DeVo Not too long ago my bro Jason over at Lo-Res Viscera did an epic Devo post that if you even just like Devo a little bit, you must check out here, .  So I guess you could say I had Devo on the brain.  If you knew what my burned out brain was like you would know that there’s all kinds of stuff popping in and out of there and there may be 10 things going on at once, but I could only tell you about one.  It’s like a kid playing with a light switch.  Anyway this past weekend I was messing around on Youtube and tripping out on the wide range of live Devo stuff to be found.  It really took me back and reminded me of how I had a chance to see them in about 1981 and didn’t go:-( The next day I was checking out the blogs in my links (you should check those out too) and ran across another killer Devo post.  Dave has that for you here, .  So I thought today I would do one of my own thinking I still had a CD of some early rare stuff.  Unfortunately after looking for about 5 minutes I realized that it had been one of the CDs that was in my truck that got stolen several years ago.  So long story short I thought I would just link up to a couple of the videos I was checking out the other day.  Sorry.

VA – Still Can’t Hear The Words

schtw1A nice Subhumans (UK) cover cd for you here.  I know a lot of people don’t, but I like these tribute albums.  I guess I like covers in general as long as the band doing the cover isn’t doing the karaoke thing and trying to sound just like the original in the cheeziest kind of way.  Some of the tunes on this fall into that category but for the most part the rest of them rip.  You just can’t go wrong doing songs by one of the best in the Subhumans.  I never got a chance to see them but they definitely did some time on my turntable back in the day.  Most of the bands on here I don’t recognize but I really dig the stuff by those that I do.  The stand outs for me were Wat Tyler, Hellkrusher and Cress.  My buddy Ivan from high school was really into these guys.  Anyway this one was a benefit so if you know that it is still available please give me the link of where to get it.  Before too long I will post some of the actual Subhumans stuff, but I’m sure you can find all that if you take a look.

This PLAYLIST has most if not all of the tunes off the CD…

Airbourne – Runnin’ Wild

airbourne Well when the old lady (significant other, life partner, redneck biker wife) asks you for something it becomes a priority.  This is a little more mainstream than most of what I post but this is some pretty rockin stuff.  No I mean this is some seriously rockin stuff, the way rock and roll should be played.  Some of you might call them an ACDC rip off, but I might say is that such a bad thing.  I’ll leave it up to you because in my opinion these guys are that good.  Everbody is raving about these guys and I think they deserve it.  You know I try not to post stuff that is still available but I was asked to and if you reall wanted it you could find it here, , and here .  So check it and let me know what you think.

Stand Up For Rock N Roll

Runnin’ Wild

Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast

Diamond In The Rough

Fat City


What’s Eatin’ You

Girls In Black

Cheap Wine


Let’s Ride


I’ve mentioned it before that I don’t like covers that sound just like the original but this one from all female Helles Belles hits the spot.  This is all I could find from them so if you know of any more, let me know.

Helles Belles – Back In Black

A little live stuff from the Jimmy Kimmel show for you.

Imperialist Pigs – Cork Screw Pork Sword 7″

A pre-Poison Idea, Pig Champion band.  Read a little more about this one here, What We Do Is Secret and here, Dead Metaphor .  You can get this thang for 5 bucks on Discogs, nothing ultra-rare or anything like that, I just like this early hardcore sound.  A special thanx to my bro Ed for sending it to me a couple of years ago.  Side two is a trip because there are two tunes within each other just on a seperate set of grooves.  Does that make sense?  You have to set the needle down just right to get the other tune, which took me about 20 tries.  Well enjoy this one or not.

EDIT: Tunes deleted during the copyright wars, but I did find one song on fucking YT…

Mustard Relics’ Not Dead

almost alive Maybe I should have called it a coma and not a death.  A very deep coma filled with country good times.  The summer is essentially over for me and mine, and fall is around the corner.  We will see if we can’t muster up a post or two for yall, every now and again.

You guys were awesome with all the comments on my farewell post and to you I dedicate one of my favorite Beatles tunes, With A Little Help From My Friends .  (Another one of my favorite Beatle’s tunes in case you cared, A Day In The Life .)

I thought it was funny that I only got one or two comments on the 6 0r 7 posts prior to my farewell post.  Maybe you thought no one was paying attention but I was still getting about 50 hits a day and I was checking things out too.  Do yourself a favor and me too, and check those posts out.  Leave a comment too because like on every post I am interested in what yall have to say.  Definately been checking out what’s going on with the music blogs in my links and have obtained my music fix there.  Stay tuned for some music posts here.

A trippy mellow tune that popped out of my head a little while back, Throwing Muses – Fish.  Thanx to Sang for putting it there way back when.

By the way, Mr. Lo Res Viscera got me off my ass to learn how to get the tunes I post labeled correctly, so from now on when you download stuff it should look nice and neat in your Itunes, Windows Media, or whatever you use. 😉