9 thoughts on “Pathological Compilation”

  1. thanks justin. my friend and i were trading bands we should check out and she said Pendulum. well i was just about to look them up but before i thought i would check out mr to see if anything new was posted. also i had to download the infest lp.again! aaaaaaaa! anyway i was reading your writing (i alwayse do) and i came across that song. not my cup of tea but i can respect it because it’s not that bad. justin i am really starting to think you can read my mind. kind of creepy. thanks again for the comp. once again you came through. and i kind of liked the first bloodstar song but i have to be in a special mood for it.


  2. I fucking love Fetish 69!! Thanks for turning me on to them. Gnarly band. I am not a huge Industrial lover either, but I do like some techno nowadays. I like the sellout stuff like, Prodigy. I know, I know…it is disco, but it is hardcore disco…haha. Thanks for the wailin’ tunes


  3. It’s funny that I remember owning Godflesh on cassette some years back – not bad, but it sounds like some metal dudes with a drum machine to me. I think it was Boner that turned me onto Carcass, which is good for clearing out your office mates if you need space to rip a fart, mid-day, FYI. I think I am a little closed-minded to so much music these days – maybe that comes with age. I know what I like and I stick to it. I can remember exploring “industrial” music back in the day, but I still prefer music that was wrought with human hands over machines.


  4. I agree with all the sentiments described above, altho, i NEVER heard any one actually say harshmymello…I liked one record from ministry and i never listened to anything else. something about computerized tunes just doesnt work for me.

    Like Ed, just dont really care to hear any new stuff. my MP3 player doesnt have anything newer than like 1996, the new metal stuff all sounds like they are trying to recreate the record “ROOTS” from Sepultura. as much as i enjoyed their sound as a kid, even carcass is wearing thin.

    is it getting old, or just realizing that i dont want to spend time to acquaint myself with something new. I dont know, but time seems to be running short for some shit.


  5. I dug Ministry for a year and I like the LARD albums with Jello Biafra. I never listen to that shit anymore, but at the time it rocked me as hard as any regular metal or punk of the time. Does anyone remember Wartime featuring Rollins? I think it was a one-time collaboration and featured some crunchy industrial backing tracks. Eugene has a big noise music scene – maybe that’s what happened to all the industrial folks. They make noise and/or dance music now.


  6. Elliot, right on man, that is so much of what music is to me, a mood.

    V. thanx dude for sharing music and for becoming a regualr around here.

    Jay, ahh yes Prodigy, I totally forgot about them. I was a secret fan of theirs although I never bought anything by them. Last thing I remember them doing was this live thing on tv kind of blended with a fashion show. Strange.

    Ed,I like what you said, “music that was wrought with human hands over machines”, although for a person like me who is a shitty musician, I can appreciate other modes of creating music. I was playing all these tunes as I posted and must say I enjoyed myself. Fuck forgot about LARD too, I think I have and album or two of theirs. Wartime? Will need to look into that one.

    Brian, when I was 16 I got busted with some pot in Sacramento on a school trip. They were really giving me a hard time and were heavy on the guilt trip thing. I was very stoned and the first thing that came to mind was that they were, “harshing my mellow”. Is it that we are growing old or are things the same as far as music needing to grab us. Not too much out there these days that’s grabable.


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