999 – Nasty! Nasty! b/w No Pity

It’s funny because I can kinda tell when it’s time to do another post, when the “regulars” around here start trickling down on the comments.  If you take that whole, this is my coffee house thing and you guys are my guests, I’m putting on another fresh pot of my finest blend boys and you’re welcome to get it while it’s fresh.  (The guy at left, who looks a little like my buddy Ed, although not nearly as good looking, is showing you the sign for “coffee”)  We’re still missing a few people on the last post, but to be honest with yall I hope they get back to that one, because that post in the context of my life, is probably the most important of the 281 posts I’ve done so far.  On top of that, in my opinion, that music is perfect, in it’s emotion, it’s performance and it’s complete and utter lack of bullshit.  It sets the standard by which I judge all other music.

The posts around here, at least for a time, may shrink or dwindle as my son Liam will be here for his summer stay in a couple of weeks.  Time to get away from the radiation and enjoy the outdoors.  All kinds of plans, as usual, and we’ll be lucky if we get half of them done.  Probably set up head quarters at the river or the lake or where the river meets the lake.  Redneck things involving fishing poles, guns, and my 13 year old boy tearing up the dirt roads doing some driving practice.  Will update…

I posted this tune on FB and really it speaks for itself, I don’t have to tell you how great this is.

Then I found this one. Excellent cover. I’ve said it before, I can’t stand a karaoke cover, where it sounds like a feeble attempt to make it as close to the original as possible.  Do your own thing and make the song yours.  Plus on this one, I’m a sucker for the cello (or is it a stand up bass played with a bow or are they the same) and singing through the loud speaker a la the Butthole Surfers giving you that police standoff/riot feel which is perfect.

The audio for those two:
The Clash-Guns Of Brixton
Arcade Fire – Guns of Brixton
A couple recently discovered tunes that fit into the category of “good” covers (of course not nearly as good as the originals):
original=Venom – Angel Dust cover=Morpheus Descends – Angel Dust
original=Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart cover=The Cure – Love Will Tear Us Apart

Just so you know, I hate the fact that I have no scanner and I have to steal crappy scans from random sites.  Another example of why it’s far from perfect around here.  The lack of “really” rare records in my milk crates is another.  For instance this one is very common, but it was also released on a much rarer 78rpm promo copy (my turntable doesn’t play at 78 anyway).  So…999.  This I believe is their 2nd 7″ from 1977.  I’ve had it dubbed on cassette for eons, but recently got it for a couple of bucks.  Never was that much of a 999 fan, I really just dabbled in that 77′ UK scene, except the Clash, until much later (unless you consider the whole Crass phenomenon as part of that).  This is their best in my opinion, (that’s why I finally bought it, duh) but even though the A side is pretty damn good it’s the B side that gets my rocks off.  So disgustingly snotty.  If you don’t know it, take a minute to do so now, and if you do, I hope you know what I’m talking about.



Native American (1st Nations, American Indian) song, dance, chant…

Grandma (with my Mom and Aunt) who shared her native genes with me.  Unfortunately one of the genes I got was the tendency towards alcoholism (still not sure the whole alcoholism/addict gene is a factual thing).  Recently I finished reading “Potawatomie: Keepers of the Fire” (the particular native group I inherited traits from), a history from European (French) contact through their “relocation”.  I was always idealistic about Native Americans and over the years, even though I subscribe to a lot of the spirituality (not in a New Age way by a long shot), I realize that they were just people too.  In that book, just prior to most of the tribe being removed from the great lakes region to lands further to the west (there is still a small reservation here in Kansas and of course a very nice casino), a Chief, Topinbee (He Who Sits Quietly), was quoted as saying, “We care not for the land, the money, or the goods, it is the whiskey we want – give us the whiskey.”  Man that’s a place I have certainly been.  One of my first memories was my Mom telling me that we had Indian blood.  From that point on I rooted for the Indians in every Western movie or TV show I watched (my first rated ‘R’ movie was “Little Big Man”).  Of course in film and television, true to history, they weren’t portrayed accurately and in the long run they won nothing.   I wonder if I was born with a tendency to root for the underdog.  Regardless, whenever I’ve had the chance, from childhood, through college, and still, I’ve studied Native American history, culture, mythology and religion.  The reality of course is that there were hundreds (if not thousands) of tribes in the America’s that were as different from each other as the tribes of Europe, Asia and Africa were.  There is a tendency to do this pan-Indian thing (lumping tribes together for their shared traits), today part of a unifying factor among the tribes and their mutual identity, but as separate groups of people they were like any other groups of people, sometimes they got along other times they didn’t.  Like all human beings, as  individuals flawed but I always felt drawn towards the spirituality and the strong ties to the earth.  Still wonder if there isn’t some idealism.  To this day I consult a Native friend of mine who has a lot of experience, wisdom and close ties to various groups of elders.  A BIG part of my sobriety and what little sanity I have.  So for the various tribes their lack of a common cause was up against the European unifying factor, conquest of the America’s by any means necessary.  Inevitably the groups were knocked off like flies or as my Native American history professor, Jack Norton would say, a kind of systematic genocide. The Dawes Act is a great place to start if you’re interested in the conquest of North America.
So back when I was in elementary school, we would walk over to the library, and even then I had a love for records and music, so imagine my joy when I discovered albums full of Native American music.  I had been to Pow Wow’s, but the first thing these records showed me was the diversity in the music.  Back then I recorded everything to tape so of course these ended up recorded as well.  Shit I think I used to bug people because every time they had something worth listening to I would beg, plead, demand that they dub me a copy.  These recordings were from the 30’s and 40’s so the individuals playing and singing had a closer connection to this almost lost portion of their culture.  The elders represented here left behind some serious invaluable energy for the future (and the way I felt was that they were specifaclly recorded for me).  I spent a lot of quiet moments just laying there and listening to these tapes. I still feel a lot of emotion listening to them and back then I could close my eyes and be someplace else.  Someplace where the emotions were pure, a sense of belonging to that exact moment as opposed to the chaos I usually felt.  I will say it again, this is not some lame modern New Age flute music, this is timeless stuff. These songs may be thousands of years old or may date back to the dawn of mankind.  Pretty much just Plains and Southwest stuff here, but there is still a lot of variety.  If you listen to two make it the Rabbit Dance (2) and Bird Song Cycle (23).

Night Chant (Navajo)

Rabbit Dance (Sioux)

Sun Dance (Sioux)

Omaha Dance (Sioux)

Devil Dance (Apache)

Eagle Dance (San Ildefonso)

Harvest Dance (Zuni)

Rain Dance (Zuni)

Squaw Dance (Navajo) (a better translation would have been woman or even maiden, “squaw” in Algonquin means something like pussy, cunt or twat [or some other unpleasant term for vagina], but somehow in common English it means an Indian woman.  Not a term of any kind of dignity or respect.  Irony.

Plains Indian War Dance (Flathead)

Snake Dance (Flathead)

Pow Wow Dance (Canadian Plains)

Dog Dance (Plains)

Moonlight Song (Taos)

Gambling Song (Taos)

Eagle Dance (San Ildefonso)

Butterfly Dance (Hopi)

Enemy Away Song (Navajo)

Sunrise Song (Apache)

Bird Song Cycle (Yuma)

Saguaro Song (Papago)

Funeral Song (Walapai)

Stick Game Song (Havasupai)

That was one tape and I have a second one, that’s separated into tracks, but as was sometimes the custom when I was younger and not anal like I am now about proper labeling, I didn’t write anything down. Another 90 minutes, the second half of which is some of the best on these two tapes found here. I am very curious to know if anyone bothered to listen to any of this.

Zounds – live in Leiden, Holland 1982

Like Bruce Lee, my son Liam kicks ass.  He just told me about this hip hop thing he has going with some of his buddies, called Ice Men.  As you know I just dabble in rap, so it would not be my first choice in musical genres but fuck that, it does me proud to have him doing something he enjoys and doing it well (especially in music).

This place may not be the perfect forum for political discussion, I’m not exactly well equipped for that kind of stuff anyway.  Like a lot of people I’m more of an emotional reactionary really.  I do reserve the right to rant and rave every so often and at the very least I would like to experiment with logic, reason and rationality.  Last thing on immigration.  The door can be wide open to everyone who chooses to make the trip, but then a country may as well do away with borders.  It can be completely shut, in cold, selfish, isolationism.  But, if it’s going to be half open, it’s never going to be fair because who decides who gets in and who doesn’t?  Okay that one’s done in my eyes and in a way it’s making me want to post Native American music.  Next post for sure, I’ve had one lined up for a while.  I do still feel completely disgusted by the oil that’s spewing out of the bottom of the ocean.  Really symbolic of human existence and it’s been that way probably since the dawn of time.  The industrial revolution was the assembly line of our own slow death (as I type on what could be the pinnacle of industrialism, the computer).  Reminds me somehow of the alcoholic.  Just the shell of a soul in a decaying body.  Those apocalyptic science fiction stories/movies don’t seem as much like fiction as prophecy.  Yes I know this is overkill, but it’s like they opened a door to hell and have no way of stopping the demons and tortured souls from continuously rushing out.  Like so much of human existence, you know the recipe,

2 1/2 cups of selfishness
1 lb. of greed
2 Tbs. of ignorance
3 tsp. self pity
a pinch of hate
add money to taste

Okay, that’s enough of that, I’m starting to sound like a true punk, angry and depressed.   🙂  How about something to pick us up, a song we have sung here before, Ren and Stimpy’s,
Happy Happy Joy Joy
A few of my buddies here, responded to the fact that I brought up Oingo Boingo a post or two ago.  Along those lines, just discovered this band, that reminds me of (The Mystical Knights of) Oingo Boingo, with the numerous musicians and that performance art style stage show, Gogol Bordello.   Gypsy Punk is how they’re described and the group is getting popular in a big label kind of way. As usual though, with me the early stuff is where I start.  Kinda reminds me of Creedle (in a silly sarcastic, jazzy kind of way) or Dieselhed (in a silly sarcastic, violin/fiddle kind of way), which is a very good thing but I don’t know if I could listen to more than just a few tunes at a time.  Give em a try,
Haltura or Let’s Get Radical
Along the lines of tunes some buddies have mentioned, Mike and The Warden both mentioned the Members.  The first tune Mike suggested, at first totally unfamiliar to me, but as soon as I saw the video I remembered it immediately,
The Members – Working Girl
The Warden added a couple more and I’m kind of feeling like these guys are worth looking into because I know nothing,
The Members – Solitary Confinement
The Members – Sound Of The Suburbs

Kinda cheated on this post but I do that sometimes around here, if anyone’s paying attention (the next post will be from my own tapes. These tunes were originally found as two big files (same bit rate), at the incredible Kill Your Pet Puppy. All I did was separate the files into tracks (as best I could) and tag them. Penguin is the man over there who deserves huge barrels filled with thank you’s for sharing his invaluable collection of music.  I posted Zounds’ 1st 7″ and mentioned this live recording that some people might be interested in.  Elliott stepped up to the plate and made a request, and since I had done the editing for myself it didn’t take much to share that.  I REALLY like this live set, just to get a feeling for what it must have been like to see them.  Despite the fact that the singer is obviously “ill”, the show sound good and has a nice energy to it



Dirty Squatters

New Band

Not Me

broken string rap

Can’t Cheat Karma




?Great White Hunter

Target/Mr. Disney/Subvert

This Land

Not Me/Biafra


crowd begs for more

My Mummy’s Gone


Since I was in the process of stealing rips and editing them, may as well share these as well.  These are from “A Tribute To Bert Weedon” which can be found again at Kill Your Pet Puppy.  These recordings tend to have more of a Grateful Dead-esque feel to them (at least to these old ears) which may be a turn off to some. If you can bring your self to listen to one, make it “Forgery”.


Ugly Vomit


Can’t Cheat Karma

Holland Park/Bats


Hands To Time

I Made It Happen


Humboldt Band Videos

Some videos of some bands from Humboldt I’ve posted around here over time (a few not), including one with your humble (yet very silly at the time, maybe still) server here at the Mustard Relics Cafe. This old head Sam Atakra (Arcata spelled backwards in case you gave a fuck) recorded everything that went on back then up there (he may have even recorded the famous Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson video for all I know).  Check out his YouTube page.

Garden Weasel-“Boasting”

One Man Running-“Resin Scraper”

Grimace-“Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Christian Scientist”

My Name is Chris

Jolly Ho-Ho’s-“Blue People”

Sister Placebo-“Humboldt Bay”

There’s lots more if you’re into that, just go check Sam’s shit. “Later”.


I on the other hand, for most of my life anyway, did not choose to have “clean, healthy living” so I probably won’t have to worry about decrepitude.

I try very hard not to think that I’m better than anyone else, but I’m surrounded by people who make that difficult.  Anyone else have that problem?

Heard this tune the other day on the radio while I was driving home.  Kinda surprised me and gave me this eclectic feeling for the small town radio station I listen to these days.  The wires were crossed in my brain and I could have sworn it was Oingo Boingo and just having the name of that band instantly transported me back to high school.  About as close to punk as the group we all called “soc” (short for “social”) could get.  Anybody into them,
Oingo Boingo – Dead Man’s Party?
I didn’t mind them and actually they have a pretty interesting history prior to that tune, in case you guys don’t have anything better to do than take my word for it and check.  That song reminds me of Rodney Dangerfield’s “Back to School”.  The single before that (with me it seems like the earliest output of bands, especially ones that got popular, is the best) is a little better in my opinion,
Oingo Boingo – Only A Lad
Funny thing is, that the tune I heard on the radio wasn’t even Oingo Boingo it was,
The Fixx – One Thing Leads To Another,
which isn’t bad for a popular tune either.  I’m not even going to get into that one though because it’s been awful quiet round here and I don’t think even my “regulars” give much of a shit for all this extra crap I put into these posts anyway.

Illegal immigration seems to be a hot topic with that Arizona legislation, you guys in the states might know what I’m talking about (for those of you elsewhere, I’m curious what the view is on immigration in your parts).  Not trying to polarize all five of you that comment around here, but I had some thoughts.  I’m not some kind of angelic law abiding citizen or anything (I always thought of myself as the smart criminal until I started getting arrested for being a drunk), but what is difficult to understand about “illegal”.  I’m not saying it’s right, but in most cases if you do something illegal, you have consequences to face.  From what I can tell this Arizona thing is on the fascist, racist side of things (Slam, if you’re still coming round my little hole in the wall here, remember how our old boss Dennis Macomber used to pronounce “racist” as “ray shist”).  I always thought if they didn’t like that people wanted to come here to live (it’s a compliment really) they ought to punish the greedy bastards who hire illegals for cheap labor.  If there’s no work, people will not come.  I’m not even going to approach the Native American view of immigration, that one’s pretty played out.  Just as a side note, been reading the history of the tribe that supposed some of my family is descended from and they were just as flawed as any other group of human being you can find on this planet.  Not saying that the systematic genocide of Native people by the USA was anything but evil, but the people of the tribes were opportunistic and had ever changing wars and allegiances with each other.  Back to immigration.  A couple other thoughts.  How does a person leave where they are, for what ever reason, to come to what I assume they feel is a better place, and still retain loyalty to that place.  For instance, Mexico, for many reasons is, I think objectively, not a better place to live than the US.  Why hold onto your national pride if you left?  On a sillier level, I can’t stand the “Colorado Native” and “Can’t Beat Texas” stickers on the cars of people who live in Kansas.  If it’s so fucking great go back.  But I’m not a nationalist so I guess I’m just pretending like I can think logically.  Why is it that people who can walk across a border are given priority over the rest of the people in the world who want to be here (and I should add, apply for legal immigration)?  Again, I could give a fuck, because I think that despite the fact that 99.999999% of the human race are idiots who value materialism over everything else, everyone has the right to be happy and have the ability to supply themselves with their basic needs.  I’m guilty of it too, but humanity is always going to suck when they value selfishness and look at the world as “us” vs. “them”. “Me” is my priority and the reality is “you” can go fuck yourself. Sad.

On a lighter note, there’s shit loads of oil bubbling up from the bottom of the sea and we’re driving around, to and fro.  Human beings (we) are the worst thing to ever happen to this planet.

Blah, blah, blah…

Been into these guys forever, at least since my buddy Kevin Hasely, who was a year ahead of me, turned me onto them back in high school.  It wasn’t difficult because I bought into the whole anarcho-punk Crass thing from the beginning.  These guys stand on their own though as just a damn good band.  Very Crass-like, but maybe a little more laid back.  What it says on the sleeve says it all, “Whoever puts his hands on me to govern me is a usurper and a tyrant.  I declare him my enemy”-PJ Proudhon.  This is their first vinyl thing, 1980, but I think in some way, shape or form, they have continued on with all kinds of output, check their site at Zounds Online. The, invaluable to this era of English punk, Kill Your Pet Puppy has a VERY nice live set from these guys from back in the day. I was going to take his recording, rip it into tracks, label it and all that good stuff, but I’m feeling a little negative about my site and got to thinking it would just be a wasted effort (I’ll do it for myself later because it is a damn good set). My buddy Doug E. Grime got this for me in about 1990 for $10 from some place in San Fransisco, maybe the Record Vault on Polk (is that still there?). Even back then used punk vinyl was selling for more than it’s worth. Actually, this is worth that and more, what the fuck, it’s just money.

Can’t Cheat Karma


Downloaded these1979 Demo tracks, from some place a while back (I guess I am feeling benevolent). Later.




I Just Wanna Be Loved