Unbiased – アンバイエスト 7″


Liam and I got a kick out of this one.

People around me are  jealous because the voices only talk to me.  But have no fear I will pass along everything I hear.  There’s this new lady here at work that maybe someone can relate to.  A know it all, that even though she’s only been around for a couple of weeks, doesn’t need any training.  As I’ve said before, I work with people who have developmental or are dual diagnosed and have severe mental illness as well.  Like anywhere though, when you’re dealing with people, you have to get to know them and it takes time.  This lady is classic though, on day four she’s already turning people in and telling them how they should deal individuals.  I haven’t really had anything to do with her yet, I’m a little higher on the ladder, but I’m kind of looking forward to my first run in.  Down the hall though, the other day I heard her talking to someone about her “area of expertise”.  Made me laugh hard enough that I’m sure I was heard.  A fucking “area of expertise”?  Classic!  I realize that SOME people actually have an area of expertise, but to hear someone spout that made me want to puke.  How fucking cocky and egotistical.  “Know it all”, is what we called it when we were kids.  Ahh, maybe it’s jealousy.  I know a lot of shit (90% useless) and dabble in a lot of things, a poor excuse for a renaissance man really, but an “area of expertise”?  Well I guess I do…in drug and alcohol use/abuse.  In other words, I am an expert in how to get fucked up.  Better yet, I KNOW how to be a loser.  At the same time thare are lots of people who were better losers than I was, not sure if I spent enough time in that state to qualify as an expert, a masters as opposed to a PHd.  Even though it’s been almost five years, I don’t know if I would say I was an expert on staying clean, still got a ways to go before I get my doctorate in that.  So, I’m a pretty busy guy at work but I think that just to feel better about myself, I’m going to take some time to harrass this lady.

“I smile because I don’t know what’s going on”.

My old friend Alex (shit, about 25 years now) hit me up with some interesting tidbits the other day that are worth sharing here.  If you claim to be a TRUE ladies man, you might be interested in the X-Ray Pin-Up Calendar.  At the very least, a trip and a half. He also shared with me this clip of John Trudell from a much bigger documentary that was done on him (what do you know) called “Trudell”.  I got into what he had to say and now will need to see if I can’t pick up the whole thing.

Theres also another vid someone did with some of his intense poetry, called “Look At Us” that you can follow that up with here. Thanx Alex!

Well now if you follow along here, post to post, in my chaotic jumble of words, thoughts and musings, which everyone should as this place is far superior to anything that has been or will be on the interenet, you already have heard of Unbiased. Even though I’ve had this one for almost 20 years, it was released in ’93, when I gave it a spin a couple of weeks back, I couldn’t tell if it was supposed to be played at 33 or 45 rpm. Sounded good both ways really, but what the fuck do I know. Elliott said that at 33 the vocals sound a bit more human, which left me thinking it sure would be cool if someone did sing that way, just kinda unusually cool. See what I mean, Unbaised – Greedy Human @ 45rpm.  So Shawn and Jay, did a little research on it, found their Myspace and BAM, there it was plain as day.  The last tune they have for your consumption there is the last tune on this 7″, played at 33 rpm.  Mystery solved, and as I am sometimes easily amused, I feel satisfied and somehow the record is now complete.  These guys, outta Japan, didn’t have a whole lot of output, this one that I have, a split with Unholy Grave and a couple tracks on the Thrash Ahoy comp, according to Discogs (which is where I stole these killer scans from, I hope to have a running scanner before too long).  I guess they’re kinda of a grindcore outfit and kinda early on in that genre’s history, but they are one of the more interesting ones.  Not that balls to the wall, non-stop screaming type of thing, they slow it up, just a tiny bit to give you some heaviness and maybe a little more digable to people that might not be down with straight up, generic, grindcore.  Try it out, Greedy Human was my favorite,


Greedy Human

Suck Up

Blast Off

Never Absorb

Buster Halter


unbiased cover copyEDIT: In the interest of being a completest (something I used to take a lot of pride in), here is some more Unbiased stolen directly from Terminal Escape blog

Think About Our Earth

Greedy Humans

Racial Discrimination



Leftovers – Vinyl Taco Session 11/88

06-18-10 (16)Well we’re back in the saddle at my house with Liam here to make sure things are BUSY.  At 13, with 14 around the corner, fucking energy just oozes from his pores.  A four day football camp over at K-State as soon as he got here only amounted to one day of tired.  In the four days since he’s had fishing, BBQing, shooting the BB gun (the side window in my truck was already a casualty), mowing with the riding lawn mower, hanging out with his Kansas friend and practicing his driving on the 20 or so miles of dirt road between our farm and town.  DAMN!  A blast really and just an honor to have him around, the fruit of my loins, ha, ha.  On top of everything else he brought a microphone and as he has been doing in North Carolina he records beats off the internet and does raps over them using Audacity.  As I’ve said I’m very selective about what hip hop music I like, but this is my boy using his creativity, incredible.  Him and his buddies have this thing going called Ice Men and they seem to be cranking out the tunes. They’re actually starting to experiment with their own beats too. Doin’ his papa proud. Needless to say I’m busy, maybe too much so to do this, but fuck, I’ve got a few of you guys that are coming here regularly and I don’t want to lose that.  We’ ll keep the ball rolling in what little bit of free time I have, a’ite?

For a short period of time between when I told my boss to fuck off at my city job and when I became a 24 hour a day drunk druggie, I had my own business.  On the edge really as I was still passing out every night but managed to get a few jobs done.  I called it Hrabe & Son Landscape after Sanford & Son (of course).  They have that show still playing all the time on the TV Land channel but does anybody remember the theme song.  Funky jazzy stuff that’s pretty wild, dig the whole thing,
Quincy Jones – Streetbeater (Sanford & Son theme song)

Leftovers___Color_by_plasma_snakeYou know it’s wild what pops up when you do a random image search for a word like “leftovers”. Stole this fine image from a very interesting site called, Deviant Art.
The artist goes by the name,
Plasma Snake
and if you take a look at his work he definitely works with a theme. All that because the recording I’m sharing with you for now did not come with an image of it’s own, so in the not so random sense I have used my imagination. The fucking LEFTOVERS, another one of Little Jimmy’s things, that he has taken the time to send my way. What a way back when kind of a treat. First local band I saw upon moving up to Humboldt in 1987 and my immediate thought was, this place is going to be a blast. I also remember thinking these guys were drunks but I was pretty drunk myself. A party band, is that better? I guess if you mean did they play parties, yes, that was the scene up in Humboldt, at least a couple a week with live bands, but I think I did see them at a few venues around Arcata too. Not sure if they ever did a tour or played outside of the county, that’s something James will have clue us into,
“Leftovers: 86-89.
Chris Means-vox
Eric Baffert-guitar
James Forbes-bass
John Bishop-drums
leftoversRecorded @ vinyl taco in Arcata in Nov 88. We played so many shows/parties it was ridiculous.  The hardest workin band in show biz…we used to say. Opened for Screaming Trees when they were on SST.  NoMeansNo.  Lawndale. Pop O Pies.  Tusk(a Gwar type show, pre-Gwar, with members of Redd Kross, Painted Willie, etc, an SST thing). Verbal Abuse.  The last 3 were in Garberville!” Vinyl Taco was pretty much the only “real” recording studio around other than KHSU and a few guys around who had 8 and 4 track things. The last place I lived in Humboldt was the house in front as the studio was located in a shed out back. It was run by my landlord, this character named Jeff, and to be honest with you I don’t think he was that good as an engineer. I believe he did the sound on the Garden Weasel 7″. The mix on this one has the vocals up a bit too loud and the bass a bit too low for my taste, but when you have a band as good as the Leftovers, they easily overcome that. My favorite here is “#1 With a Bullet”, check it,

Numbered Days
Back of My Mind
#1 With a Bullet

Dorf – Ransom Note demo

Awful quiet round here, seem to have lost a few of my regulars here at the Mustard Relics cafe.  Comments kind of keep the ball rolling but I really can’t complain so I’ll keep peeing outside until someone tells me to stop.

06-05-10 (2)One thing that reminds me of Humboldt around here and when I do see it I realize that if I wanted to I could be making some serious cash on the side.  I’ve said it before, this shit grows wild here, in this picture it’s just too close to the old chicken coops to mow.  This is not smokable, I tried when I was about 14, this is straight up hemp, for making rope, leftover from the days when that was a crop.  Instant headache as far as smoking, may as well inhale the smoke from a house fire.  You  can thank chemical companies that manufacture nylon (Union Carbide, PPG, et. al.) for it not being a useful crop anymore.  Anybody ever read or heard of The Emperor Wears No Clothes, a good read if Marijuana history is your thing. My California friends tell me though that there you just need a medical marijuana card to be able to buy it at stores they have all over the place, “just look for the green cross”.  Imagine if I put good seed in the ground…oh my, they’d think it was just ditch weed.  I’ve traveled that road though, coffee and cigarettes is plenty for me but for now gonna let my “hemp” grow to see how tall it gets. I know it’s cliche and hippy of me (as despicable as that is to some), I feel compelled to post some Yellowman.  When I saw him in ’87 I was blown away, or maybe just stoned out of my mind.  If you’re not too closed minded give it a listen, the words are worth it, and you can’t miss when it’s Yellowman with his old pal Fathead,
Yellowman & Fathead – I Can’t Stand It

My Humboldt buddy James has outdone himself again and served me up with some sweet vittles and pickens from up around there, circa ’86 or ’87.
I was busy that year living in the dorms struggling with my first year of serious schooling (high school is just barely a warm up to what you get in college), and partying my ass off, taking full advantage of being responsible for myself and answering to no one. Between the junior college transfers, living with us who were already 21 and the dope dealers that roamed the halls, it was a battle between enriching the mind with knowledge and the forest fire of burning brain cells.   I was smoking the finest bud Humboldt had to offer, everclear jungle juice with fresh fruit out of a trash can, uncut crystal meth (geeter) straight from some freakazoid’s lab and tea made from my own concoction of psychedelic mushrooms and LSD, plus it seemed like half the kids were on some kind of pharmaceutical that could be taken recreationally.  Long story short, I missed these guys.  I didn’t meet James until he was in a band called the Leftovers, which I hope he’s going to kick down so you can catch the greatness that was them.  15 or so years later I got hooked up with James again (virtually anyway), but he had no recollection of me.  Apparently I’m not as memorable as I thought I was.   So as I said James kicked down again with one of his bands that just blew me away.  James shared with me some of the particulars, ”
Nigel Hill-guitar, scary metal yells
Jesse Wickman-drums, vocals
James Forbes-bass, vocals
Dorf was me teaching them about punk and them teaching me about metal.  This demo was recorded by Mike Briggs in Jesse’s kitchen in 87 in Arcata.  We would break up/morph into Slug, then Frottage soon.
Dorf played lots of local parties and maybe a real show or 2.  Then Wickman moved away to live in Rosa, then joined Nuisance.”
Slug and Frottage I vaguely remember from a party or two at some time or another.  Nuisance, I have much better recollection of as you may remember I posted their Attractive Nuisance demo.  Dorf though was reason enough for Humboldt to have been on the hardcore/punk rock map.  This shit is the real deal and isn’t small town dudes just trying their hand at good hard music.  Straight up love this shit.  Jame’s bass playing is a plus in any band and in this case it just hits you like a slab of concrete.  Everybody in this band comes together and proves that this was definitely a scene.  I could go on and on and probably get repetitive on how off the fucking chart this shit is, but we’ll stop here.  If you’re a pussy and only game to try one tune, the first one he sent me as a sample, make it “Forsythe, Georgia”.  Incredible,

Nebraska Raisin Rice(reprise)
Apple Pie Mushroom Slug
Smiling Crook
Parts is Parts
Yankee Caesar
The Spider and the Fly
And So Forth
Forsythe, Georgia
The Big House
Bitchin’ Kitchen
Ransom Note

Please hit me up with some comments on this one as I want James to know it’s worth it to send me shit that somebody just has to appreciate.

I Hate This – Trimming the Fat 7″

My wife Kim decided to make use of our broken down mower (some of us white trash redneck wannabe types move dead equipment/vehicles to a special place on the property, others, such as ourselves, leave them where they die). The “Scarecrow Mower Man”, as I call him, had the census lady, that came out the other day, talking to him as she pulled up the driveway thinking he might be able to tell her how many people live here.

I know some of you guys do the Youtube thing, but I’m not sure if anyone bothers to pay attention to the comments.  For the most part they strike me as coming from idiotic teenagers with zero life experience, who spend a lot of time telling each other to fuck off and just in general spouting bullshit (ha, ha, I sound like an old fart).  Sometimes it really pisses me off and reminds me that there’s a lot of people making my planet crowded.  Other times they’re good for a laugh though and if you can’t do that every once in a while you may as well end it now.  On this video, we have American Breed doing “Bend Me Shape Me”. One of the comments suggests,
“they talking about rolling a joint ??
bend me shape me ??”
The reply kills me,
Reminds me of this Saturday Night Live skit, from the ’90s I think, with this hippy/rasta type who has a store and with just about every item in the store, he says, “you can put your weed in there”. Anybody do SNL? The 90’s was kind of lame for that show.

Another one of my Grandpa’s forwarded emails. One of those typical ones that probably has circled the globe more times than Magellan (he actually didn’t make it, got speared in the Philippines), but if I’ve gotten it before I think I ignored it the first time round. Humorous, insightful and stupid all rolled up into one.
1. A day without sunshine is like night.
2. On the other hand, you have different fingers.
3. 42.7 percent of all statistics are made up on the spot.
4. 99 percent of Politicians give the rest a bad name.
5. Remember, half the people you know are below average.
6. He who laughs last, thinks slowest.
7. Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm.
8. The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese in the trap.
9. Support bacteria. They’re the only culture most people have.
10. A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.
11. Change is inevitable, except from vending machines.
12. If you think nobody cares, try missing a couple of payments.
13. How many of you believe in psycho-kinesis? Raise my hand.
14. OK, so what’s the speed of dark?
15. When everything is coming your way, you’re in the wrong lane.
16. Hard work pays off in the future. Laziness pays off now.
17. How much deeper would the ocean be without sponges?
18. Eagles may soar, but weasels don’t get sucked into jet engines.
19. What happens if you get scared half to death, twice?
20. Why do psychics have to ask you your name?
21. Inside every older person is a younger person wondering, ‘What the hell happened?’
22. Just remember — if the world didn’t suck, we would all fall off.
23. Light travels faster than sound. That’s why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.
24. Life isn’t like a box of chocolates. It’s more like a jar of jalapenos. What you do today, might burn your butt tomorrow.

Got this 7″, released in 2008, not too long ago, proving that I’m not totally stuck in the past. There really is so much music to be found out there these days it can actually be overwhelming.  I got this in a lot that had one record I wanted, making it a  random score and not something I chose to get.   Just an aside, I got another package today in the mail (not the one this record came in), I had been anxiously expecting a batch of $.50 and $1 records I bought, and I’ll be damned if the dude sent me the wrong package.  The one he sent me included Neil Diamond’s “Hello Again” and Rick Springfield’s “Love Somebody”.  I’m proud of my varied taste in music, but damn those are definitely not Mustard Relics.  Like driving an hour to see some bands play and finding out the show’s been canceled.  Fucking blue balls.  Anyway, back to the 7″ of the moment… I Hate This turned out to be a pleasant (if that’s what you would call the sound) surprise.  Seriously hard hitting hardcore bordering on power violence.  Female vocals make it special in a way too.  It’s not a sexual thing or anything cheesy like that, it’s just a rarity to have a woman singing hardcore.  Of course a female singer doesn’t mean it has to be good, but in this case the whole package just works.  Nothing half-assed about this shit, even the lyrics that are sung faster than you can read them, are worthwhile (but I don’t have a scanner so you’ll have to look them up).  This is a re-release of sorts in that it compiles their tunes from two different split 7″s they did with other bands.  Anyway…blah blah blah…yadda yadda yadda…dig it or don’t.





IHT/We All Know

I Can’t Scream Any Louder

VHEMT (Voluntary Human Extinction Movement)



As happens sometimes, when I first played this it was at the wrong speed, 33 instead of 45.  Damned if I didn’t think they played some fucking good music that way though.  See what you think.

IHT/We All Know (@ 33rpm)

Pissed Happy Children/Infest – split 8″ flexi

Barn SwallowThe barn swallows came back from their yearly trip down to southernmost South America about a week ago.  Everywhere I’ve ever lived there’s been barn swallows so I guess they’re kind of like pigeons, seagulls (yes even in Kansas), and starlings, except maybe that they’re native and they migrate.  Anybody remember in the OLD Bugs Bunny cartoons, him singing, “Oh when the swallows come back to Capistrano”?  Interesting how I was thinking about them and I got in touch with an old house mate/buddy of mine Shawn (hey man) from college who specialized in ornithology (the study of birds).  My first memories of seeing swallows (a different variety than we have here I believe) was back in those college days when I had a job riding a lawn mower on campus.  Not sure what it was about but I always took them for being playful, because they would dive and streak in front of me as I was mowing along as if they were daring me to try to get them.  They’re probably just hunting insects.  If you’ve seen it before you know how it’s kind of daringly comical.  The ones here, some 20 years later in my life, do the same thing and actually will do that while you’re walking. You can find them just about anyplace around here, on my farm it’s the barns.  They don’t dig it when you go in there while they’re nesting and kind of dive bomb and flutter over your head.  I’m not sure why I’m writing about them except that as your local internet prophet you listen.  Part of it is that I’m stoked to have an old solid head like Shawn back on the radar.  The computer age has made that so much easier, although I guess that can be a bad thing too if you don’t want to be found.  To put myself out there actually puts me at risk but what the fuck.  Part of my fanciful barn swallow musings, is that in this time of my life, I enjoy paying to attention to what’s going on around me, especially in nature but everywhere in general.  So much of my life is a blur, it’s nice to sit back and smell the coffee.

It’s that time again, sharing another tune I heard on the oldies/classic rock radio station I listen to these days.  May have mentioned it before but I am NOT a Bruce Springsteen fan.  Just never bought into his deal although I’ve heard he’s one of the hardest working dudes in RnR, constant touring and 4 hour shows.  Always figured he had that Eastern US appeal with guys working in a steel mill or the docks listening to him while they work.  There is a softer side to your humble servant here at Mustard Relics, the only tune I know of liking by the “Boss” and the tune I heard on the radio,

As has become somewhat of a custom around here, I’m always curious about and interested in sharing covers of a featured tune.  The first represents the worst kind of cover, what I have called a karaoke cover. On top of that the guy makes me a little sick to my stomach,
Ari Hest – I’m On Fire
About the same, LAME,
John Mayer – I’m On Fire
A little more interesting, slowed down with the addition of strings, very diggable,

Better than the original, but Mr. Cash with his one of kind voice and genuine soulful emotion, the man never had a bad moment in my book (even the gospel stuff),

The wife and I watch this real life crime show on TruTV called “Forensic Files” (a hilarious show on TruTV is “The Smoking Gun Presents: World’s Dumbest” [you MUST check the link unless you don’t like to laugh]).  Not a big fan of cops although I did call them when my truck got stolen, which kind of makes me hypocritical.   May have mentioned before too that I called them once on myself on day 2 or 3 of particularly disgusting detox, thinking there was a dragon under my bed and that some people had left a baby in my house.  An additional aside is that I’m a serious  dickhead because I really enjoy seeing live video of people getting tazed, a guaranteed laugh out of me every time.  Shit I’m laughing just thinking about someone’s body going stiff and falling to the ground.  As many dealings as I’ve had with the cops, I never mouthed off or ran away, because I knew that it usually ends up worse.  Anyway “Forensic Files” is interesting, the real science behind shows like CSI.  If you watch it enough and pay attention, you may just learn how to do the perfect crime.  Long story short (as usual), they did an episode on the murder of Mia Zapata, the lead singer of the Gits (not the lame Polish skinhead one that plays around today) out of Seattle.  I wasn’t into grunge back in the early 90’s but today I can (sadly) say that they were a seriously rocking band.

This was kind of a cool tribute…

Well, I’ve been waiting for a while now, as my buddy Erich teased me some time ago, by suggesting that he might post something beautiful and rare from Infest. I don’t really have anything that rare, I guess this one might be as only 1000 were pressed. A ways back here at MR, I gave you for your sampling pleasure their Slave lp which when my old junior high school mate, Bob over at Deep Six Records gets around to releasing their discography (the much awaited Neanderthal one as well), I’ll be taking that down. Also gave you a pre-Infest band, Open Your Mind(OYM) that were pretty spectacular in my opinion too. But Infest, I don’t care if hardcore died in ’85 or ’86 (I’m not inclined to disagree), these guys were THE hardcore band or at least the next logical progression in hardcore. I could sing their praises for an hour but what’s the point, except to egotistically read my own words. Pissed Happy Children(PHC) are part of a long history of bassist Eric Wood bands. These guys were a nice chapter in that saga. Not the all out attack of Infest, a little more jazzy in their hardcore-ness. Was going to post their “Vigilante” 7″, but in the last 30 seconds of side one of my copy there is one of those diabolical repeating skips of a scratch (tragic). So you get them and Infest which should be well worth anyone’s time.

This thing was re-released as a 7″ about ten years late in 2000, but I don’t have that (I was VERY drunk that year).  It’s a shame because it had additional tracks but owe well.  To make up for that, I do have the Earth Rapers and Hell Raisers comp, which PHC made an appearance on, so it would surprise me if anybody gave a fuck but here’s their contribution,

PHC – Graveyard at Sea

To wrap this up, some guy (I’m assuming it’s a guy) who should be Sainted or Knighted or something has gone out of his way to give us a glimpse at Infest live.  If you didn’t like the shit I’ve already posted by them then this will be a complete waste of your time but if not…