Iggy And The Stooges

dragAh, what do you know, today is Friday the 13th
I am going to attempt, of course I can’t always guarantee it, to keep my mindless banter down to a minimum and make this short.  I noticed some people elsewhere mentioning some great Iggy And The Stooges stuff, so I figured I may as well post some of that (thanx Jay and Mike, and the Warden from a while back).  This shit is crucial and timeless, I’m not going to insult anyone and try to give any kind of education on these guys.  I’ve already posted some Stooges in the form of I Wanna Be Your Dog b/w real Cool Time and Live 07/18/70, but I’ll start you out with some stuff when they were in the Iggy And The Stooges incarnation.

igar-front igar-back iggy-the-stooges-i-got-a-right

I Got A Right

Gimme Some Skin


isoy iggy-the-stooges-im-sick-of-you


I’m Sick Of You

Tight Pants

Scene Of The Crime

I was on a roll with the ripping and listening, and listening and ripping, so I thought what the hell.  One more single with a couple of my favorite tunes filled with a kind of intensity you will not find anywhere else.  This was when they were just known as the Stooges.

1970-front 1970-back the-stooges-1970

1970 (Man that is such a good fucking tune, check out the Billboard Top 100 for that year.  A few good tunes, but nothing that even comes close to the energy and vibe with what was going on with the Stooges.)

Not Right (Nothing soft and cudly)


13 thoughts on “Iggy And The Stooges”

  1. Iggy occupies a warm place in my heart. January 1988 only a few weeks after getting my license I drove the hour south to Dalals to see Iggy Pop and Janes Addiction at the,now destroyed, Arcadia Theatre. I was not a huge Stooges or Iggy fan going into the show. I heard a little of each and thought they were good but I left CONVINCED! I could not tell you one song that Iggy played as I simply remember being absolutely mesmorized. JA were not bad either. My strongest memory is that the singer lept off the stage and missed my head by inces with his right foot. Thanks for the songs and keep up the good work!


  2. Ed, rock on brother.

    Convertido, you gave away your age my friend 🙂 Maybe three years younger than me. Never got to see Iggy, a little jealous when I hear about others having that opportunity. As far as Janes, never could get past Perry’s voice, but could always appreciate the great musicians in the band. Thanx for sharing man.


  3. I thought JA were interesting live, I think. They were touring for Nothing’s Shocking and all I remember is that Perry never friggin’ blinked once! Additionally, he thought he was in Houston. As much as I dislike Dallas, as ever decent human should, it’s a damn-sight better than Houston. I cannot say why but I never saw Iggy again. I had at least 3 opportunities to do so over the years. I think it was because I was sure that it would never leave me with the same impression. Every time I think about the show I can remember walking the halls of school the next morning, ears ringing like hell, in my Iggy shirt looking at everyone else and thinking “sad ignorant fools.”


  4. Thanks man, i’m a huge Stooges fan, got a couple of vinyl bootlegs too but had never heard ‘I’m sick of you’; mind blowing! What great score. Had you heard that James Williamson’s come out of his crypt to play with Iggy again?
    Thanks for this.


  5. You know I never thought about the difference between Dallas and Houston. In fact the only place I remember being at in Texas, is a bus station in Dalhart. Stinging, flying beetles as big as small rats. I sort of felt the same way in high school, but today, despite an ongoing attempt to not have these feelings, I still feel that 99.99999% of the world is occupied by, “sad ignorant fools.” Thanx for keeping this going Convertido.

    Andrew, your name doesn’t sound familiar so I will welcome you to the site and thank you for commenting. I hadn’t heard about a new Williamson/Iggy thing but I will keep my eyes/ears open for that. Thanx again man.


  6. Texas is generally an odd place. I have hesitation in saying that there really isn’t a “right” person or place in this state. Still though, I’ll miss it if I ever have to leave. Texas does not get a lot of credit for its tolerance but any place that can produce the Butthole Surfers, 13th Floor Elevators and George Bush must have a tolerant environment. . .well that or a good supply of intoxicating substances. 🙂


  7. i have some family in texas so i go sometime. to damn warm for me. also the huge bugs are like something you’d see out of a horror movy. and don’t get me started about the wierd rain. not my place. and the mamily is from the real redneck part of texas so just think what they would say if you came over with a gg allin shirt that said the sound of fuck on it. hey i just grabbed a shirt. but anyway not for me.


  8. I saw Iggy back in like ’95 or ’96 and was thoroughly impressed. Up to that point I was never much of a fan, just respected him as a founder of “Punk”. I tell you what, after that night I was truly converted. For an old motherfucker he had way more energy than a lot of people 10-20 years younger.


  9. Have not commented in awhile, as life is busy. It is a good thing. Now, this is a great thing! The Stooges and the MC5 will always be awesome to me…thanks!!


  10. Match, I think I would fall into the category of being 20 years younger than IGGY with a hell of a lot less energy.

    Thanx for hitting me up Jay, every once in a while is better than not at all.


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