Lungbrush – Old School New School

old school new school I’d call it a writer’s block if I was much of a writer, so I’ll call it a brain freeze, that has left me at a loss for posting.  A busy 5 day weekend with the holiday and everything else that’s going on, so maybe that’s what’s left me high and dry.  The wife and I were pretty short on funds so we kept our gifts fairly simple.  I got her one of those lotion, body spray gift packs while she got me this CD on ebay.  Been wanting to post something but of all the stuff I have uploaded and ready to go, there was nothing I felt like writting about.  Now I’m not really a “new” metal fan and I guess these guys might fall into that category, but I dig these guys.  They kind of remind me of the band Snot, which you can find here, and here, in the sense that they are a rockin metal with a sort of a hardcore edge.  There’s not too much out there on them which may make them a little more underground than most, but there was nothing I could find in the way of torrents or on the blogs.  They did do an album before this one on a small label called “Your Loss Your Cost”, so if any of you Soulseek types wanted to help me out I would appreciate it.  As everyone seems to have nowadays, even broken up bands, there is a myspace here,  A little more mainstream than usual but I think you’ll dig these two tunes.  If anyone’s interested I’d be happy to upload the whole thing.  In case I don’t do another post before the new year, I wanted to say that I hope 2008 was good for yall but that 2009 is 10 times better.  Later…


Urban Tribes

I Quit

F.Y.P. – Extra Credit 7″

G-ma and G-kidsThe wife and the grandkids before a little Christmas eve feasting.  Being the one taking the pictures, you rarely get to see my ugly mug, but that’s okay because those are three beautiful little ladies and on these kinds of holidays I am all about mountains of food.  Made my world famous (the very small part I occupy) pea salad that Kim really digs, but in my insecurity I must have asked her 5 times if it was any good.  Tomorrow we work at the group home and have an even bigger feast there with about 20 people with disabilities coming over to gain some weight.  I don’t know about you guys, but I’m already “thick” and this time of year I just get thicker.

Early ChristmasChristmas came early for me a few days ago when my old junior high school buddy and one of the most brutal drummers I’ve heard, Bob, sent me a big old box of music from his label, .  All these are still in print so I’ll probably just be posting bits and pieces, but if you like your music extreme in a hardcore or metal sense then you need to check out that site.  By sending me all that new music he reminded me of all the cool people I’ve come across in my almost 40 years of existence.  Friends both old and new have made this life a lot easier than it could have been and let me tell you, there have been times where things where definitely not easy.  I’ve made a lot of seriously shitty choices over the years but I’ve been pretty good about my choices in friends.  You guys have done right by me and I hope I’ve done right by you.  Dig the music.

FYP2In my last post, two of my bros hinted at my hippyness, so on this one I wanted to leave no doubt as to where my passion lies in music.  This is my 67th post in the hardcore category, but it’s one I’ve been wanting to post for a while.  This is the first release from Todd Congeliere’s, Recess Records and also features him on guitars and vocals.  Todd also put out the only vinyl I’ve ever had the pleasure of appearing on, a Garden Weasel 7″ and you can read more about Todd and how I know him there.  This E.P. may still be available, but my two attempts to contact Todd have turned up nothing.  At the very least this is an opportunity to sample some music and know that you can get a hell of a lot more of it from Recess.  Not only do they have over a hundred releases of their own, distribute for other labels, but they also have music priced in a way that makes it extremely accessible.  I have several more FYP releases, but this one represents them at their rawest.  No bullshit hardcore, the kind you would here coming out of a garage.  Give this a listen and know that if Todd gets back to me and sez it was uncool that I posted this, it will be gone.  So… 1. Give this a listen, 2. Tell me what you think, 3. Go to Recess records and buy some stuff.  Later…

Out Of Range
Life Alert
Extra Credit
Bring It On
Just 4 Fun
Premature Maturity
I Hate My School (Redd Kross cover)
Make It Right

Tyrannosaurus Rex – Peel Sessions

Cold as a… (insert appropriate metaphor or simile here).  I know, not as cold as other places visitors may come from, but with the wind chill it is plenty cold enough for me.  Still staying in the old house until the 1st and we’re limping along on barely any propane until tomorrow when the guy comes to fill up.  So although there is some relief coming in from the cold it seems like it is just to get out of the wind into a somewhat milder coldness.  Tough weekend all the way around, the stuff country songs are made of.  The power steering pump is leaking on my truck and the auto parts store wasn’t open, the hoses and faucets were frozen so I had to use buckets to get the horses water and one of my dogs disappeared for 24 hours only to be found with another man in his truck.  Getting everything sorted out though, feeling like I need to spread the joy of music and wish everyone a good holiday.

marc_mickey As you guys know I’ve been playing with other sources of music, so I thought I would check out something I had heard of, but never actually heard.  Expect these now and again.  Tyrannosaurus Rex or T. Rex as they came to be called were a total mystery to me and in fact I thought it refered to a person who played music and not a band.  If they’re music has been played for me, I don’t remember it, but I do remember being told they were influential.  Rather than go to one of my fellow bloggers for info and music, I decided to have a go of it alone, so I could do my own post.  I found something sufficiently rare and not officially released in a torrrent and then went to my usual reference here, .  I’m not going to regurgitate all of that but I will say it was a very interesting article and by all accounts an important band.  The orignal duo were Marc Bolan and Steve Peregrin Took and you can find more stuff about them here,  and here, .  Apparently the band was really popular on the John Peel show, which is where these recordings are from.  I’m not sure if Steve Took is on this recording as according to Wikipedia, “By 1969 there was a clear rift between the two halves of Tyrannosaurus Rex. Bolan and his girlfriend June Child (ex-girlfriend of Syd Barrett) were living a quiet life, while Took had fully embraced the anti-commercial/community spirited/drug-taking ethos of the UK Underground scene centred around Ladbroke Grove. Took was also attracted to the most anarchistic elements, such as Mick Farren/Deviants and members of the Pink Fairies Rock ‘n’ Roll and Drinking Club.”  Took was replaced by Mickey Finn who some considered inferior to Took.  My first thoughts on T. Rex was they sound like a mix between Syd Barret and Tiny Tim, which to me is cool as I dig both those guys, especially Syd.  If you read the wikipedia article though, this was an early incarnation and the band moved on to bigger and better things.  Maybe I’ll do a post on that later early glam stuff another time.  The way I got these files was as two big files without being seperated into tracks and with talking in between songs.  I went ahead and seperated, editted and labelled the songs, but after each set you can get them in their original form and at a higher bit rate.  This was kind of a fun process getting this to you so let me know what you think

Set One 01/04/70


Hot Rod Mama


Pavillions Of Sun


By The Light Of The Magical Moon

Elemental Child

The Wizard

Set Two 12/10/70



Woodland Bop

Ride A White Swan


Melt Banana, The Hitch, Human Thurma, Hellworms – Live @ The Vista Eureka, Cali. 1998

vistaMy bro jeff had mentioned in the comments on my Melt Banana post that he had a bootleg of one of their shows up in Humboldt.  The recording not only included them but his anvil heavy old band, the Hitch, along with two other bands I never heard of.  I told him I was really interested in that and being the stud he always has been, he ripped it and got it to me right away.  Let me tell you, I was not disappointed.  This must have been one hell of a show because from beginning to end, every tune by every band shreds.   Jeff used to have this on his Multiply account but the link isn’t any good anymore, so you get it like it was the first time.  I was going to make four posts out of the show, one for each band.  Listening to it though it just fit together so well as it was.  I didn’t mess with the labeling too much even though I recognized a lot of the tunes, because I just wasn’t too sure of myself.  I did a Melt Banana post not too long ago here, and this makes a great follow up to that.  I also did a Hitch post a while back here, , but this live shot is about three years earlier and represents a sound I really like even a little bit better in them.  I couldn’t find out too much about Human Thurma except that members from the band went on to be in another band called Hex Machine.  From what I could tell the Hellworms are just a later incarnation of Victims Family.  All in all I would say this is one of my favorite bootlegs of all time.  The Vista where this show was recorded, I think was having shows back when I was up there in the early 90’s, as I think we (I can’t remember which band) played there.  Kind of a neat little restaurant right on the Humboldt bay.  It seems like since that time they have become a hot spot for live music.  Anyway, give this a listen and tell me what you think.

Acid Pigs / Short Fuse 7″ split

Acid Pigs Short Fuse Not much to say tonight (maybe that’s for the best), a little burnt and waiting for the DVD burner to make the movie for tonight.  This one is for Match.  I don’t remember where or when I got this one, but I do remember getting home and realizing there were two copies in one sleeve.  Don’t really know too much about this one and since it wasn’t half bad I decided to do a little research.  This was the second release from Donut Crew Records with the first being the Colorado Crew 7″ comp. that also featured both these bands.  I don’t know anything about the Colorado scene, but in the comments on this release, , you get a little first hand info.   Bob Rob Medina who was in Short Fuse and ran Donut Crew has kind of a cool site here, .  He does some pretty cool art.  Anyway about the music, nothing real fancy here, just some straightfoward hardcore, so give it a listen

Acid Pigs

Salvation Or Sin


Beer’s Gone

Bullshit King

Short Fuse

Hidden Inside



Acid Pigs doing Beer’s Gone