, plus some desert away from where I once was.  Not judging or anything ya know just a world away from where I spent most of my life, in cesspools that are called cities. That looks like main street Damar, which is this slowly dying town, population 100 or so, that is about miles from my farm. I know I complain a lot about all kinds of shit, lot of moaning and groaning too, but looking around, the speck I occupy in the cosmos is not too bad (it smells nice too unless I’ve neglected to take a shower).

Another Humboldt installment, this one from a little before my 7 year stay up there.  Really know nothing about these folks, James (a godsend of a musician and long time Humboldt resident) had this to say, “They were only a band in Arc/Eur for 84/85.  They played a few local shows and parties, but I don’t think they opened for any bigger bands.  Spud Dogma played with them quite a few times @ parties on alliance rd where they would have piles of tvs & stuff and people would take turns smashing them with baseball bats, etc in the front yard!”  Some of the tunes are good and others maybe not so much.  Definitely from that time, with more of a punk feel than a hardcore one.  I think my favorite tune is “Phallacy”, then the instrumental “The Annoying One”.  Enjoy another piece of history.

the question
the annoying one
right to die
no toilet paper
dear abbey
the answer

The Buffy Swayze – Manthology

I blew my load on that last post so I’m not really feeling like going into a whole lot of detail in that typical Mustard Relics kind of way (yay!) and sharing all kinds of tid bits and music bites.  I will say though, that sometimes work can just suck the life right out of you and leave you wondering how you manage to do it day in and day out.  Should be more excited I suppose as yesterday made it 5 years since I have wrapped my lips around a bottle of liquor.  Probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done and certainly one of my biggest accomplishments (digging yourself into a hole and then digging yourself out).

(Picture stolen from the apparently dead, Humblog who borrowed it from Bob Doran) Since this is a Humboldt post and Little Jimmy provided the main rip, thought I would share a few tunes by a recent band of his, Buffy Swayze.  Kind of a punky, new wave thing a la 1979, or maybe more of a trippy, surf Bowie-esque grove, what do I know. I need to take a class in how to be more descriptive than “cool”, “dig”, “brutal” and “rockin”.  Don’t think these guys have played in a while, if they were it would be another one of James’ 12 bands. Anyway, “AM at Night” is the “hit” of these for me (some pretty cool stuff).
The Scent of the Opposite Sex
AM @ Night
Good Old USA
Under Your Radar