Men Without Hats – Safety Dance (extended ‘club mix’) 12″ single

jack-will It took an old bro of mine, Brian, to remind me that as of Novemeber 24th, I’ve been doing this thing here at Mustard Relics for two years now. Fucking flew by, almost too silly to say time flies when you’re having fun, but I guess in this case it’s true. Yeah I’ve whined some about the lack of comments here and there, but I’m wise enough to know now that making your way through my heaps of rambling musings can be as pleasant as cleaning vomit out of carpet. The rambling is as much for me as for anyone else, I get off on putting my thoughts to paper no matter how chaotic, dense or unimportant they may be. Therapy. Something besides rotting my mind and body from the inside out. I don’t know if it’s constructive or productive outside the confines of my own brain. Even still, real. Anything that has something to do with music is well worth serving. The music here is not always the rarest or even mind blowing sometimes, but for the most part it represents my attempt, to not only share the best of my collection, but to explore and learn more about what is/has been out there. One thing I can say is that around here the music has been varied enough to satisfy the many emotions that swirl around us. It would be difficult, in all modesty, for a person not to find at least one post that was worthwhile. You have to have found at least one tune to have dug on. The site has evolved since the beginning and I hope it continues to evolve, but it will always be a tribute to the variety of music that can be found out there. Even in the ugliest of music that reflects the very real ugliness of our world, there is a beauty in how the artists, who may not describe themselves as artists, string their notes and words together. I’ve gone on and on again (and ever after), so I will just say that I hope that some of you out there have gotten something out of this place besides me. You guys, the ones who have commented and stuck with me, have made me grateful. It’s something extra to turn this whole thing into a dialog as opposed to my own monologue.

“Crazy crazy chain we’re strung up again
Umbilical cord around the neck and pain is sane
Crazy crazy chain gagged & bound inane
Crazy crazy chain label underachieve & plain
Black statue looms in doomsday rooms Rap fetish worship motivation life-span trap” – Rudimentary Peni

devildrinkerI was a fiend when I was drinking at my heaviest, like this animation except I wasn’t that suave and I always drank straight from the bottle.  At various points during each day I of course wasn’t very lively, you might say, near death…
Gotta remind myself of that sometimes because I can get envious of my friends who can casually drink.

Okay, the industrial/techno musings and samples here were not exactly hugely successful, but I got a little more up my sleeve and after this I will keep my exploration into those genres to myself (for a little while at least).  I’ve already learned that just within the Techno genre there is, Minimal, Acid, Hardcore, Ambient, Ghetto and Trance, but I’m sure there is more. And it’s not just about Industrial and Techno, but there is also Chicago House, Synth Pop, Big Beat, Electro Punk, Rave, and Back Beat, just to name a few. So to rap this up, Jay mentioned The Prodigy in the comments and I had totally forgotten about them. They were big time there for a little bit in the 90’s. Huge in that they took some of those styles to the top of the pop charts. So I went off on this wild tangent to see if I could find any of the tunes I remembered them playing because there was one that I knew really liked. Listened to alot of their shit and even though certain tunes were called out as hits I didn’t recognize any of them. As you may know I love the early stuff that bands put out, such as demos, because they give you a reference point as to the original inspiration of the band. I found that for these guys in their, What Evil Lurks 12″ (featuring demo tracks) from 1991. A lot different than they would later become but still worth a listen, because this is what was going on in this underground scene at the time. Check those tracks,
What Evil Lurks
We Gonna Rock
Everybody In The Place (original mix)
So after a shit load of listening to the first 30 seconds of a ton of songs, that really didn’t jump out at me, I finally found the tune I was looking for off of The Fat of the Land album. Even if the video was a little silly and I remember them playing it live to some fashion show on TV, this tune is grisly. See if you remember it and tell me you dig it.
Anyway I found one more tune that I remembered hearing back in the day (probably during my brief stint as a shit faced drunk idiot at the dance clubs on Mission Blvd. in Pacific Beach, Calif.) This one was cool for all the controversy it caused. The vocals sound a bit like Flavor Flav of Public Enemy. Oh well here’s that.
Smack My Bitch Up

mwh-sdI’ve been very dissatisfied with my record collection lately, for several reasons I won’t go into, but I’m trying to remedy that with new purchases. Maybe I’m just not feeling nostalgic, I don’t know. After going through most of the old stuff I ran across this that I’ve had since about 1982 when it came out. You know that growing up, even though I looked like a stoner and then later a skate punk, deep down inside I was really new wave. Ha, ha, not really but I’m not asshamed to say that there were a few tunes out there that I really dug. Soft Cell’s Tainted Love, Gary Numan’s Cars, and The Cure’s Boys Don’t Cry… Now I really never knew much about Men Without Hats except that they had a really good video that used to get a lot of air time back in the early 80’s. I wasn’t a big MTV watcher (for those youndger people, MTV was very different back then compared to today). I read the above link and I had always thought they were from England or Scotland but they’re from Montreal Canada. If you haven’t heard the song Safety Dance by these guys, I don’t know what to say except that (for some of you unfortunately) I am about to turn you onto them. There is something about the singers voice that’s deep and warm, in contrast to what I always though was a somewhat silly song. Who would have thought it was about bouncers not letting people ‘pogo’ in the clubs back in the day. Read more about that here, kind of interesting. Some of you may think I’m an idiot for posting this, especially when you stack it up against some of the other stuff posted here, and maybe I am, a wierdo at the very least. I know, but try to dig the tune anyway, if it doesn’t make your heart warm then you are the spawn of fascist and a gnat.
Safety Dance
Unfortunately, even though I tried to find some other good tunes, nothing else by Men Without Hats does anything for me. Blah. The other two songs on this single reflect that, sad.
I Got The Message


koththanksgiving2000I’m not one who puts a lot of stock in these big holidays.  There is always a story behind the story of each of them.  With some holidays what we have is an blatant attempt to hide the original pagan meanings, and overlay those with some other, usually Christian, meaning.  Jesus was not born on Christmas and he didn’t die on Easter.  Oh well.  With Thanksgiving we get this fanciful idea of some sort of settler/native festival.  Whether or not this event happened or not, because that is what we were spoonfed while growing up, is not as important as what it implies.  Kind of a sad joke in a way.  No matter what some people are going to have more to be thankful for than others, the real issue I have is when it is at the expense of others. The world is full of shit and many people try to ignore it. At the same time, I think it’s important to be thankful, or better yet, grateful, for what we have in life. For me it’s more of a daily occurance, as opposed to a yearly celebration, because I’m just lucky to be alive and doing what I can these days. Oh well, to each his/her own, just my two cents.  I hope all you guys are doing okay.

Iggy And The Stooges

dragAh, what do you know, today is Friday the 13th
I am going to attempt, of course I can’t always guarantee it, to keep my mindless banter down to a minimum and make this short.  I noticed some people elsewhere mentioning some great Iggy And The Stooges stuff, so I figured I may as well post some of that (thanx Jay and Mike, and the Warden from a while back).  This shit is crucial and timeless, I’m not going to insult anyone and try to give any kind of education on these guys.  I’ve already posted some Stooges in the form of I Wanna Be Your Dog b/w real Cool Time and Live 07/18/70, but I’ll start you out with some stuff when they were in the Iggy And The Stooges incarnation.

igar-front igar-back iggy-the-stooges-i-got-a-right

I Got A Right

Gimme Some Skin


isoy iggy-the-stooges-im-sick-of-you


I’m Sick Of You

Tight Pants

Scene Of The Crime

I was on a roll with the ripping and listening, and listening and ripping, so I thought what the hell.  One more single with a couple of my favorite tunes filled with a kind of intensity you will not find anywhere else.  This was when they were just known as the Stooges.

1970-front 1970-back the-stooges-1970

1970 (Man that is such a good fucking tune, check out the Billboard Top 100 for that year.  A few good tunes, but nothing that even comes close to the energy and vibe with what was going on with the Stooges.)

Not Right (Nothing soft and cudly)


Brain Lung – Brainoil/Iron Lung split 7″

11-09-09_1721I think I wrote too much on the last post because there wasn’t a lot of interest or comments. Maybe it’s not just quantity but the quality as well. Anyway, that’s what I thought would happen, but I did have a couple of questions that went unanswered and I was hoping someone could help me out. Industrial bands, any favorites? The Hospitals, ever heard of them? So with that I’ll keep this as brief as possible.
One thing you see on the news here and there is the dangers of using the cell phone, especially texting, while driving. Well you know being that, living on the edge, risk taking, punk rock kind of guy that I am, I thought I’d try to get this cell phone shot of a sunset through my rear view mirror at 70 mph hour down the highway. I think it turned out alright.

Picked this promo 7″ up on the same record store trip to Salina’s House of Sight and Sound I mentioned before, for 51 cents.  Never heard of these guys before, even though I kind of knew what to expect, neu-punk (pop), but they do a cover of “Minor Threat”, so what the hell. Didn’t really capture me at all, kinda reminded me of a lot of stuff that’s watered down, commercial and surviving on the charred remains of punk. Just my opinion of course, you check it.

Re-Education (Through Labor)

Minor Threat

Iron Lung is the main course to any meal. Those guys keep power violence new and fresh in their own terminal patient kind of way. Got this split with Brainoil in the mail recently and was more than pleased with both sides of this bad boy. I had heard the songs on it before from other people’s rips, but that doesn’t come anywhere close to listening to vinyl spun on your own turntable. Limited to just 300 copies though, so what most people will here is rips. Niether side disappoints with Brainoil playing their heavily Sabbath influenced sludge and Iron Lung breaking it down at a half dozen different speeds. I shared some Iron Lung with you before in the form of the Mechanical Assistance demo and the Iron Lung / Lana Dagales split.  You must listen to this one.

buseyFuck! I tried to keep this short but in my excitement with doing this whole site, I have trouble accomplishing that anymore. Oh well, “…if the programs not the one you want, get up and turn off the set…”