The Stooges – I Wanna Be Your Dog b/w Real Cool Time

06-10-09-3Before I forget, I added a couple of important tunes to the end of the last post on Wanda Jackson, so be sure and check those.

06-10-09-40The oldest granddaughter, Lael, and I doing some mowing the other day.  Our old mower has been in the shop for over a month so we had to borrow this sweet ride from a buddy,

06-10-09-44My instant Stooges 7″ collection I scored in a lot off of Ebay a week or so ago for unbelievably dirt cheap.  Lucky score, but actually all I can afford is a few bucks here and there for records.  All of these are represses except two and I thought I’d share one of those originals with you.  I think most of the 5 people who read and listen here know these guys probably better than I do, so I will make this short, but if for some reason your planet didn’t have the Stooges, this is a band you need to check out.  I guess I can’t talk because I would have never heard of them if it hadn’t of been for my bro Gage back in college.  My favorite tune by these guys is 1969 but these two are right up there.

Real Cool Time

Wanda Jackson

I’ve been MIA around here lately and I’m sorry about that.  My Grandma died on Friday and the funeral was on Monday so there’s been a lot going on.  Not necessarily a sad event as she had been fighting cancer for 8 years with surgeries, almost non-stop chemo, and constant pain.  She said it herself, she was ready to go.  So I’ve been thinking about what would be a good tribute to her, but most of what I listen to would not be to her liking and would most likely scare, bewilder or anger her.  Johnny Cash was a maybe but I just did two posts on him and really except for the stuff he did in the Highwaymen, I think I’ve represented him well.  To be honest with you I really don’t know what kind of music she liked, whatever old French Canadians born and raised in No Where, Kansas listen to I guess.

What I came up with was Wanda Jackson.  The time frame is about right so what the hell, she also just got inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame and for the time she was a pretty seriously rockin lady (The Queen of Rockabilly).  I don’t know too much about her except for what I’ve read.  Out of about 30 songs I listened to, there was one that stood out.  Not something I would personally go out and buy, and you guys will probably just skip over it, which is okay too, but I can’t deny this lady’s place in rock and roll history and definitely her place in the progression of harder and harder music.  I did actually really like this tune how it breaks from the Rockabilly into a country riff.

I Gotta Know

Edit:  Well Josh a regular visitor and commenter around here, who just always seems to add great suggestions for other tunes related to a particular post, came through big time.  He mentioned Funnel Of Love with the Cramps backing up Wanda Jackson and then took it one step further and sent me the tune.  Just perfect with that Cramps vibe, check it out.

Funnel Of Love (featuring the Cramps)

Also I found a tune that is something traditional my Grandma may have listened to.  Even though it is Cajun it’s still Acadian.  This tune was in the movie Southern Comfort (1981), if anyone remembers that great movie.

Balfa Brothers – Parlez Nous Borie (Let’s Talk About Drinking)

Sweet Crude – Parlez-Nous à Boire

Sarah Savoy and the Francadians – Parlez Nous a Boire

The Underlings – Operational Excellence cd

underlings1 theunderlingspromo-6001 My bro Ed sent me his bands new(ish) CD the other day and I was pretty stoked. Definately much more mainstream than anything we ever did with Garden Weasel but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t rock. I know it’s a bad word but indie rock is the first thing that comes to mind, but these guys are no music virgins trying to make it big with some pop record. This is solid rock and roll with a lot of influences and a wide variety of tunes. There’s a sort of medium intensity review over at another blog, Fire Drills, that compares them to early Cheap Trick. I don’t know too much about Cheap Trick except that our classic rock station plays that live version of “I Want You To Want Me” way too much. The first tune on here immediately got stuck in my head, which to me means it’s a damn good catchy tune, but I’m psychotic enough that sometimes getting things stuck in my head is not a good thing. I like all the tunes on here, all but two were written by Ed and actually the two tunes written by the bass player almost lean into a melodic punky hardcore thing.  I’ve known Ed for over 20 years now and one thing that has always been clear is his love of music and it shows on this record.  For the first time ever I got a chance to hear his “nice” voice, which translates to some really soulful singing. So what I may be saying with this is that I may be a little biased and you in fact may have a totally different impression, which is okay. I got the okay from Ed to post this because as he said they will probably never sell out of it (maybe you will dude) and this is just a good way to get it out there at least to the 5 or 6 who read and listen at MR.  You can get this for yourself at their label Daily Records.  Enjoy.

Born In A Boxcar

Pure Genius


Baby, Please

Runnin’ From The Cops

Victim (I Only Wanna Be A)

Waiting For The Bomb

Plastic-Coated Fairy