Johnny Cash – American Recordings

c_cash Okay enough about my feeble brain and my petty concerns, let’s make this short and do some music okay?  The Warden, mentioned another somewhat less overplayed Lynyrd Skynyrd tune in my last post that he thought was worth a listen…

Turned out to be a pretty ripping tune that I’d never heard of before and certainly hadn’t heard on the radio.  It turns out a stoner sludge outfit did a heavy thing with the tune too that I found when searching for the original pretty badass…

Not too long ago I did a Johnny Cash post that was well received, if not for the man himself, then at least for a discussion of “good” westerns.  Well fast forward about 35 years from those important Sun Recordings and you get the American Recordings produced by Rick Rubin and released on Def Jam.  I’m not going to get too into a discussion about this one except to say that you should not be disappointed by this stuff from a one of a kind man with a one of a kind voice.  If anything on these recordings his voice sound haunting and tortured in a way that you don’t hear elswhere.  My personal favorites are “Delia’s Gone” (which Kim thought I was nuts when we were dating to have put on a comp tape for her), “The Beast In Me” and “Thirteen” (written by Glenn Danzig).  What an honor it must have been for them to have worked with the man.  The first track…

Having trouble just shutting my pie hole and letting the music do the talking.  As I usually do before writting a post, I read about the music on Wikipedia (not as if it’s the all knowing authority) to just kind of get in the groove along with listening to the tunes.  Well I found out that there is one tune from the American Recordings sessions that you can’t get on a proper Johnny Cash album which is only on the Kill Bill vol. 2 soundtrack.  It’s a killer so here that is.  The post wasn’t that short after all.

Apocalyptic Music Brigade – S/T cd

junkie Still not feeling right, it’s a damn chemical imbalance in the brain and just kind of slow on getting things done like this blog.  Years of abusing alcohol, I think got my brain used to that particular state in terms of how I operated and now left with just naturally occuring chemicals, I’m having to relearn how to function.  You’d think that after almost four years of being clean things would have worked themselves out but I’m having to come to grips with permanent damage.  Oh well, nothing to do but keep on keeping on.  Anyway, a post or two ago I had mentioned a song that I had heard on our classic rock station, something about “junkie man” but the DJ didn’t give the song title or artist.  Well I got through to the station during their request hour and managed to get the info, Lynyrd Skynyrd-Junkie.  I love this song and actually to me it sounds way more like the band Cream.  Listen to that tune because to me it’s definitely worth the listen and also one of their best, plus you won’t find it on the jukebox of a bar in Anywhere, USA, like you will some of their other tunes.  The lyrics are about junkies of course but really they fit well with the alcoholic too.  I remember in the rehabs I had the fortune to spend time in that the alcoholics and the heroin addicts tended to get along much better than they did with people who were there for meth, cocaine or crack.  Very similar detox process I guess.

The Warden’s World A cool news related political/social commentary blog that I stumbled upon, or actually the Warden stumbled upon me.  He threw up a comment and so I checked out what had going on.  Damn the dude really does his research and even though I don’t consider myself a Democrat or a Republican, I’d have to say he paint a really good picture of what’s going on.  Truth be told I try not to Pay attention to much in the world of politics because it depresses me, but you can’t deny the power of the blog, music or otherwise.

Someone had commented a while back about wanting the Long Beach Dub Allstars & Friends CD and even though I asked him to comment again to make sure he was serious and he didn’t, I went ahead and uploaded that.  Check that original Long Beach Dub Allstars post.

acfe42b So after wrtting all that I don’t really have much to say as far as information about this one.  I got this from my bro Brian who had played in another band with some of the same members that I’ve already posted, King Jerk, who are another Humboldt California band worth checking out.  There isn’t even much out there on the web other than to mention the bands name at sites like Humboldt Music.  I did get the band members who are as follows:  Gabe Douge-Guitars, Synth.  Travis Dyer-Guitar.  Arron Eaton-Bass.  John McManus-Vocals.  Jed Watts-Drums Vocals.  Gabe I mentioned before as having him so some engineering for some of the bands I was in and he was also the main cheese I think behind King Jerk.  The only thing that Brian had to add was that Jed Watts apparently now plays in a band called Machete who also feature Roshawn from Sake and The Hitch.  Well AMB are metal but in that different kind of way that only Humboldt produces.  Kind of in the same vein as the almighty Grimace that you can find here (that’s an album that you should definately listen to).  So not having too much else to say, these guys rock and you should give them a listen.


Julias Butthole Flies

Neaderthal In Hell


I’m Alive

Sabbath Song


Road Hog


Charlie Horse


The Coming Of The Apocalyptic Ending

X Ray Spex – I Am A Poseur b/w The Day The World Turned Dayglow

xray-cbgb This was the first one of the 7″s, that Erich over at Good Bad Music  sent me, that demanded playing, ripping and posting.  This one took me way back to the days when I would be a guest DJ up at KHSU when I was in college.  One of the many records they had up there that I had wished I had for myself and don’t think that stealing many of them hadn’t crossed my mind.  I wish now that I had stolen a bunch of those rarities becuase in this digital age I wouldn’t be surprised if they got rid of them all to make room for CDs.  Row upon row of incredible records that showed that since the 70’s whoever was deciding what to get for the station had done a damn good job.  Somewhere I have a tape of one of the shows I DJ’d and at the end it is the beginning of the set for the next DJ who openned with “I Am A Poseur”.  It was funny because she was this really uptight lady that many people in my circle did not like (I could have cared less) and it was funny to hear her announce “I Am A Poseur”, twice because she said “I’m A Poseur” the first time.  Maybe not that funny now that I think about it and in reality we’re all poseurs anyway.  It was fun doing those shows as it was the middle of the night or early morning (vampire time) so pretty much it was just friends or die hard metal/punk/hardcore fans that were listening and you could play whatever the hell you felt like playing.  The crew of people that I hung out with that were also DJ’s ended up being pretty important to music in the Humboldt area during this time in that they formed Night Train Productions.  Alot of shows with both local and out of town acts happened because of NTP and for a little while Arcata/Eureka California was a good stopping point for bands in between San Francisco and Portland.  I think I’ve mentioned that somewhere else in this blog and I’m already starting to repeat myself so we will leave it at that.  Anyway X Ray Spex were a pretty epic band as far as that first wave of British punk was concerned.  This single, I believe their second, was released in 1978.  Read about them at my usual source here.  At the beginning of the article they say that, “were “deliberate underachievers” and only managed to release five singles plus one album”.  I don’t know if that’s that small of an output for only being together for three years but what do I know.  They were unusual in that they used the saxophone which wasn’t cheeezy and actually made them rock harder.  So enough talk, onto the music, thanx again Mr. Keller.


I Am A Poseur

The Day The World Turned Dayglow

I had heard that these guys had done some Peel Sessions, which I don’t know if you’ve noticed yet, but I totally dig recordings done from that show, so I went and found them from here.  There is something so awesome about a well recorded live set.  I’m not sure if this represents all they did with John Peel, I know they did two sessions, but these are what came with the 2 CD reissue of their Germ Free Adolescents album.  Dig on how fast and powerful I Am A Poseur sounds.

Genetic Engineering


I Am A Poseur


Germ Free Adolescents

Warrior In Wolworths



Getting Older

good-bad-goodiesWell my good friend Erich over at the Good Bad site outdid himself and instead of just sending me the Dave MDC/Pig Champion 7″ that we had talked about, he piled on a few extra, including X Ray Spex, ACDC, ExtrememNoiseTerror, Fear Of God, Kaaos, and Odio.  Really an insanely cool thing to do and a definitely cool reminder of how over the top some people in this community are.  Really took me back to the old days of when music lovers took care of each other but I guess that’s what this whole music blog thing is about.  THANX A TON ERICH.  Expect some of these posted in the near future as most of these are Mustard Relics and by coming here by way of someone who played in a band that I really dug on back in the day, the others have instantly become so.

third-eye-coffee As this blog and it’s author grow older there may be a few things worth mentioning.  Well the spam comments have far surpassed the number of just regular comments now.  Had to set it up so that when there are words like xanax, viagra, cialis and valium it goes straight into the spam pile so I don’t have to spend 20 minutes everyday moderating comments. A typical spam comment these days might be,

“That proved propoxyphene master walking clonidine his form paroxetine long gone fulvicin structures were prinivil they entered nizoral own sorrow tamiflu agreed ruefully atorvastatin skeletons made actonel olie bade provigil just couldn ultram help the psilocybin irrelevant because azithromycin future encounter triamterene gems within bontril gone from levitra sex with tylenol aybe our cyclobenzaprine spend the colchicine olph scooted plendil olie took amazing.”

Once in a while I get self centered or maybe it’s just paranoid and I do a Google or Yahoo search for myself and see what’s out there.  There was the usual stuff but this time there was something new.  A young guy (goes by the nickname GG Allin) who has commented here and is actually a regular around the Good Bad site had some kind of a journal entry that made mention of me.  Check it out.

“i wanted to post this for fucking ever now and now i get to. i want to bring this up. i’ll give some examples of what i’m talking about. justin hrabe. he was the the lead singer of bands such as wd-40 and garden weasel. now he has a wife and lives in kansas. what happened dude? and what about peter from raped teenagers? now where is he? he is now in a pop band called the flakes. erich keller is still cool but what about all the guys who when their bands broke up got a computer job and a fucking bmw. this is what worrys me. what happens to me in a fer years? what happens to the guys in nobody good in a few years? will all the kids lose interest and go back back to school? i don’t want to become that but i’m afrade. i’m afrade for all the punks in the world. don’t lose tuch. don’t stop believing in rebellion and most of all don’t stop just because everybody says you have to! don’t be like the brainwashed masses be yourself! believe in what you want don’t believe what someone tells you to believe and don’t give in until you’ve fucking won! that’s all i have to say. ”

First off I’d say he really needs to work on his spelling but maybe that’s the new texting generation of abbreviations and the lack of focus 0n phonics.  Ohter than that I’d say he was worried about ending up like me and some of the older generations of punks and maybe implied that we had changed for the worst.  I know that I have changed but I like to think for the better, wiser and yet not forgetting where I came from.  How can I do anything but that.  As it stands I can never have another drink or do dope because of where I’ve been.  Shit that was half or more of what it was all about for me.  I still hate government, big business, capitalism, racism, suffering and so on.  I don’t know, his words made me think and that is never bad, and actually what I came up with is I’m pretty happy with where I am today, married, who I have around me, my friends and where I’m at.  What about you guys, how has growing older worked out for you?

Going back again to my Johnny Cash post, Josh Hansen, another former Humboldt County California resident recommended another great Johnny tune, Highway Patrolman that was actually written by Bruce Springsteen.  To be honest with you I don’t think I’ve ever heard a JC tune I didn’t like.  Expect another post on him in the near future.

Was listening to the classic rock station that I’ve mentioned a hundred times and heard this one tune that I really dug but the DJ pulled a shit head manuever and didn’t mention the name of the tune or the artist.  Something about “Junkie Man”, that sounded a little bit like Cream, but I couldn’t find anything like that on soulseek.  Any help you guys?  Heard another tune called Dance Little Sister by the Rolling Stones that I’ve heard a million times but for some reason it totally reminded me of 70’s punk. 

If you made it this far through my ramblings thanx for reading and for hanging in there…  😀

Bruce Banner / Sayyadina split 7″

05-01-09-1 I’m stoked because I got a bunch of records in the mail today and I have more yet to come.  I’m trying not to be just a downloader of music but also a buyer of music, which I guess I’ve been doing for 30+ years now.  Got Kiss’ Hotter Than Hell off of Ebay along with some crust stuff, also from Ebay but from a guy I know from blogging, Nate of  True Punk and Metal.  Still expecting a 7″ I’ve been after for some time from Erich over at Good Bad Music but that one’s coming clear over from Switzerland.  Cheers to the guys who make stuff available.

05-01-09-7 Don’t you wish all your problems could be solved with a simple scratch under the chin?

imag0032 I was tellin the old lady that it says something bout a person who dresses up their dogs.  Their tales were waggin because I had some chunks of meat for treats but they weren’t too impressed with the outfits.

imag0014 Ghostly on the porch at night.  Anyway…

In my searching on the various blogs that you can find in my links I’ve run across all kinds of cool bands and one such is the incredible Bruce Banner.  I can’t seem to find any of their stuff to buy so I’m pretty much stuck with what I can find on the blogs.  I can’t remember which blog turned me onto them, but it made such an impact that I went and found a torrent that had their discography.  If you dig power violence (or are they grindcore, the line is so blurred now) then they are where it’s at these days.  In that discography though was this split 7″ and if Bruce Banner blew me away then Sayyadina knocked me to my knees.  The drumming alone in this band makes the music well worth sampling.  You can get this 7″ in a much better rip from Pabst over at his Am I Mean blog from here along with a lot more of their stuff if you do a search there.  Bruce Banner has some web presence here while Sayyadina can be found here and here.  Oh yeah my bro Jason over at Lo Res Viscera has one of Sayyadina’s albums here.  So if you dig Power Violence or Grindcore then you will dig both these bands and actually if you’re a fan you probably know about these already.  Regardless of what music you like you must listen to at least one tune by Sayyadina like “Nothing”.




The Revenge

The Awakening

Their Control




Don’t make Me Angry

Dead Serious

Ruiner Of All Things Good

Falck Security-Javla As

Love Is The Only Weapon