The Mob – Live Amsterdam 06/05/79 (soundboard)


Years ago when I was a fairly successful small time criminal I always wanted to take a picture like this, along with the fruits of my labor, and send it to High Times or something.  Glad I didn’t because to my eyes it looks kind of silly.  Actually Liam looks pretty cool because he’s sporting the killer Real Skateboards hat my bro Jason got him.  We were getting ready to mow and the last time we had gone out Liam complained about the dust so I got him a bandana.  Made me think of this tune we did in Garden Weasel that I posted way back when…

Was watching VH1 Classic and this live video came on and damned if they didn’t play the same tune on my classic rock station, 96.9 KFIX, on the way to work the very next day.  Not a tune they play very often either.  Took me back to when I was about 11, with my poor man’s version of a boom box, a radio and a cassette player.  My friends and I would sit around listening to the radio and wait for “good” tunes to come on and we would record them.  You had to recognize the tune quick so you could hurry and hit record before the singing started.  This was the tune, remember it?

Just kind of have been feeling like this lately…  I know he’s pretty mainstream, or at least was with the tune “Loser”, but for a strange little scientology type guy, I think he’s a genuis.  Kind of reminds me of Syd Barrett a little bit (a very little bit with the lyrical oddness).  Gonna have to do a post on him sometime. Tripoutonthis homemade vid…

For some strange reason that tune made me think of something else so I went on a cassette search and turned up nothing, so I resorted to slsk.  Getting really mainstream here, at least as far as the 90’s is concerned, but you obviously aren’t going to listen to every tune I put up here.  These two were my favorite from her off the album “Tidal” and then she disappeared, at least off my radar.  Probably shouldn’t have been on my radar in the first place some of you may be thinking.  Great voice, deep lyrics and haunting tunes…”and I need to be redeemed to the one I sinned against”…Just putting the stuff out there guys…

My bro Brian mentioned another Kiss cover tune so I went out and looked for it because I wanted to hear it.  Not bad but it didn’t blow my mind or anything, sorry Brian, but you can get after me about some of these other tunes I’ve posted.  😀

This tune has been the find of the summer for me thanx to Peter over at Killed By Death.  I had to steal that from him and put it here (just because) but you should really check it out in his original context here.  Great fucking tune at an incredible site…

Speaking of stuff I’ve stolen, even stole the pic on this one from KFTH, I got the main part of this post from Penguin at the Kill Your Pet Puppy site.  See it in his original context here.  I did do a little work though, so I’m not just a thief, as Penguin usually offers up his rips as one big file.  I took the file and seperated it into tracks (I did not edit anything out, so all the talking is there) and labeled the tunes for you.  I’m not going to get into a big long thing about these guys, because you really should just get into them.  They have a myspace here and you could probably look around and get better information than I could ever give.  I’ve been into them since about 1985, which was after they were done, I think, and really have played the shit out of everything I had by them.  This was special though because I had never heard a good sounding complete set from them and this really fit the bill.  Let me know what you think and go thank Penguin for yourself.

Crying Again
Youth (bass/drum)
Never Really Cared
Too Young
Last Year’s Thing
All Went Wrong

It’s A Rip Off
The Fast One
Violence/Louie Louie
What’s Going On

EDIT: The edited rips are long gone, but I did go ahead and upload my favorite track to fucking youtube. KYPP is alive and well, links are still good there and that is just a must go to site if you consider yourself any kind of a music lover and/or historian…

Visual Discrimination – Serial Killers 7″

Well I’m back and my son Liam’s part of my summer is over.  The old lady and I are gonna relax, watch movies and hope that the hotest part of it is over.  Actually we have been getting a fair amount of rain so the grass and weeds are growing like crazy and there’s been lots of mowing to do.  The garden has done/is doing well with tomatoes, jalepeno, onions and cilantro.  Yeah you guessed it, salsa ingredients.  Actually only made one batch so far but the wife has been eating tomatoes like candy and we’ve been giving plenty of stuff away.  Between this post and the last one you kind of get the idea of what’s been up this summer.

08-16-09-30 08-16-09-28 Kim, Liam and I at a rest stop on the Colorado/Kansas border along I-70 on the way to the Denver airport.

08-16-09 One of my favorite shots of Liam this summer with my horse Cherokee.

08-16-09-20 My buddy from work, “Big Chris” at the Rooks County Fair.  Actually all my friends and the old lady’s as well are people we work with.  Chris is my teacher in the fine arts of repairing vehicles that are old and falling apart, junk food appreciation (do you guys have Little Debbies snacks where you live?), and fishing.

08-13-09_2011 08-13-09_2015 08-13-09_2030 Chris turned Liam and I onto a spot at the Webster Lake where the fish weren’t big but they wouldn’t leave us alone.  Actually the Blue Gill and White Bass don’t get huge but people say they’re good eating.  We threw all ours back so they could damn us for having tricked them.

08-16-09-14 08-16-09-17 Grandma and the granddaughter at the Fair enjoying the sites, sounds and a Sponge Bob stuffed toy.  If you live in rural America you know that fairs are a big part of the summer.  Most of the fairs suck but the one we go to every year has good rides, good food and a carnival complete with the always interesting carnies.  Liam actually goes to two fairs as the one in the county north of us, where several cousins live, has a good scene going on too.

Well now that I’ve bored you with my life…  I almost forgot what this site is mostly about, music.  Now bear with me because I’ve got some music business to clear up before we get to the main post.  You guys were really cool (you’ve probably forgetten about me in my absence, except for those who are addicted to downloading without commenting) and had lots of great comments during my semi vacation and left me with some directions to go in my never ending search for good music.  My old bro Ed on the Kiss post had mentioned that there was one damn good cover of  “God of Thunder” that I left out, shit if it wasn’t the Melvins.  Check  their awesome version.

The Melvins – God Of Thunder

A new bro of mine Jay, mentioned that the Stimulators played a mean cover of “I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night” but I searched high and low, and couldn’t even find it mentioned.  He probably saw them play it live, way back when, being the old man that he is.  I’d love to hear that so if anyone knows where that is, hook me up. 

My friend Fernando stopped by and when discussing the Runaways, Suzi Quatro came up.  Anybody remember her?  Leather Tuscadero.  Actually she’s had a massive musical career going back to the early 70’s and I guess was a lot bigger in the UK and Australia.  The only thing I have by her is the Rock Hard lp (on cassette) and my favorite tune has always been “Lipstick”.  You gotta listen to that.


Suzi Quatro – Lipstick

Fernando mentioned some more of her classics, couldn’t agree more, and until I get around to posting an album you get to sample those too.

Suzi Quatro – Rock Hard

Suzi Quatro – Suicide

Suzi Quatro – If You Can’t Give Me Love

Some of you guys may already know this but my bro Match has started up his own site with poetry and some amazing short stories.  Check him out at Red Match 13.

Now onto the actual post.

img img_0001 vd7inch  Don’t let all that banter up there take anything away from these guys because they are the real deal.  Straight up hardcore.  You may remember them from my previously posted No Control At The Country Club live comp 7″.  Well a new buddy of mine, Tim, the singer, found that and we kind of struck up a conversation.  Thanx to him, you get this later 7″ from 1997.  Flex calls it “Raw and thrashy hardcore. Similar to their older stuff” and I couldn’t agree more.  Up to this point I’ve been too busy and maybe a bit lazy to post the LP I have of theirs.  Funny that a very old friend of mine, Bob of Deep Six Records is the one who put this out.  Anyway Tim is a damn cool guy and I’ve talked enough so get to this.  Thanx again Tim.