VA – Shredder 3 The World’s In Shreds 7″

deer track We don’t see very many deer down by the creek behind the house, where we take the dogs for a walk, but I see their tracks all the time.

deer We do see deer all the time by the pasture where we keep our horses.  Definately not the best picture but if you zoom in on this one you can see a doe just to the left of those four dead trees in the middle, mixed with the evergreens.

Shred WIS3 I wish I had the other four installments of this comp, but this Fresno one isn’t too bad.  I got this one because it has Capitol Punishment on it but the previous singer, Ralph, is not singing.  Okay song from them but the stand outs for me are the S.A.D. Boyz and Plaid Retina.  I actually went out and got more of their stuff because of this comp.  I don’t know why I always quote these guys but, Flex had this to say, “Part three with some good HC tracks by Capitol Punishment and SAD Boyz. Good stuff, but not too exciting.”  Oh well give it a listen and make up your own mind.

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Brent’s T.V. – demo

weeds It grows wild here.  My wife and I have a busy weekend ahead of us so I will probably be scarce around MR.  I thought I would throw another one at you.

BTV1 BTV2 My bro and former band mate Ed made a comment on my last Brent’s T.V. post that the demo was better than the 7″ so here is the demo.  I had it already ripped and scanned some time ago but hadn’t tackled the task of editing and uploading 25 tracks.  After all that I may have to do a CD next time.  I already talked about these guys and got several great comments here, , so I won’t go on and on again.  These guys really rip it up here and as some of you may know I like demos a lot because they tend to represent the original inspiration of the band.  The last track is a phone call between Scott Garvey and Quitty the bass player.  If you knew one or both these guys you would find it hilarious.  Anyway enjoy this and have a great weekend.

VA – Beware Of The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

badger1One thing that always bums me out is road kill.  Yesterday I found this badger dead in the middle of the highway, so I dragged it off to the side before it got run over a million times and turned into something completely different.  There is something depressing about that to me, which just may be the waste of life it represents.  The badger is a special animal to me in that they are pretty tough but for the most part they mind their own business and like to be left alone.

BewareI hadn’t done a comp record in quite some time so I thought I would give this a go.  On the album it says 1984, but from what I’ve read they say 1985.  Humph?  Not important.  A nice mix of punk/hardcore bands from Holland that maybe not everyone has heard.  I got it about the time the PEACE comp came out because I liked the Gepopel song from that comp.  Of course this doesn’t have the magnitude of the Peace comp but it is a damn good Dutch sampler though.  The KFTH thing here, which links up to individual band pages too.  I decided to go ahead and look around other blogs to see what they had from the bands on this comp and this is what I found.



Nog Watt

It’s kind of cool using that blogsearch tool I have in my links to do that kind of thing, not just to find music but to check out other people’s blogs.  There is just so much good stuff out there.

I didn’t feel like uploading each and every track from this comp but I did give you one song from each band for your sampling pleasure.  Of course I did give you the whole thing all zipped up at the bottom for those of you that might truly appreciate this.  Enjoy.

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Labrador – Invisible States of America

IMG2If you follow this blog, you know that whenever I don’t get too many comments on a post I usually come along and do another from the same band.  So, another one from these San Diego crazies is what you get.  If you didn’t feel compelled to try them out the first time I’m giving you another chance.  I like their stuff and given a second chance maybe you will too.  Chris, the guitar player said he liked this a lot better than the 7″ and I would probably agree.  From 1998 I believe.  Man I was really starting to be a loser at this time and don’t remember much, except of course that I was a loser.  Oh well, we learn from our mistakes eventually, don’t we?  It’s all good and worked out for the best.  Life is good for me now in so many ways.  Anyway, the first tune is my favorite, but you can pick your own.

EDIT: 5 years this post has been up, Chris drops by to check it out and come to find out I had all the tracks wrong.  Investigating a little further it turns out the track listing on the back cover is wrong.  So…went through and listened to each track (luckily this thing came with lyrics) and got the correct song titles…phew.  If part of what you’re doing is archiving music and making something long lost available to everyone, may as well get it right.  On the plus side it was great running through and listening to this again, well worth it.

Tonight We Ride
Power Cell
Death Squad
Wishing Well
Gates Of Steel

My Name Is Chris – Days Of Slack demo

MNiCSomething kind of cool happened as it does sometimes around here, and in the world too every once in a while.  One of the Eureka High kids, Josh H. (a man of course now, probably with a family, kids of his own and so on) from back in the day, found himself at MR and decided to provide a donation.  It comes in the way of a demo tape made by some of his classmates, My Name Is Chris.  I hope he comes back and fills in the blanks, but he had this to say, “It’s their Days of Slack demo, and I recorded right off the Memorex cassette tape onto an 8 track digital recorder. There’s some tape hiss, but I think the quality is otherwise pretty strong. I also think the demo is pretty great for a bunch of 18 year old eureka kids. I hear a little of everything that was in the air in 92: Sonic Youth, Th’ Faith Healers, the Pixies, Mudhoney, etc. These kids were really trying to work this shit out. Of course, the band broke up immediately afterward and turned into Couch and several other projects.”  Listening to it, I thought he was right on with the description.  I know we played with them on a couple of occasions and I really liked the whole scene they were coming from.  As I said before maybe he can help me out with more info or someone else has the low down.  1992 for this one, doesn’t seem like that long ago but we’re talking 16 years now.  The Humboldt, CA. category is growing and I for one am pleased.  If anybody has anything they would like to donate music wise it would be appreciated.  Of course your comments, thoughts, memories and so on are always welcome.  Enjoy.

Pain, Strain, And My First Name
Elephant / Yellow Friend
Walk Or Stay
I Am The Gas
Love Like An Igloo (Small And Cold)