Collective Conscience – comp. 7″

atlasI have this print hanging up in my office, by Maxfield Parrish.  The same subject matter as the picture in the last post.  Sometimes I feel like Atlas holding up the sky.

Nothing really specific on my mind right now except for what I think is good music.  Been waiting to get some samples of my buddies Jeff and James’ new band Splinter Cell up Humboldt, Cali way and James came through.  They will actually be playing this Saturday with another old buddy Ed and his band the Underlings, which I’ve posted here as well.  Check out what the NorthCoast Journal has to say here.  This stuff really surprised me as it’s the kind of stuff I’ve been enjoying lately, yet very original as only Humboldt produces.  They have a Facebook page here.  Anyway I dig them maybe you will too.  Splinter Cell – It’s Not Love , Splinter Cell – That’s Pathetic

Jay had recomended I check out some stuff in his comment on the MDC feat. Pig Champion post.  “If you get a chance, check out Poison Idea with Jeff Dahl, doing Dead Boys, Lords of the New Church, etc. tunes. It was a tribute to the great Stiv Bators”.  Good enough for me man, something else good that I’ve never heard before.  After looking to buy the CD I could only find it as a cassette on Ebay (just don’t really buy cassettes anymore).  Anyway there’s several origianls on the album, but here’s those covers.  Poison Idea & Jeff Dahl – Open Your Eyes , Poison Idea & Jeff Dahl – Flame Thrower Love

Mr. Batguano over at Fugitive Equilibrium sent me for a spin when he posted some Woody Guthrie on one of his Song Of The Week posts.  Not sure if any of you guys are familiar with him if not definately read this.  A very important figure in American music history in my opinion.  Anyway it fit perfectly as I’ve been feeling frustrated with our government lately and also with the bags of money a very small portion of our population take home yearly.  This athelete just signed a 100 million dollar contract, this CEO makes 28 million a year and so on.  Minimum wage is $7.25.  How much money is too much or for that matter how much is enough?  Is that what capitalism is all about?  Is that what we all should aspire to?  Damn a person could go on and on about that kind of stuff.  Anyway Woody spends the whole album singing about two famous anarchists from the beginning of the last century, Sacco & Vanzetti.  No screaming and hollaring here, just good old fashioned singing.  This wasn’t the tune Mr. Batguano posted, but this was my favorite off of the album.  Woody Guthrie – Two Good Men  One thing that was cool about Woody Guthrie, is he didn’t believe in copyrights.
collconOnce again I’ve gone on and on before getting to the post at hand.  I can’t help myself man.  I’m just going to accept it and do what I gotta do.  Ha, ha.  This one is almost completely random.  I was just kind of going through my 7″s and stumbled upon this one.  I hadn’t heard it in a long time and figured if I was going to listen to it I may as wel rip it.  This was not a record that blew me away but I did kind of like it and figure it may grow on me now that I have it digitized.  One of the bands on this comp, Blister, I have posted before in the form of their Stitches 7″.  I didn’t exactly get a big response out of that one and the rest of the bands on this comp are somewhat similar.  Released in 1992 I believe on Broken Rekids is about all I know.  Flex usually keeps things short and to the point in their descriptions of records, which I could probably learn from, so check what they had to say, “Most bands have the more jazzy / experimental attitude (comparable to Nomeansno or Minutemen) w/o getting artsy or tiring.”  Probably my fave is Sabot’s bassy tune, but what do I know.  Enough said…

Blister – Smother Earth

Sabot – Velcro

Assassins Of God – Big Bad Bomb

Tinnitus – Sound Of Impact


Fire Demons – Live @ Hell’s Kitchen

One of my dogs killed a whole litter of new born kittens today.  You know country living does not provide one with an escape from the cruelty of mankind, but nature and it’s harsh reality is more evident.  Everything if processed correctly can be a lesson, I suppose.

Brian sent me on a quest for more music related to past posts.  Thanx bro.  We’ve done Lynyrd Skynyrd and we’ve done the Accused but we haven’t done the Accused doing Skynyrd.  Really like the covers those guys do.

Low and behold found another cover of the same song by a band that I really never got into, although they were around back in the day.  They don’t do a bad job in my opinion,

This next one is definitely for you Brian, another sweet Skynyrd cover,

Funny, I mentioned this before, I never really was a Skynyrd fan going back to the Toby & Jacks days in Arcata, because they were a band you could find just about every idiot playing on the jukebox in any bar I’ve ever been into.  Simple Man and Junkie are faves now though, but I’ve mentioned that before too.  If you’re into metal bands doing covers you must check out, Tributes of Metal.

This band popped into my head the other day and I’m glad they did…

You know it’s too bad they didn’t get as much appreciation back then.  Not that the whole band didn’t rock in the most unique of ways, especially back then, but damn the guitar sound send shivers down my spine.

Been sitting on this post for a while now and really should have put it out there a while back when it was still fresh, never-the-less…  This show was from sometime at the beginning of the summer (I think) when The Fire Demons did this west coast thing and played several show in between Cali and Canada.  I wasn’t there obviously but Jeff was kind enough to pass it on by way of the sometimes insincere internet.  Couldn’t tell you if it was a soundboard or audience thing but I know the sound is great.  Stole this picture, taken at the show but you should go see more pictures first hand from the show, here.   I’ve done a few posts on these guys that you can find if you’re so inclined, and to be honest with you I’ve babbled on about these guys enough (starting to get sick of the sound of my own voice or I guess in this case, reading my own writing).  They kick ass and rock hard, enjoy.

Millions of Dead Cops – feat. Pig Champion 7″

I know you guys have gotten emails with pictures like these before, where photos are ruined by something else in the picture.  Silly I know, but they made me laugh.


Jay had mentioned a while back on that Kiss post, another cover that might be worth looking into.  Searched high and low for it, and even emailed a couple of guys on other blogs that seem to have a lot of this early east coast stuff.  Found out that Roir who originally released the live cassette may be putting it out again (actually all they have is a picture of the cover and over it the words “Soon Come”).  Anyway you can find just about everything music wise at slsk, but even there I found nothing.  It’s all about timing though and when the right person comes on, bam, there it is.

The other day a friend of mine, on another music site, called me neurotic because of my comments and banned me from making future comments on his site.  I can respect him for that.  It may be neurotic to say this but, to my other friends out there, don’t let it get to that.  If I’m bugging you let me know, because I know I can bug, and I’ll back the fuck off.

Another song off the radio that I can’t believe I’d never heard before, or at least remember me hearing.  You know, speaking of neurotic, I think the radio station is a little bugged by me because whenever they play a good song that I don’t know, without mentioning the title or band, I call them up or email them.  The wife who already knows how nutty I am, gives me a hard time about bugging them.  Anyway everybody else in the world probably knows this tune written by John Entwhistle, so here that is.

And how about a pretty fucking great cover of that tune by a band that some of you may be familiar with.  The Accused – Boris The Spider

I discovered a blog while surfing around with a pretty wide selection of some pretty rare metal.  If you are into that kind of stuff you should definately check them out at Lockjaw.  They don’t have a lot to say most of the time, which maybe I could learn from, but the music speaks for itself.  A quick sample of something I found there, Terrorizer – Dead Shall Rise (rehearsal 04-25-87)

Erich over at the Good Bad Music site sent this one to me a while back along with a bunch of other killer 7″s.  This is the one that I had said I was looking for along with the MDC/Capitalist Casualties split.  This one was noteworthy because it had Tom “Pig Champion” of Poison Idea on guitar.  My musical ear isn’t that good so it’s not like when I listened to it I could identify it as having his signature guitar work.  Still, if you like MDC, and over the years like some other bands that have been around for a long time, they have a formula, you will dig this.  If anything you gotta dig the title of the first track.  Reminded me of when I was a kid and this older kid stole several of my Dungeons & Dragons figurines.  I never did have the guts to say…

I Don’t Want To Hurt You Dude, I Just Want My Shit Back

Dark Clouds