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question markWell I got my first request for a re-up and it’s of a pretty obscure post, kinda nice.  For some reason we are getting a lot of spam comments around here.  With over a hundred hits a day I guess I have to expect that.  Somebody mentioned that it was a sign that MR has made it’s impact and now some people feel that they can use it for their own purposes.  Right on, but I do delete those comments as soon as I see them.  In order to keep them from showing up at all I’ve changed the settings here so that unless you have had a comment posted before, new comments won’t show up until I have had a chance to look at them and approve them.  Man I was getting all kinds of whacky links to some cheezy sites.  Anyway I hope that’s not a problem but there’s only about 4 or 5 bros that comment regularly around her anyway.  So…



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I have my crew here, my friends, my wife and a few fellow bloggers who comment here.  Some comment almost daily(thanx Brian) and others drop in every once in a while for a visit, to give me a little something back.  Let me tell you, I dig that.  We’ve lost a few along the way and I always hope they’ll come back and throw a few words our way.  In that self conscious kind of way I wonder if after a while even my regulars will lose interest.  And what about all the other visitors who just don’t choose to comment.  So I guess what I’m looking for, from both friends and the casual visitor, is a little bit of feedback.   I am fine with the comments I get because I know it is quality and not quantity.  I’ve been doing this long enough to know that there are sites that kick the shit out of this one that are lucky if they get a comment on a post and get 10x the visitors (downloaders).

Now this is important.  How can I make this blog better?  Does the music suck, do I suck, do blogs suck?  What would you like to see here?  What don’t you like?  Some things I can’t or am not willing to do, but give me what they call, constructive criticism.  What makes this fun is that it is interactive and if you check, I comment on just about every comment made.  Now do me one more favor and go to the sites in my links and make comments there.  Thanx for your time yall.

I didn’t want to leave you without any music on this one so here’s one of my favorite Sabbath tunes…(you get an Iommi solo, then the tune at about the 2:15 mark)

Beastie Boys

some-old-bullshitEDIT: This post is fucked and there’s no downloads left because I don’t feel like getting hassled by copyright police anymore, go give your money to iTunes! or better yet go to discogs and pick up a physical copy….fuck mp3 collecting

I don’t care if you like rap or not, because these guys are simply not just a rap band.  Their history is as epic as the evolution of single celled organisms all the way up to the primate.  They went from being a relatively simple yet extremely fun hardcore band to a very simple rap band to some very sophisticated all around musicians and songwriters.  I got to see them at the San Diego Sports Arena in about 1994 when I basically lived a block away and they completely ripped it up.  I could still score the best Humboldt had to offer and I got my whole section so stoned some of the people started to trip out.  Bad Brains openned up for them and they showed that almost fifteen years into their existence the could still crank it out.  When the Beasties played with live instruments they really tore it up and proved they could be funky and do hardcore at the same time.  I suppose that’s one of the many things I like about the band is that they mix it up with the DJ and live instruments.  Very busy stage show going back and forth between playing their instruments and running all over the stage rapping away.  It’s funny because back in high school in about 1986 when Liscensed to Ill came out, I couldn’t stand them and to be honest with you to this day that’s a record I could do without.  I tried to listen to it again and I could see that the record was important but I just can’t get the vision of these rich white boys blasting that album out of their brand new cars and lifted trucks.  Still makes me kind of laugh when thinking about it.  Anyway what I wanted to focus on for this post was their more hardcore tunes.  The Some Old Bullshit compiles the first 7″, Pollywog Stew, a true NYHC classic and their second output, Cooky Puss, which was an almost experimental forray into the hip hop rap realm.  I included that second one just because it was on the disc and it was interesting even though it represents an extreme departure from their hardcore roots.  Be careful because if you’re a little nuts like me, the tune Egg Raid On Mojo gets stuck in your head very easily, and may casuse you some agitation.  After that is the Aglio E Olio 12″ep, which showed that over a decade after their departure from hardcore they could still crank it out.  Give em a listen and tell me what you think.

Egg Raid On Mojo

Beastie Boys

Transit Cop


Holy Snappers

Riot Fight

Ode To…

Michelle’s Farm

Egg Raid On Mojo

Transit Cop

Cooky Puss

Bonus Batter

Beastie Revolution

Cooky Puss (censored version)



Brand New

Deal With It

Believe Me

Nervous Assistant

Square Wave In Unison

You Catch A Bad One

I Cant Think Straight

I Want Some

Soba Violence

Other hardcore type tunes off the Ill Communication album.  Heart Attack Man really shows that these guys could play hardcore with the best of their contemporaries in the mid 90’s.

Tough Guy

Heart Attack Man

Two random favorite raps just because I do realize that today these guys are a rap band, although like none other, that happen to play different types of music every now and again (I think there’s even some country and instrumental stuff out there).

Bodhisattva Vow

Professor Booty

Iron Lung – Mechanical Assistance demo

As spring approaches there’s not much going on here except watching things green up and dread the acres of mowing that comes with it.  Kim and I were both sick with different shit at different times but we seem to have made it through okay.  We got an anniversary coming up so we’re both looking forward to some time off and a chance to treat ourselves to some good food and travel.  Just a 2 1/2 hour drive but to us out in the sticks it feels like a world away.  To all my friends that are thousands of miles away, how about some Iron Lung?

iron-lung_photoIt sucks looking for these guys on the net because you get a lot of hits for the lame Radio Head song “My Iron Lung”.  That happened a couple of years ago too when you looked for Infest you got more lameness in the form of Papa Roach’s “Infest”.  Oh well I guess I’ve got nothing better to complain about.  If you do an image search on Yahoo you start with everyone’s Flickr stuff on Google you start with everything but Flickr.  Weird but you probably didn’t care about that.  The other day I was just reading up on different bands, their discographies and whatnot, and came across Iron Lung.  You might remember the post I did on them, the  Lana Dagales split.  I guess if you had listened to the band back then or you’ve heard them before, you know what kind of crucial sickness they are.  Anyway I found out they had a demo from one of the discographies I was checking out and for me demos really say something particular about a band.  I was having trouble finding it and even asked my bro Jason at Lo Res Viscera, but he didn’t know where I could find it either.  A little patience and perseverance paid off though and I finally found it.  Pretty much what you’d expect from this brilliantly brutal band but maybe a little more loose and raw.  Love this shit maybe you will too

Butthole Surfers – The Hurdy Gurdy Man 7″

Now if Sparklehorse and The Velvet Underground made me want to shoot up opiates again then these guys make me want to do acid again (all these damn temptations around, still doesn’t suck to be clean though).  Check Wikipedia on the Butthole Surfers to get a much better history than I could ever give you.  They’ve done this stuff for a long time at varying degrees of popularity but I got into them back in about 84 when I got the PCPEP.  Speaking of drugs, you should probably avoid most of them but especially PCP.  About the time I got into these guys this older stoner guy thought it was pretty funny when he smoked my buddy Gilbert Bautista and I out on some weed that we didn’t know was laced with PCP.  That night, him and I were causing chaos with our wrist rockets knocking out street lights but after that smoke out we couldn’t hit anything and felt like our bodies were covered with spiders.  Anyway, these guys have always been a trip and I’ve been meaning to post them for a while.  If you’re a fan you should definitely go to Butthole Surfers website, as they have a bitchen little thing going on and some live mp3s they are giving away.  I used to have this Flipside video that I got off one of those local access cable stations in LA of these guys that was the shit.  The clothes pins and strobe lights stuff from the early 80’s if you know what I’m talking about.  Actually still working on getting a copy of that again.  This single that I have for you is from several years later in 1990 and a little after it came out the tune Hurdy Gurdy Man came out on the Piohgd lp, while Barking Dogs was the bonus track on the CD.  Before you listen to it you must listen to this to see where the song came from…

…and then there’s a handy dandy bitchen live version…

I’ve dug that version since I was about 7 and it’s so much different from other stuff Donovan did like Mellow Yellow.  Already a trippy enough tune BS take it to the next level.  In case you were wondering what a hurdy gurdy was go here.  Barking Dogs represents BS well too, in some of their stuff with tape loops and samples.  Damn Hurdy Gurdy man has been stuck in my head since I ripped this from the single so I better get it off my chest and listen to something else.

Barking Dogs

The Runaways – S/T Lp

RunawaysAnother one of those curious moments where I’d heard a lot about a band but never actually took the time to give them a listen.  Every once in a while the old lady and I watch those Top 100 things on VH1 and whenever they talk about Joan Jett or Lita Ford they mention these ladies.  The internet being what it is, it was easy to aquire some (actually all) of their stuff to satisfy that curiosity and I’m always up for something different.  Of course along with listening to the music I had to read this first.  If you read all of that then you know more than I do because I forgot most of it in a relatively short period of time.  It’s been pretty quiet around here and I’m not feeling too motivated so I’m having a hard time coming up with something to say.  Let’s keep it simple, it’s pretty obvious from the sound of these ladies and definately their haircuts that this is some late 70’s stuff.  Punky hard rock.  Somehow they pull it off in a way that no one else does.  The fat guitar sound especially on the live album really does it for me.  Actually everyone rocks in this band.  Still though, I’m not sure if it’s as good as later Joan Jett stuff (I was never a Lita Ford fan), but what do I know.  So far the tune Gettin’ Hot off the live album is my favorite.  Okay I’m done, listen to the music or not.

Cherry Bomb

You Drive Me Wild

Is It Day Or Night


Rock And Roll


American Nights



Dead End Justice

run live 1

Queens Of Noise

California Paradise

All Right You Guys

Wild Thing

Gettin’ Hot


You Drive Me Wild

Neon Angels On The Road To Ruin

I Wanna Be Where The Boys Are

Cherry Bomb

American Nights