06-16-09_1231 Sorry guys for lack of presence around here as summer is in full swing for me.  Please don’t let that stop yall from coming over to check things out on a semi-regualr basis.  Picked up my son from the Denver airport, which is a five hour drive, who flew in from North Carolina, for his yearly summer stay.  We talk weekly, all year long, but it’s always a trip seeing how he’s grown up every time he gets off that plane.  Anyway we’ve been wrapped up in a lot of different activities and my time on the computer is really limited.

06-21-09-27 06-21-09-8 06-21-09-20 Took the boy, and his best friend in Kansas, to the South Fork of the Solomon river, about five minutes away, which actually ran through the back yard of the house we lived at before this one (you guys saw those pics last year).  The river, which is usually just a large trickle of a creek was particularly swollen that day because of several inches of rain a few days earlier.  Kind of scary watching the boys as the river was deep and the current was strong, but they are much better swimmers than the old man.  About 6 feet deep there where they’re jumping in.

07-03-09-1 Of course one of those american rites of passage is a young man doing chores to earn his keep.  Liam’s gotten the hang of mowing which is somewhat of a precursor to learning how to drive and seems to enjoy that.  It’s been up in the high 90’s, low 100’s, and the mosquitos are thick so sometimes it takes a little prodding to get him out there to help out the old man.

kiss-hth-a2 When I was about 10, in about 1979 I can remember really being into KISS along with the neighbor kids from the apartment downstairs.  I know these guys were the epitome of corporate rock as so much of music was getting to be back then, but we had no concept of that back then (by the time I was 12 though I did know and it changed my musical direction, from then on).  Did anyone else go through that KISS faze or are you willing to admit it? I remember those neighbor boys, that I’ve mentioned before as having argued all the time over who was better, Van Halen or Led Zeppelin, had their KISS Army stuff all over their room.  Do you guys remember that commercial that went, “Kiss, that’s the name, Kiss, they really look insane…?”  Ha ha sort of funny looking back at all that, but I know for a little while these guys were the shit.  I completely lost interest in them though when they went unmasked.  Anyway, I got both of these records back then from some kid’s older brother for like a dollar a peice, but somewhere in time they disappeared from my collection.  A couple of months ago I got a wild hair and picked them up again off of Ebay for a few bucks each and kind of went back in time listening to them again.  A couple of days ago they had one of their more recent, masked concerts on VH1 Classic and I gotta say I was digging it. Alot heavier than what I’ve heard on the records and if you can get past the guitar solos for every song, the guitars ripped it up as well. They played a couple of tunes that must have been more modern by the sound of them that I was thoroughly impressed with but didn’t get any name so that will be another expedition I’ll have to go on. As far as what I have for you, I didn’t rip every song from both of these albums just the ones I always dug.

Dr. Love

Shock Me


God Of Thunder

Hotter Than Hell

“God Of Thunder” was always my favorite KISS tune but I could never really pick one which was my favorite version, as at that time it was on 3 (later 4) albums.



God Of Thunder (from Destroyer)

God Of Thunder (from Double Platinum)

God Of Thunder (from Alive 4)

Some other people thought the tune was good enough to give it their own spin, but none of them comes close to the original.

White Zombie – God Of Thunder

Iced Earth – God Of Thunder

Entombed – God Of Thunder

Miss Pussycat – God Of Thunder