Siouxsie & The Banshees – Peel Session, 29th November 1977 cassette

We don’t smoke in the house, which is I guess a good thing, odor, smoking less and so on, but God there are times when it would be nice to be able to smoke and be on the computer at the same time.  Anybody got a spare laptop?  😀

There have been many times in my life when this tune was the sum total of my person experience and opinion on relationships.

It’s funny how we feel sorry for ourselves when we’ve been “done wrong” in relationships, yet there’s mostly just a feeling of relief when we are the ones who have “done wrong”.  I guess Suicidal Tendencies really had something going with that first LP as so many of the songs like that one or the “hits”, ‘Institutionalized’ or ‘Subliminal’ were so easy to relate to.  I was very impressed, in what was it, 83 0r 84 when it first came out, but was less impressed with the whole Suicidal gang.  Rat packers, just like every other so called gang of tough guys.  Wish had something rare to share by the band but I’ve just got that LP and ‘Welcome to Venice’, but I’m sure everyone’s heard those.

Not by a long shot do I think I’m unique in sometimes wandering in a seemingly aimless fashion or just plain old dead set on a mission to find something specific on Youtube.  Fucking IMMENSE site with these mysterious saints of the music lover surrounded by masses of idiots.  Sites like my humble Mustard Relics are in a losing battle for the attention of a select few, when confronted by monsters like Youtube and Facebook.  Fuck it, we’ll keep plugging away, knowing that we are morally obligated to persevere.  So I take from monstrous behemoths like Youtube (who profit in the billions and yet I still support them), using a marvelous tool of imaginative pirates like, JDownloader and tear the music right out of the videos.  Not selfishly of course because here they are in semi secrecy for my 5 or 10 friends.  Almost self destructive in a sense because it detracts from the main post/topic but somehow it all makes sense and is cohesive in my mind.  So…

I was in a folk mood the other day and ran across this one (Punk way before punk was born),
Pete Seeger – What Did You Learn In School
To the right there on the Youtube page, whenever you watch a video, you get suggestions and ran across another piece of Pete Seeger deepness.
Pete Seeger – Which Side Are You On
Needless to say (as you read on or not) I took that song and beat it to death all over Youtube.  For a while there when I was a 24/7 drunk, before I said fuck it and bought my liquor by the fifth or the half gallon, I enjoyed those little airplane (single shot) bottles hooch.  When I was desperate I would take 20 or 30 of those, so called empties, and turn them upside down over a glass until the last little leftover drops were free of the tiny bottles.  If I had enough, it might add up to a shot, or enough to take a little bit of the edge off until the liquor store opened up.  What better song to collect drops of to add up to one decent drink, with it’s socialist leaning even as masses of ignorant accuse “our” president of being a Socialist.  I’m still not a big fan of the guy but then again there would have to be a drastic change (you might say revolutionary) in the figure in general. They were different times back then, but as long as there are gluttonously wealthy people, a fair wage for whatever it is that people are doing to help those people get that way, it will always be relevant.  The song wasn’t written by Mr. Seeger, but by a woman named Florence Reese. A hundred tons of emotion and passion in a simple tune like that, here’s the lyrics.  As I’ve done before, once I’ve found the original, I want to hear other groups do their take on a tune. I posted a tune by these guys before, from the Give ‘Em The Boot 2 comp. Their take on it is kind of what you’d expect kind of a pub chant, working class Oi! kind of thing which in this case works for me.
Dropkick Murphys – Which Side Are You On
They do it in their live sets apparently too.
Dropkick Murphys – Which Side Are You On (live)
I’ve never strayed into the Natalie Merchant camp, but she does have a VERY pretty voice. Kind of a Joan Baez folky hippy kind of thing. More sad than a call to action.
Natalie Merchant – Which Side Are You On
Her live version just doesn’t sound as good as the studio one.
Natalie Merchant – Which Side Are You On (live)
This Greek lady, I think, has a perty voice too but now that I think about it I’m not sure that’s what the song calls for.
Νατασσα Μποφιλιου – Which Side Are You On
This rap tune samples the chorus, of I don’t know who’s version. Not bad if you dig rap and kinda cool because in a distant way, it stays with the theme, in that they are dissatisfied with the status quo.
Rebel Diaz – Which Side Are You On
These guys kind of have a fun version and have changed the lyrics to make it more about the system and poke a little fun at hippies at the same time.
Wahoo Skiffle Crazies – Which Side Are You On
This is easily one of my favorites, Billy Bragg changes the lyrics to give it an English twist and electrifies it, with the end result of nailing it.
Billy Bragg – Which Side Are You On (1985) Germany
This next one was from a KXLU thing called “Demolisten”, you L.A. heads should be familiar with that historic Loyola Marimount radio station. These guys blew me away with their self described “L.A. Folk Death”. I apologize for the low quality of the rip, I take em as I get em.
Los Duggans – Which Side Are You On (live on demolisten KXLU)
Got diverted after that one and had to check out some more by those guys at their site appropriately called, Los Duggans. Do yourself a favor and listen to this rager and then go get their CD like I’m going to.
Los Duggans – Poor Boy in Jail

After doing all that bullshit, basically masturbating in binary, I found out that this site did this in may of this year, FUCK! Oh well I’m drained.

Don’t you just love the clarity of my prehistoric digital camera?  Couldn’t find a scan to steal so as you’ve seen before that’s what you get.  Ah, Siouxsie, the stuff teenage crushes are made of.  Less lustful than say the blue ball infatuation of Wendy O. Williams, but of course the music and the musicians themselves are mountains more than that.  This was/is some serious shit.  I only saw The Banshees once, much later than this in 1987, during their Peek -A-Boo tour.  Insanely good and a contrast because I had seen Yellowman the previous night at the same venue in Berkeley, California.  Even though I was with a woman I was seeing at the time (long story), I was mesmerized.  More than that was that they put on an out of this world performance.  Songs from every record up to that point and it all came out perfect (maybe it was just the super high quality bud I had, and shared at both shows). I have most of what Siouxsie officially put out whether it be with the Banshees or the Creatures, but not really any rarities. In high school it was mostly the Bau Haus, Jesus & Mary Chain, Love & Rockets crowd that was into her, but I always figured that her roots were punk so I wouldn’t have to answer to the punk rock rule writers. Stopped following her 10 or 15 years ago so I don’t know what made me put this one on the plate today. You can get all this from the recently released ‘Siouxsie and the Banshees at the BBC’ 3 CD/1 DVD set, so I’m not really providing with you much more than a sample of some of my favorite stuff. Dig it or don’t.


Not like I haven’t babbled on enough so we’ll keep this short. Stumbled upon these a while back, I can’t remember which site, the ‘Love in a Void’ take on this is well worth it. Later.

Track Studios 1977

20th Century Boys

Capitain Scarlet

Love in a Void




La Grenuda – Fast Girls, Fast Living 7″

The makeshift skate park in the garage, pretty much the only concrete slab for miles.  I’ll miss my boy until I see him again next summer.

Just noticed this the other day when another site I visit on occasion mentioned he had done it as well, but my hit counter on the bottom right column has passed the 100,000 mark.  What that number measures is unique IP addresses, which means two things; 1. that’s a lot of fuckers who have come by to share my mundane insanity, and 2. that’s a lot of fuckers who didn’t leave a comment, except for the spam-bots.  Not as many as some of the uber-blogs but not too bad for some burn out from California living in NoWhere Kansas.  A couple other numbers,
291 posts (10 more and we’ll have a Super Sabado Gigante Celebration)
11,849 comments (9,188 were spam)
2,660 approved comments (half of those mine, just being glad there are visitors)

I don’t know what it is about Black Metal that I dig, especially the lo fi stuff.  After all I am the ONLY person that REALLY understands Christianity.  It goes back to the early Venom and Slayer days, and reading Anton LaVey, but I realized even then that in the music, it was just a pose, a show.  Silly really, spandex and Satan.  Until recently, when Jason at Lo-Res Viscera turned me onto Bone Awl, I hadn’t really followed the scene. Had to read what the infallible Wikipedia had to say about Black Metal.  Missed the whole 90’s Norwegian white power thing.  I guess I have to plead a little ignorance because when you take it seriously how do you rationalize a Judeo/Christian/Muslim concept like Satan and Paganism.  There must be a connection but I’m missing it.  I understand the animosity, after all, Christianity has a black history of it’s own, but for me the worst thing about it is it’s followers, their manipulation and interpretation.  All that aside, I have no idea what they’re singing about, but these guys remind me of the Black Metal Discharge.
Malveillance – Just Fuck Off

In an almost comical contrast (silly man = silly thoughts, words), found some more versions of the song “Mad World” if anyone’s interested.  Maybe if you’re as dorky as I am you can add them to the mix on your MP3 player. If you want to hear a very pretty female voice (going with the main theme of this post), the Alex Parks version is beautiful.
Tears for Fears – Mad World (live)
Sara Hickman – Mad World
Jan Wayne – Mad World
Alex Parks – Mad World (Kiwi Version)
Gary Jules – Mad World (live)

Shouldn’t make assumptions based on appearances, but pretty sure these ladies enjoy same sex partners (actually after some research, this and the bands that followed were self proclaimed Dyke bands).  The reality is I could give a fuck about sexuality or whose companionship you seek.  Everyone deserves to be happy.  La Grenuda, which may have some kind of slang meaning, but my Spanish/English dictionary says that it means, “the shaggy”.  Got this record not too long ago on a whim from Ebay and paid more that I usually do for bands I know nothing about.  Not a whole lot of info on this band outta Portland.  I did find this review of this, their one and only 7″, “Two members of La Grenuda are now in The Vegas Beat, a band which was the surprise hit of the Dirtybird Queercore festival this summer. Until the Vegas Beat has a record out, this 7″ is the next best thing. [They now have a full-length out on Candyass.] “Friend” is uptempo and propulsive; “Something’s Wrong” shows a quieter, more introspective side. “Pitfall” starts out with a slow, but driving drum beat and strummed guitar, and slowly builds. (Live Transmission Records) (reviewed 10/96).” My record does not have a date and I couldn’t find it listed anywhere (I suck at web searches I think) so based on this review the record was released some time before 10/96. Vegas Beat as the review says came just after and they have a myspace that seems to still be active. From what I heard of the tunes they have for you there Vegas Beat isn’t too bad, if not a little mellower than La Grenuda.

Team Dresch is another post-LaGrenuda band, that in my humble opinion shreds. A little more sophisticated, especially in terms of the drumming, but still with that hard passion. Grrl Band Geek has a tune they play from the “Free to Fight! Self Defense for Women and Girls” that rocks seriously hard, again with somewhat more sophisticated drumming. The lyrics live up to what you might imagine with a comp of that name, “…Hey that girl’s looking at my butt, wait is that a girl, a boy or what, you’re just the subject of our test, a new form of experiment called lesbian knows best.” Well worth a listen,

Team Dresch – Song for Anne Bannon
Excerpts of the Trans-Mundane has their “Captain My Captain” LP, that gives you more of the same…
Team Dresch – I’m Illegal
Those tunes aside and as good as guitarist Marci Martinez is, there is one that tops them all. The other tunes are just so-so on this 7″ but you MUST listen to “Friend”. The guitar sound on that one is just out of this world.  It’s the first tune…

Something’s Wrong

Muzza Chunka – Fishy Pants cd

06-27-10 (22)The post goes out to a good brother of mine who also is a regular around here, you know who you are. A year younger than me and the cancer has already forced it’s way into his life. Hard to find anybody these days who hasn’t been touched in some way or another by the disease.  It’s all in how you choose to live I guess but I have a feeling some of that shit is forced upon us.  A tall glass of water to the folks makin’ sure you’re around for all of us who love you. Take it easy brother.

Well, the face of summer always changes for me when my son heads back to his “other” home.  We always try to squeeze as much as activity as we can into a 2 month period.  I don’t have as much energy as I used to as I found out when we started working out together.  I gotta say that working out at 40+ is distinctly different than it was when I was doing it in my late teens, early 20’s.  I’m a hell of a lot stronger now, but with 20 extra years of smoking blackening my lungs and maybe another 100 pounds under my belt, let’s just say my stamina sucks (air).  Going to keep hitting the iron but really need to put some time on the bike.  Anybody know what I’m talking about?

With Liam here rap has been spinning or doing whatever it does on the computer, since that’s where his interest lies.  I’m no expert on raising a son but I figure you’ve got to show some interest in what they’re into.  Not much worse than force feeding a mind, but I still tried to get him to eat his broccoli.  Rap wise, these guys were the shit when I was a couple of years older than he was.  Surprisingly he knew what was up, shame I didn’t take the words to heart when I was young.

For some reason this next tune reminds me of the two “craziest” guys that are on my caseload at work.  According to my employer it would be an invasion of their privacy to share their pictures, maybe so but I consider them friends as much as I do clients.  I guess if you did see them it would be clear that their sense of reality is unique.  In my line of work Ken and Andy are what’s called, “dual diagnosed”, meaning they have metal retardation and mental health issues.  I find myself more drawn to the guys who are the most difficult, psychotic, delusional and obsessive.  As much as we enjoy each other’s company on a daily basis, if they had a choice between having a soda/pop and hanging out with me, I would be picked last.  Yellowman and Fathead hit the spot though like a cold soda on a hot day.

Heard this one on the radio the other day and was just amazed.  If you ever want to hear a three piece rock the fuck out blast this one on the stereo.  Funny I probably have 20+ Hendrix LP’s but I have yet to post anything.  Sitting on this one double live bootleg thing from his last LA show at the Forum that I’ll have to get out at some point.  For now tell me you don’t dig this tune and some trivia, manic depression = bi-polar disorder these days.

For the life of me I could not remember a whole lot about when Garden Weasel played with these guys so I asked someone who is not burned out.  Ed had this to say.  “So far as Muzza Chunka, We played with them our last 2 shows, the first in Garberville at the Vet’s hall and second at the Power Station the next night. They had a meaty, chunky, thick, 2-guitar sound, kinda mid-tempo pre-grunge butt rock. All I can remember is that they were really nice guys, from LA. The singer sat with me at Power Station and commented on how they weren’t used to playing all-ages to shows to kids – that they could only get shitty bar gigs in LA. They were happy with the turnout at the Power Station. I know they dug Grimace and maybe had a connection to Arcata via the Bongload Records guys, Thom Rothrock and Rob Shnaff. The bass player had a cool Gibson Explorer bass and I think one of them got lucky with a good-looking waitress I worked with at Golden Harvest cafe in Arcata and I served them all breakfast the next day when they came in. ”  I was listening to this album while I was writing this post, I do that a lot, and it’s not bad, but what little I do remember is that they were tight as fuck live.  Another thing I remember was that show was the furthest we ever played which was about an hour from Arcata/Eureka. Sad. I put Muzza Chunka in the metal category for lack of a better place, maybe hard rock would be better but it seems like I’m bad at categorizing things sometimes.  You be the judge,