The Pricks / The Undeground Railroad To Candyland – split 10″


Well it’s Halloween tomorrow and I’ve been looking around the other music blogs and many have special themed music.  Over at Cosmic Hearse, Aesop the guy who runs it, is touring with his bands, but one of his buddies has a sweet Halloween themed comp thing up for your listening pleasure.  Here at MR I guess I just couldn’t think of anything special, boring old me.  Odd because despite the consumer craziness that it represents today, it is my favorite holiday.  The old lady really gets into it too and has us buy more and more decorations every year.  I’m kind of superstitious myself with my wierd spirtual mix of pan-Native religion, The Gospel of Thomas, Gnosticism and a little Santa Ria thrown in.  Everyone should at least read a general breakdown of what Halloweenis about, like the one you can get at my usual source here.  Something in the air I think, but those kinds of feelings and superstitions aren’t rational so I’ll keep my personal beliefs to myself.  On the other hand, here in the bible belt you definitely have two factions.  There are those that celebrate the consumer oriented, devoid of spirituality, day for children to collect cavities.  Then there is the Christian right wing literalists who believe that it is the devils day and that anything associated with Halloween has to do with heretics and evil.  They even have Halloween alternative events, candy and games but no scary shit.  Funny because even though I disagree with them on so many fronts, I would at least agree with them in that it is a spiritual day and it should not be taken lightly.  Booooooo!
lies-and-bullshitGot this picture along with several others of graffiti in various places.  Social commentary at it’s best, short and sweet.  That less is more attitude can say so much more than my drawn out ramblings ever could.  Does anyone agree that as some of us get older the “Lies and Bullshit filter” gets more finely tuned?

Was reading comments over at Erich’s Good Bad site and ran across a guy who semi-regularly has interesting comments over there.  Mr. Poopy.  Great sense of humor and it turns out he has a site of his own called, Glorify the Turd.  I wonder if Mr. Poopy has an unhealthy obsession with feces.  Anyway he’s got quite the variety going on over there and if anything it might be good for a laugh or two.  Some stuff is posted for it’s inherent comedy.  He did turn me onto one of the best song titles I’ve heard in a long time, from a band called Artless.  Check that tune Artless – When You’re My Age You’ll Be Selling Insurance and be sure and check out his site.

friendsWas also reading somewhere that there is a difference between redneck and hillbilly.  I would agree but it’s subtle like the difference between country and western.  We have both here, and I would say that for a redneck it would be an insult to call another redneck a hillbilly.  I say that as I am slowly morphing myself into a pseudo-redneck maybe even a hillbilly.  I will always fall short of a complete transformation though because I don’t enjoy hunting, I don’t like most country music and I can’t stand John Wayne.  Even still I do live in the country, have horses, numerous dogs and both running and not running pick ups.  What had me scared for a little bit is the change in speech patterns, but I figure it’s something you can’t stop and it’s not so bad.  “Y’all” (you all), came pretty quick, but it wasn’t long until “Yar” (you are) was in my vocabulary.  We’ll see what comes next.


This record is one of my most recent scores and actually represents the newest record I have in my collection as it was released in 2009.  What makes this a Mustard Relic, other than the fact that both sides of this bad boy kick ass, is that an old friend (that I never actually met), Todd C. is in The Undergroun Railroad To Candyland (URTC).  He’s the guy that put out the Garden Weasel 7″ on his own Recess records way back when.  now this thing was limited to only 300 copies so I doubt there are any left, but do yourself a favor and go and see if you can at his store or his site.  This was co-released by Rockstar Records, so if you’re in Europe you should check with them if you want this.  I’m pretty much just going to let the music speak for itself, but I will say you have two very different bands.  The Pricks kind of remind me Zeke with that straight forward all out attach.  Really dig the singers voice, remind me of someone else but I don’t know who.  Now both bands are playful, but I would say that URTC is a bit more so.  They kind of have more of a surfed out punk thing going on.  I don’t know I’m not very good with descriptions, I just know I dug the hell out of both sides of this thing.  Let me know what you think.

The Pricks

Fuck You Too

5 Dollar Hand Job

I Wish I Could Dance Like Sir Henry Fiat

Don’t Rape

Piss On Me I’m On Fire

Cover Up

Short Song

Is This A fucking Date

Pay To Cum



Go Home

The Underground Rairoad To Candyland

No Way! Miss U.S.A.!

Age Of Consent

Basty Wolves

Yuppie Hip Hop Ad

Livin’ In A Straw (In The Summer Of Fraud)

“Joys Of Mountain And Sea” Greek demotic

As has become regular around here, I wanted to share a tune I heard on the classic rock station today (the BBC version anyway).  Cream – Politician
woman-getting-botox-injection-at-a-partyOne of the invaluable functions I have at work, is making flyers for different events.  Kind of a fun thing to do because I like browsing through different clip art images (you may have seen them around here before, but it’s been a while).  One of the many things that may make this site your regular stopping place is my use of recycled clip art.  Anyway so I’m making a flyer to celebrate the birthdays of two of the guys I work with, type in “party” and on the first page of images I get this piece of clip art.  It’s entitled, “woman getting botox injection at a party”.  The image itself, in that playful clip art way really portrays the grotesque vanity human beings are capable of.  Man I fucking love that image, it’s almost a story in itself and really could be a topic all by itself.  I don’t know if you see it but it reminds me of something Nick Blinko would do.

pizzaboySo I’m still looking for “party” images and I run across this image.  Love this one too, but it was interesting because it made me think of some topics that have come up here and elsewhere.  My old band Garden Weasel and the super successful Green Day.  Other than both starting with the letter “G” and playing music you might wonder what those two bands have in common.  Well we both played Angelos Pizza in Arcata California in 1991.  Ha, my brush with fame.  Actually I’ve brushed elbows with many super stars in my time including the actress who played Nellie Olson on the TV hit “Little House On The Prairie”.  See what I mean.  Now what made that show special was not that we played with Green Day, who were just like us at the time, nothing, but the fact that for Garden Weasel it was the best paying gig we ever had.  The owners decide to pay us in beer and pizza.  I don’t think they realized how much a few of our friends (roadies, ha, ha) could consume.  I remember thinking that we must have ingested about $400 worth of beer and pizza.  So what the image above is, is a picture of me watching Green Day.  In the picture at left, the manager or owner thought the people there were getting a little to0 crazy, so he made everyone sit down or he was going to stop the show.  Now I give Green Day a hard time and maybe a part of that is that they are making a (too) good living doing something they love and I’m jealous.  The reality is that they are a damn good pop band and no one can take that away from them.  But to this day I can’t stand what they stand (stood) for and in hanging out with them I decided, that night, almost 20 years ago, that had they stuck around the pizza parlor for very long I would have puked on them and all the little idiots that followed them around.  I read this at one site, “punk just wouldn’t have been the same without Green Day. The band brought back punk in a big way, laying the groundwork for many pop-punk bands to follow”.  As penance for my envy I thought I’d share some of their tunes with you.
1000 Hours – (their 1st EP)
An Operation Ivy cover, that I don’t really dig.  If you want the best that Lookout Records had to offer, forget Green Day, and think about Op Ivy or Filth (period)…

I’ve been threatening/promising this one for a while.  I did the Armenian folk thing a while back, Rendevous In Armenia.  Basically this was the shit that got played at this club my mom and her friends went in LA on Temple St. called the Intersection.  Mediteranean type stuff with music, food and dancing.  Must have heard this stuff in utero because I can feel it in my bones, even though I have no idea what they’re singing about.  Actually maybe a little bit, it seems somber at least.  I sent a rip of this album to my friend Billy at 7″ Crust who lives in Greece.  He was not amused, but he said that his mom or grandma might dig it.  For all I know it could be like listening to country here.  Anyway, everything is in Greek so I have no translations of anything on or about this record.  The style is demotic and in case you enjoy reading something you’re not really into check this.  Anyway I played the clarinet for a semester in junior high school and the horn in this reminds me of the clarinet.  Really the lead instrument and if you can appreciate nothing else besides the sadness of the singing at least listen to the horn on track 8, at 23:30 (as a favor to me, ha, ha).

Mustard relics mix #3 (the blues)

dinosaurs-are-extinctGot this one in the mail.  The kind of joke a christian who didn’t like some of  what science has to say,  might send to another like minded person, but it made me grin.  I’m around a lot of people who are very literal about their bible and as I mentioned on another site, they don’t understand the power of the metaphor.  To me it’s not worth arguing with them because what I “know” and what they “know” are two different things.  These types of thinkers, or should I say believers, tend to hold their faith over the heads of others and wield the Bible like a weapon.  Small town life accomodates people with that point of view as they smile to their neighbors and chit chat at the store about the farming, ranching and the weather, while secretly condemning them.  It’s nice being an outsider who is just an observer and not a part of any particular group.  If anything to them I’m defined by the fact that I work with “retards” (they whisper under their breath).  For some, the people I work with are contagious and I too may miraculously develop disabilities.  You can learn a lot from people who’s lives aren’t cluttered with the everyday dramas we are surrounded with.  Thus ends my scattered rambling wisdom for the day.

A beautifully grisly piece of animation someone sent to me.

It’s odd, I have all these old records I could post, even have some new ones coming in the mail any day now, but I felt like following my last post, although in a completely different direction, and posting a comp of sorts.  Another tape for you all.  This one is inspired by a tape that a friend of mine, Jeremy, made for me back in college, that I have since lost.  I’ve scoured my boxes of shit with no luck in finding a tape that represented the sum total of my blues music experience at the time I got it.  Like discovering a skip in a record, the fact that I can’t find it brings me down.  All kinds of shit going on in this world and around me, but the loss of a piece of music is what afffects me.  Anyway, I remembered most of the tunes that were on that and have aquired them, to present to you now.  If you’re into this kind of music (how could you not be?) a good starting point would be the On Muddy Sava Riverbank blog.  They were a lot of help to me as my physical copies of blues music is almost nil.  Bear with me now on the sound quality as some of these tunes were transfered from old 78s and are almost 80 years old.  As has become the custom with making these comps, this mix should fit neatly on a standard writable CD.  If you’re in the right mood, understand music history or just love good music this will be the shit for you.  Let me know, i’m curious.


Sylvester Cotton – I Tried

Sylvester Cotton – Thanksgiving Blues

Sylvester Cotton – Stormy Weather Blues

Sylvester Cotton – Brownskin Blues

Fred McDowell – Wouldn’t Mind Dyin’

Blind Lemon Jefferson – Change My Luck Blues

Son House – Walking Blues

Blind Lemon Jefferson – Hangmans Blues

Sam Collins – Jail House Blues

Blind Lemon Jefferson – See That My Grave Is Kept Clean

Bukka White – Aberdeen Mississippi Blues

John Lee Hooker – Boom Boom

John Lee Hooker – Hobo Blues

John Lee Hooker – It Serves Me Right To Sufferjohn Lee Hooker – Helpless Blues

Lightin Hopkins – Gin Bottle Blues

Lightnin Hopkins – Goin Down Slow_

Lightnin Hopkins – Baby Please Don’t Go

Lightnin Hopkins – Lonesome Road

Mississippi John Hurt – Make Me A Pallet On The Floor

Robert Johnson – Crossroad

Son House – Death Letter Blues

Son House – Levee Camp Blues

John Lee Hooker – Look At What You Did To My Life

Samples of the many great blues videos out there.

Mustard Relics mix #2

slow down
Not feeling too well tonight, but doing something music related is sometimes what the doctor ordered.  I’ve been sitting on this post for a little while and wanted to do something easy tonight.  Easy does not mean not necessarily mean not worthwhile, just something to put out there.  Used to make mixed tapes all the time for those close to me, some of you may have one or two in a box in the garage.  Sitting in front of the turntable surrounded by records, going through searching for that 1-2 minute tune, that you knew whichever friend you were making it for would dig.  Must have taken at least 4 hours just to come up with a 90 minute tape.  Kind of a two birds with one stone thing, listening to music and sharing it at the same time.  Not so personal this time, a couple of mouse clicks here and there, and presto.  Part of what this site is about, though is sharing something I love.  I love my wife too but I don’t share her.  This mix includes bands that are for the most part faster than most (not absolutely, as some tunes were just begging to be put on a comp), thus my feeble attempt at irony with the picture above.  All good tunes, in my opinion, some of which I own, others I have gotten from elsewhere in the two years that I’ve been wandering around sites that share music (a big thanx to those of you who do that).  Should all fit on one 80 minute CD to blast in your car and annoy the old lady.  I’m just not feeling it tonight guys, but maybe with these tunes you guys will.  Later.

Stark Raving Mad – No Reason
Bastard – Misery
Watchmaker – Dawn Of Indifference / Nuked To Ashes
He Who Corrupts – Mama On The Rocks
Lana Dagales – Pocket Change Feeding Millions
Deformed Conscience – Slave To Convenience
Bruce Banner – Dont Make Me Angry
Monster X – Got The Guts
Crossed Out – Heman
Brainoil – Naive In A Bliss
Napalm Death – Instinct Of Survival
Chronical Diarrhoea – Hellcommander
Hirudinea – Just kill Us
Artimus Pyle – Paint It Black
Desecration – Who’s In Control
False Confessions – Distrust
Dystopia – Anger brought On By Disease
Presto? – Anti Lei
Terrorizer – Human Prey
Nulla Osta – Nema Nade
Capitalist Casualties – Dark Circle
Iron Lung – One Cure For Two Diseases
Lack Of Interest – Whats Up
Extreme Noise Terror – You Take Part In Creating This System
Deep Wound – Lou’s Anxiety Song
Repulsion – Radiation Sickness
Sayyadina – Nothing
Slight Slappers – Stick To Your Faith
Quattro Stagioni – Blame It On The Money
Heresy – Never Healed
venom – Angel Dust
Infest – Screwed
Short hate Temper – Spacing Out
Stack – Generation Gap
Rainbow Of Death – Dark Funeral
Gride – Tanec Blaznu
Excrement of War – Blood Stained Cross
Shank – Necropolis
Cro-Mags – Sign Of The Times
Infect – Um Buraco De Realidade
Doom – Multinationals
Apartment 213 – Die Section
Fear Of God – As Statues Fell / Controlled By Fear
Melt Banana – Wedge
No Value – D-Punk

EDIT: That was a cool fucking comp, if I do say so myself, you are lucky if you got it when it was available, of course the server is gone now and it is gone as well…que lastima

System Of A Down – demos

system_of_a_down___live___rI try not to follow the news too much as it usually just pisses me off (I’ve mentioned that before).  When I go to log in at my Yahoo email account I catch the headlines there and alot of times that’s enough for me.  There were two headlines yesterday, one right after the other.  “No cost of living increase for Social Security recipients” and “Goldman Sachs profit tops $3B on strong trading”.  I know singing the same old song like you’ve heard a million times before, but the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.  That’s what makes a third world country.  I can’t even fathom a billion dollars.  I take home about $1300 a month and at that rate it would take me 64 years to have taken home one million dollars.  When you consider the rest of the world, I am not poor by any stretch of the imagination, but when you’ve got NFL atheletes taking home a million a game, actors making 20 million a movie and CEO’s making 30 million a year, something is wrong.  I know I’m just some lowly guy helping people with disabilities find work (I’m certainly not the best at what I do), but damn.  I’m not bitching, I don’t care if I make more money, I survive pretty well on what I make, I just think that anyone taking home a million a year is taking home plenty.  When is it enough?  Last year, John McCain, kind of jokingly, stated that to be rich is making 5 million a year.  To me that is filthy rich.  How rich is rich enough?  Ageless topic but it’s just what was on my mind.

soad1I’ve been sitting on this one a while, actually already had it uploaded, but my buddy Jay mentioned these guys so I decided now was a good time.  These guys are extemely big, so there’s probably no point in giving you some kind of lowdown, when you can find that at my usual source, here.  You know, it’s funny because I usually link you guys to the Wikipedia article about each band (predictable I know), but in looking for other info about these guys I noticed that a lot of blogs just copy off that Wikipedia article and that is the sum total of their post.  I’m no better or worse I guess, just different, but I’m not used to that kind of absence of babbling.  Being the half breed that I am, I guess I’m kind of racist in that I checked these guys out purely because they were all Armenian (and from Glendale, where I spent many years hanging out).  Anybody been to the Glendale Galleria?  I’m not really into the whole NuMetal thing, there are a few exceptions, but these guys are grisley (had to think of a new word because I use brutal too often).  I tried to have a buddy of mine help me to hunt down these demos a while back, but he wouldn’t touch them because he didn’t dig them.  For some people they’re a little too mainstream and I get that, being underground used to be really important to me.  This stuff though is from when they were underground and actually nowhere near as polished as they were to become.  Still to me this band is one of a kind and I’m interested to here the positive and the negative of what you guys have to say.

Untitled Demo 1995

PIG (Mr. Jack)



The Metro

First Demo




P.L.U.C.K. (Politically Lying, Unholy, Cowardly Killers)

Second Demo




Third Demo