Alternative Attack – No Turning Back 7″

Alternative AttackI remember getting this one in the mail from Ade of the Satanic Malfunctions, where I got all my stuff from the Looney Tunes label.  I can’t remember the year on this one but it must have been about 87.  There were lots of cool record stores in the valley and LA proper at that time to spend all my money on, but there was something special about getting stuff in the mail, especially overseas.  To this day I love getting new music in the mail.  Not too long ago I got a big package from my old junior high school friend Bob of Lack of Interest at Deep Six Records .  James of The Buffy Swayze, amongst numerous other bands, from up Humboldt Cali way, sent me some CDs and I got the Dearborn SS 7″ from Vinyl Junkie Distro.  My bro Brian is always sending me stuff he rips and I’ve actually already posted some of that stuff.  Love getting shit in the mail, at least something besides the bills and other junk.  The only thing that came today was the massive propane bill I’ve been making minimum payments on.  Anyway about this record and band.  Encyclopaedia Metallum had a thing on them but that site is down right now so I can’t seem to make the link work.  Basically this is different from so many of the other releases on Looney Tunes and in fact the band thanks Broken Bones and the English Dogs so that may indicate what they sound like.  One of the guys in the band was listed as having been in the English Dogs at some point in time.  They remind me of an English Excel. The tune “Oppressor” never did anything for me but the other two tunes rocked in my opinion.  Check them out and let me know.

Hawkwind – Epocheclipse

Taco nightTaco night at the farm (NDN tacos that is, I forgot to lay out the key ingredient…fry fucking bread), I can’t wait til summer when I can make my own salsa fresh from the garden.  I had plans to post some vinyl tonight but that didn’t work out, but I’m feeling like a short one after that epic 200th post.  Thanx for the awesome comments guys.

HawkwindAAnother one of those curious moments came to me the other day and I guess for a long time I’ve been curious about the band Hawkwind.  All I knew was that this was the band Lemmy was in before he started Motorhead, but of course there is so much more to the story than that.  You can read all about that at my usual source Wikipedia.  Okay now that you’ve read that (hahahaaha, you know as much as I fucking do.  It was interesting why Lemmy left the band and I didn’t realize that he was only in the band for a short time.  Pretty epic band in their own right and I guess, if you’re in the know,important to the history of rock and roll.  This is a sort of best of thing I’ve got going for you and to be honest with you I’m not sure what to make of it.  Maybe it will require a few more listens to really get into it and actually maybe someone who is more familiar with the band can recommend some other tunes.  I did really like the tune “Motorhead”, maybe because it seemed like some sort of long lost version of a tune I’m already very familiar with.  Do yourself a favor and at least listen to that tune.  If it doesn’t grab you that’s okay because I’ve already posted the all time best that Lemmy had to offer in No Sleep Til Hammersmith.  Let me know what you think.

Silver Machine
Master Of The Universe
Urban Guerilla
Sonic Attack
Psychedelic Warlords
Assault & Battery
Back On The Streets
Quark Strangeness And Charm
25 Years
Motorway City
Angels Of Death
Night Of The Hawks
Right To Decide
Alien I Am
Love In Space
Silver Machine

EDIT: Oh well no server anymore and the copyright police would get me anyway…god damned MP3 collectors anyway…I’ve sold my soul to the capitalist whore, that is fucking Youtube…totally random Hawkwind greatness…

I’ve got an orgone accumulator
And it makes me feel greater
I’ll see you sometime later
When I’m through with my accumulator

It’s no social integrator
It’s a one man isolator
It’s a back brain stimulator
It’s a cerebral vibrator
Of orgones
It’s made out of orgones

Energy stimulators
Just turn your eyeballs into craters
But an orgone accumulator
Is a superman creator

It’s no social integrator
It’s a one man isolator
It’s a back brain stimulator
A cerebral vibrator
Of orgones
Of orgones

I’ve got an orgone accumulator
And it makes me feel greater
I will see you sometime later
When I’m through with my accumulator

It’s no social integrator
It’s a one man isolator
It’s a back brain stimulator
A cerebral vibrator
Of orgones
Of orgones
Of orgones
It’s all gone
It’s all gone
It’s orgones
It’s orgones

200th Post…

01-20-09 …an arbitrary number like turning 40 maybe, but a milestone for me never-the-less.  To be honest with you I didn’t think I would make it this far, but with the help of my friends and some fellow bloggers who have also become friends, it’s been a blast.  So much of my life is filled with half assed attempts at doing something worthwhile with only mediocre results.  Not to say that this site is the shit and I couldn’t have done it better, but the outcome isn’t half bad considering the skills I have that have survived my brain damage.  While the music selection represented here is by no means comprehensive, I think that if you had listened to what I put out there, you would have a pretty fair selection of music or at least have a good handle on what I dig.  Of course in the process I’ve come to appreciate not just what I have in my collection, but in a broader sense my life in general.  199 posts up to this point with 1385 comments.  Even though a large percentage of those comments are mine, damn that’s a lot of comments.  Maybe not as much as some of the better blogs out there, but still incredible.  You guys have made it fun to do this and I look forward to the next 200 and another 1000 comments.

A while back I was anticipating doing this post and asked my friends to contribute some pictures to help me celebrate the regular visitors to this blog.  Not everyone responded, which is cool, I know what it’s like to be busy and have to decide what is a priority, but I did end up with some cool stuff.  In that process I was hooked up with some other stuff to add to my first attempt at posting music, also my first band WD-40.  These pics represent some of the regular visitors to MR and really what makes this site strong.


7734LRV The first person to respond to my plea for pictures was my bro Jason over at Lo-Res Viscera.  He really stoked me out with one of his gacked out originals.  I met him through a mutual friend, Jeffe the Leftoverking who is actually the guy who turned me onto the whole world of music blogs.  Jason is a reminder that there is still hope for this fuckin planet in his straight up honesty and no bullshit coolness.  Anyone who does my boy Liam right is gold in my book, but being a father himself that kind of stuff probably is second nature.

match0189a match0190a match0525a match0979a match1035a Match, who’s busy teaching english in Korea is one of my oldest friends.  We were kicking a soccer ball around way back in 7th grade.  Him and I have seen a lot of shit together, but somehow we managed to survive.  He shared some pics of his new little girl Sioban (help me on the spelling Match) along with a few of him standing out like a sore thumb in Korea.

dorm1SnA SnA Some before and after pics of my bros Sang and Alex.  That’s my skinny geetered out self in the backround on the first pic circa 1988.  Sang didn’t send any pics because as always he is the procrastinator, but he knows he’s a brother til the end.  Between work, his old lady and his son Brendan he’s busy like the rest of us.

AlexFamilia Laguna Shorey Canto Muertitos Alex, his wife and little girl.  Even though we didn’t hang out in highschool, we’ve been homies for a long time and his loyalty is unparalleled.  An old and true spirit. Check out one of his surf spots and the awesome artwork.  See more of his art out, under Alex Escudero, here.

Gage n Alex Gage and Alex, way back when at the Valley West laundry mat.  This old lady that worked there asked me one time why I even bothered to carefully fold my clothes only to end up stuffing them in an army duffle bag.  I think she knew that I was not as smart as I looked.  Gage unfortunately didn’t send me any pics, so I guess I’ll talk shit and tell you he’s been too busy being a tour manager to rock stars.  Actually Gage played a pretty important role in getting me cleaned up.

Marc3Sisters Marc3SistersA MarcCuyamaca MarcMt.Laguna MarcValleyOfTheMoon MarcValleyOfTheMoon2 It was kind of cool how one of my newest friends, Marc from Fugitive Equilibrium responded to the call for pictures.  He’s a person I wish I had known when I was in San Diego, but the way I was he’s probably glad he didn’t know me.  He showed that not only is he a kick ass writer but he knows the sweet hiking spots in a place that is mostly known for it’s beaches.

There’s other people that I would like to thank for being regular visitors but they just didn’t send pictures.  Actually, Erich at Good Bad did send me one a while back but told me I couldn’t use.  I may still use it for a wanted poster since he still owes me a 7″.  Chris another fellow music blogger at Small Take Over is one I didn’t get a hold of for lack of an email address, but he shows up every once in a while.  Jimmy Buttons over at Jimmy Buttons deserves mention too even though I haven’t read from him in a while.  Brian, Deutsche, Erio, Fernando, Dave , Ed, Billy and last but not least my wife who has to find creative ways of putting up with me.  I shouldn’t have started a list though because I know I forgot somebody (remind me if I did because I hate forgetting).  Sorry. Once again I’ve gotten too wordy and I’ll blame that on the sappy feeling I get when I think about the people I care about.  Have you guys noticed how many times and in how many forms I use the word “I”?  Damn, need to work on that.

Anyway here’s some tunes I dig that I’ve gotten from here, there and everywhere over the past year.  Mostly from Jason at Lo-Res Viscera, Erich at Good Bad Music, Marc at Fugitive Equilibrium and Peter at Killed By Death.  Go see those guys for their first hand take on music and maybe life in general.  I have piles of respect for them in their love of music and the fact that they share that love with no expectation of any kind of return.  Check my links to get more of this kind of stuff from other hard working guys as well.  I’d love to have all these tunes on vinyl, but I guess just having been exposed to them is the next best thing.  These are for your sampling pleasure, but if you put them all together, 53 songs, it comes out to about 77 minutes, enough to fill a CD.  Some rips are obviously have better sound than others and the order is completely random, but that’s how I remember hardcore shows anyway.


The Hitch – Dirt Surfer

Corrosion Of Conformity – Life’s Cycle

Artimus Pyle – Family Tradition

Attitude Adjustment – Destruction’s End

Lack Of Interest – Bitter World

Necros – Satisfy

Selfish – Speedy Life

Framtid – Punishment

Threatener – Isolation King

Discharge – Ain’t No Feeble Bastard

Ojorojo – Trapped Inside

Dearborn SS – Lynched Again

Electro Hippies – Mother


Zeke – God Of GSXR

Deep Wound – I Saw it

Go! – King Of Nothing

Gride – Arogance Moci

Mental Abuse – Adolescent Skins/Gimme Death

Extreme Noise Terror – System Shit

Melt Banana – ?

S.A.S. – Armageddon

Filth – Dear Fuck

Adolescents – Amoeba

Ill Repute – Fuck With My Head

G.I.S.M. – ABC Weapons


Doom – Multinationals

The Fartz – People United

Capitol Punishment – Wrong Direction

Urban Waste – Skank

Barn Av Regenbuen – Penga Profitt Og Kapital

Crossed Out – Heman

Cro-mags – Sign Of The Times

Agent 86 – Reaganomics

Operation Ivy – Hoboken

Infest – Where’s The Unity

Generic – The Oldest Trick In The Book

Disclose – Once The War Started

Die Kreuzen – Think For Me

Bruce Banner – Stop Moving

The Endless Blockade – I Don’t Give A Fuck About You


Raw Power – Fuck Authority

Bastard – Misery

Poison Idea – Castration

Chain Reaction – Your Bloody War

R.K.L. – Beautiful Feeling

Iron Lung – Politics Of Science

B.G.K. – Bite The Hand That Feeds

Apartment 213 – Dissection

Heart Attack – From What I See

Fear Of God – Thy Beauty

Extinction Of Mankind – Intolerance

The Dicks – Fake Bands

G.R.B. – La Fiesta

If you know how long it takes to upload these songs, especially when you can download it zipped up all nice and neat here,, you know what a weirdo I am.  Nothing like the old days but sometimes I don’t know why I do the things I do.  I guess there’s something more permanent about having direct links to the tunes.  Anyway do yourself a favor and put these on a disc and rock this out while you’re rollin down the road.  Thanx again you guys.

Poison Girls – All Systems Go

PG-AllNot much going on here other than what I’ve gone on and on about.  I think the wife and I’ll go out tomorrow and take some pics.  No words of wisdom (ha ha), just another short post to follow up the last short one.  This time we’ll focus on the Poison Girls again with what I think was their first 7″.  The tune on here for me is Dirty Work, but the other one may get your rocks off too.  I’m sure many of us are familiar with doing dirty work.  I know the song is quite a bit deeper than this, but what was your dirtiest job?  I was a power washer a hog farm for 6 months.  Once the pigs were sent off to slaughter we came into barns that held 1000 pigs each and hosed them down from one end to the other, and sterilized ’em.  You haven’t lived until you’ve had splash back and gotten pigshit and maggots in your ear, nose, throat.  Low man on the totem pole, and since the pigshit was in our veins, we weren’t allowed around live pigs. These were genetically modified super pigs, pumped up on steroids and antibiotics. The meat was virtually fat free and sold to Japanese markets, there’s probably a Japanese name for it. Anyway I never saw a live pig, just dead ones…if they couldn’t get on the semi under their own power, they were shot and I would see those bodies sometimes, before they dragged them off to some mystery place. I was a great power washer, could was those things faster than they could unload them, but drinking on the job was my downfall. And so Poison Girls…

Poison Girls / Crass split 7″

crassJust a short one tonight, kinda feeling like I’ve been too wordy lately.  This one isn’t too difficult to get and actually I was just in a Poison Girls mood the other day (everyday is a good day for that mood).  The Crass tune, while not my absolute favorite, is pretty much your typical tune from them (and the don’t slack).  The Poison Girls tune though is my favorite of theirs.  This was a benefit for an anarchist center that existed briefly, but you can do your own research on that if you are so inclined.  It was an ebay score and represented the last of the 7″s I needed to have all the Crass 7″s except for a couple flexi’s.  I’ve done some Crass posts before, Feeding Of The 5000 and Peel Session so if you’re in the reading mode check those out for my take on the band.  Expect some more Poison Girls in the future…

Poison Girls – Persons Unknown

Crass – Bloody Revolutions