Icons Of Filth

happy-drugs Been sort of out of it lately dealing with my own brand of armchair insanity without losing it.  I always make it through but for the most part I don’t deal with stress well and prefer a much more laid back existence.  Even other peoples’s problems bother me and unless they are willing to honestly approach things in a solution oriented way, I don’t want to hear about it.  For the most part been feeling unmotivated in such a way that I could do absolutely nothing about it.  The old lady will be the first to testify on my behalf or is it against me about that, but she manages to make sure I don’t get too far out there.  I can’t even imagine what it would be like without the meds.  The landlord made a trip up which was kind of a source of stress around here but I took it out on a particularly nasty tall stretch of grass and weeds with the push mower (the riding mower is still in the shop).  Not very punk rock mowing the lawn but I have about an acre and half to knock down so that we don’t have snakes right up next to the house.  I hate ticks but the old lady hates and is terrorized by snakes.  Well the landlord was pretty stoked on how we were keeping things and was talking about doing some upkeep so the stress was unnecessary and short lived.  We also had a chance to have supper with a friend of ours from work who’s house sits on about 240 acres, so we did some hiking around the creeks on his property after a properly home cooked meal.  Pictures will come next time we go out and I remember the camera.  Okay now that I’ve bored you with that.

drunk1 My Grandfather at 80 has discovered the internet and enjoys passing on all those emails we tend to have gotten a hundred times from all sorts of people but every once in a while he comes through.  The latest came with a picture of an old guy sitting in a comfortable chair (not the above image) and read, “I’ve  often been asked, ‘What do you old folks do now that you’re retired?   Well..I’m fortunate to have a chemical engineering background, and one of the things I enjoy most is turning beer, wine, Scotch, and margaritas into urine.”  Funny I don’t think my Grandfather knows that for several years in my life I was an uncontrollable alcoholic, part time addict and probably spent another 15 years working up to that honary position.  Well I found humor in what he sent me for a couple of reasons.  My grandfather is a very healthy 80 years old because he drank very little and didn’t spend a whole lot of time beating the shit out of his body.  The other thing is that for a period in my life that was what I did 24/7, was turn liqour into urine.  A miracle.

Oh yeah after that Johnny Cash post that I got such a good response to I had some thoughts.  You guys seemed to have liked the flick Outlaw Josey Wales, do you have any other favorites?  Billy mentioned Dances With Wolves which is an obvious classic/epic.  One of the things that made it so awesome as with any western involving Native Americans is that they embraced the native community with language, actors and so on.  And I know we’re talking mainstream Hollywood here which is just as faulty as any big business ventures, but if you can look beyond that like we do the rest of the evil going on in this world (sometimes), maybe we can pick a few others.  Little Big Man (a true classic)?   Windtalker (all native language)?  The Unforgiven?  3:10 To Yuma?  Any favorites you guys?  Also from that last post my bros Match and Boner had a couple of Johnny Cash tunes that they really liked, so I went and found those two killer tunes.


Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down

Cocaine Blues

Cocaine Blues (live)

iof-uau Well all that babbling up there has got me babbled out, now that we’ve gotten to the band that this post is about.  I got this first one when it first came out in about 1983 when I was going through my Crass/Rudimentary Peni faze and I was getting anything on the Crass or Corpus Christi labels.  Funny because my two favorite bands at the time were Crass and Slayer.  The Used Abused Unamused 7″ is hands down my favorite and subjectively the best of the lot.  The other two I think were one of those things where I borrowed them (from Kevin A.) and never gave them back.  If you’re reading this dude I can mail them back to you  🙂  I put them under my hardcore category but what Icons Of Filth really is, is kind of a punky crust meld between the vocals and the music.  Start off with the tunes Used, Abused, Unamused or Asking too Much.


Used, Abused, Unamused

A Measure Of Insecurity

Asking Too Much




Enough Is Enough

Brain Death

Success On A Plate (For Who?)


Sunk Rock



Johnny Cash – The Sun Years

bad-stairsOne of my many things I do in working with people with disabilities is coming up with picture lists of job tasks for people who can’t read.  So for instance if someone had to clean a toilet as part of a daily routine I might take pictures of toilet bowl cleaner, a toilet brush, a toilet and put them together indicating how and what was needed to get that particular job done.  That’s a very simple example but you get the point.  When it comes time to do that I search around clip art sites to get images to match the jobs that are needing picture lists.  So, long story short I was looking for a clip art image of stairs and found this one, and in my subdued insanity I busted out laughing.  Sadistic laughing, finding humor in this cartoon woman’s misfortune.  The shoe off, the hands out, the hair back and the look of fearful terror, still makes me laugh.  Needless to say I did not use this image for the picture list I was working on because the woman who needed that list would have been deathly afraid that was what was going to happen to her.

Josie did itHands down my favorite western is Outlaw Josey Wales.  Clint Eastwood at his very best, with two of the best Native American actors in Chief Dan George  as Lone Wattie and Will Sampson as Ten Bears, and in a short but very sweet role Madeleine Taylor Holmes as Gannie Hawkins.  Eastwood the king of the one liners had some great ones in this one.  My favorite was probably “buzzards gotta eat, same as a worm”.  Anyway if you haven’t seen the movie you should and be sure and check the Wikipedia article on the movie here.  As if you guys cared about that I am interested in what you all think about that movie.  So with that movie on my mind…

the-sun-yearsThis is sort of a logical follow up, in my sometimes not so linear mind, to the last post.  From Henpecker to Johnny Cash just works in my mind.  I will never be accused of being any kind of country fan especially when you consider the pop country that is popular today.  The wife and I did see this one big guy with a deep voice who’s playing these days that I really liked and I think she has a crush on but I can’t remember his name (we have satellite and get hundreds of useless channels that once in a while have something good on them).  EDIT: Trace Adkins is the guys name, good stuff.  There’s a few exceptions I guess but if I had to pick country it would be older stuff like Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson (+ J.C. = The Highwaymen), Patsy Kline and going back a little further Hank Williams.  Hell I’ve seen Willie Nelson, Hank Williams Jr., Kris Kristofferson and on the folk end of it the Weavers, in concert.  I guess that’s the direction I head in is that more folk kind of country.  A while back our good friend Erich over at GoodBadMusic did an awesome Johnny Cash post and since then I’ve been thinking about posting this one.  His was a much rarer vinyl thing and this is just a CD but musically what you get is early, raw JC.  Here in the not too distant future I will be posting some 7″s of his from the 70’s that I got just recently for a $1 a piece.  On top of that I will be posting a thing he did with Rick Rubin on Def Jam that blew me away, but this is the stuff I always come back to, classic.

EDIT: Needless to say, if you were looking for a rip of this bad boy it’s long gone copyright and all that, people profit from dead artists…hahahah. You can get this thing on CD at Discogs for a couple bucks and album for maybe $13. Anyway, one of my faves by the man, which is not on the album…

Dalton GangThe Dalton Gang whose hideout museum is a couple hours south of here in Kansas that I went to way back when I was a kid.  Definately Mustard Relics.

Henpecker – (Band) cd

Haven’t hit you with anything from my NorCal brothers in a little while so here’s some recent-Humboldt-California-ish stuff.  This one features some heavy hitters in terms of guys that have played in a zillion Humboldt bands.  James who didn’t remember me from way back when I was up there but who has since been a welcome addition to friends of Mustard Relics sent this to me a while back.  My old bro and bandmate Jeff is featured here on drums.  I’m not going to bore you with my limited knowledge of the band because they have a killer site with all kinds of info and links so that you can get to know Henpecker.  You can probably still get this CD there.  To be honest with you I don’t even know if they’re still playing, as the last gig they have mentioned was from June of last year.  Maybe one of those guys will stop by and give us a heads up or if I had really prepared myself for this post I would have asked.  Jeff told me a while back they were having trouble getting gigs because no one was really digging on them.  Now this is not my usual cup of tea, even though my taste is varied, but I dig on these guys.  To me I can definitely tell where they come from or at least would have been influenced by bands in the region.  Kind of a folk old school country rock-a-billy thing going on but for some reason I hear the Cramps in them too.  I don’t know, don’t take my opinion as anything else than words organized into sentences.  Listen to the music instead.  Blanket Rider and Gastro’s are my faves (once again my opinion).

Blanket Rider
New Pope
BF Fargo
Equals Zero
Chicken Hawk
Not In My Name
Meat Off The Bone

Final Conflict – Ashes to Ashes lp

fc-a2a As promised here’s part two of the Final Conflict thing with SoCal’s Final Conflict this time.  You can get pretty much their entire recorded out put here and actually you should probably go check out the always intersting Church Of Zer blog anyway.  I realize you can get this album there and actually there are several other blogs that have it up as well, but I felt like ripping a 12″ and figured you guys would be done a service by getting to hear a vinyl rip of this at 320 kb/s anyway.  This is a seriously epic album and from the first tune it’s clear why Pushead found it important enough to release it on his label.  Flex had this to say, “Fast hardcore from San Francisco, a blend of early 80s anarcho core à la Discharge and the metal-tinged West Coast speedcore of the mid-80’s. Quality stuff, and the production’s good, too”.  A great description but they weren’t from Frisco though, the address on the album puts them outta Cypress, as I said in SoCal.  I never got to see them down there (EDIT: My bro Match has a better memory than I do and I guess if you check the comments we did see them at the Tapestry Room, CSUN in about 1986) and actually it wasn’t until I was up in Humboldt that I got to see them.  They played a party out in a barn in the middle of nowhere in about 1990 with Bulemia Banquet I think.  Don’t quote me on the Bulemia Banquet part but do quote me on the fact that these guys shredded then live and do the same on this album.  They also, if I remember correctly, were some pretty down to earth guys who were open to hanging out with the locals.  Any of you Humboldt guys remember that party and able to give a little more detail?  I feel a little bit like I’m doing the record a disservice because it comes with a pretty serious booklet outlining some of their political beliefs, but unless you feel like getting me a scanner, posting that will not be possible.  So instead of satisfying your intellectual sensibilities you just  get you aural fascination addressed.  I got this record brand new in about 87 and it was cool to see the price tag of $6.98 still on it.  I recognized the sticker too from my favorite record store/head shop that I’ve mentioned before, the Turning Point in Glendale.  Two things about that.  You guys familiar with those record store/head shot combo jobs with the bongs and pipes sold right alongside your favorite music?  That particular store even had coke supplies like viles and spoons too.  Also about this time CD’s were getting popular and I can remember avoiding them like the plague.  Music almost doubled in price with the advent of the CD all for what they called better music quality and convenience.  It took me a long time to even half way buy into that scam.  Anyway, my personal favorite here has always been Political Glory.


Apocalypse Now!

One Answer

Private War


Abolish Police

Shattered Mirror

Burial Service

What Kind Of Future?

Constant Fear

Political Glory

Central America


Self-Righteous Pigs

The Last Sunrise

demo-85 This 85 demo of theirs is not exactly the rarest thing in the world on the mp3 circuit, but while I was searching around soulseek for anything Final Conflict related I came across it.  You really should get it here and you really should do yourself a favor and check out Rocket Science Records for his great write-ups and fantastic selection of music.  If you stop by be sure and tell him that Mustard Relics sent you.  Here’s that demo.


Apocalypse Now

One Answer

Self Pity

Guns Forever

Death Is Certain

What Kind Of Future


Private War

Political Glory


More Beer

Central America

You Never Were




Final Conflict (Minnesota) – Demo 1983

serial-killers Kim and I just got done watching a 10 part series on Serial Killers and I don’t think I was right in the head for a few days.  Found this pretty wild painting.  Can you name them all?

74 He just looks like a tired old man now.

Consider this part one of a two part post.  Greg of Voice Of Destruction had commented on my very old and very lacking DRI post, and had mentioned wanting to hear some Final Conflict as he had written to them back in the day.  Now there are two or three bands at least with that name so I had assumed it was the SoCal band that I was very familiar with.  While doing some research though I came across some really great stuff from the Minnesota band Final Conflict and not being sure which one he was talking about I decided to go with that on.  Expect the next post to be on the SoCal band because I went ahead and ripped their first LP real nice for you and came across their demo.  Now the Minnesota band is pretty scarce but I did find a little mention of them at the MNPunk site.  The tunes from the demo were not labelled very well, which I tried to fix, but there’s still a lot of missing song titles.  Rock out with these and if you want a starting point go with track two my personal favorite (which is actually two songs).


Final Conflict 01-Self Defeated

Final Conflict 02-Why Me/Rage And Frustration

Final Conflict 03-Rage And Frustration

Final Conflict 04

Final Conflict 05

Final Conflict 06

Final Conflict 07

Final Conflict 08-Ross

Final Conflict 09

Final Conflict 10

Final Conflict 11

Final Conflict 12

Final Conflict 13

Final Conflict 14-Self Defeated

finalconflict Looking around for more by these guys did not produce a whole lot of results but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t fruitful.  EDIT: Just a side note here.  I had this big long beautiful bit of writing here about the classic blogs providing so much to later ones like my own, but because of my crappy skills with HTML it was all squished up and deleted.  Rather than write all that again I will just say that I stold the rips for this 7 inch, they’re only one,  from here and you can get much more info about it and the band from the classic 7 Inch Punk.  In the comments you can get first hand info about the band and get directed to even more info here.  Here’s those ripped off rips.


In The Family

The Lines Have Faded


Self Defeated

finalconflict_back EDIT: My buddy Erich over at Good Bad Music left a comment about the above rips and offered up his as a comparison.  Get those from him first hand here.  He makes quite a statement in that post that is well worth a read if you’re into the whole dynamic that goes on with these music blog thing-a-ma-jiggies.  I think MR may fall into the category of blogs that are lacking but I totally recognize my short comings.  I don’t pomise you anything more than a little bit of subjectively decent music along with my own opinion and maybe a little take on my boring life.  I’ll say it again though Erich, thanx for the quality rips and allowing me to steal them so they can be posted here.  😀


In The Family

The Lines Have Faded



lungcookies Looking further it turns out that they did some tunes on a comp record that you should really check out not just for this band but for the others as well.  The always awesome System Sabotage Chaos has the Lung Cookies comp for you here and I snatched the Final Conflict tunes from there for your listening pleasure, but they may just be the demo versions anyway.  Ask Curious Guy over there and be sure to tell him Mustard Relics sent you.

Self Defeated

Why Me/Rage And Frustration