Ill Repute – Oxnard Land Of No Toilets

storm4storm2I wanted to write something humorous today but I’m just not feeling it.  Instead here’s a shot of the storm last night.

Erich over at GBM had sent me over Peter’s KBD to give a listen to what he had called the best hardcore 7″, the Urban Waste self titled.  I was game for that because I hadn’t heard of that and any new (to me) hardcore is worth checking out.  Unfortunately the links were dead because the single had been re-released, but it did get me to thinking.  Of course the best of anything is usually subjective, but what about a category of just really good hardcore.  This 7″ definitely fits into that and I would certainly call it one of the best.  I did see this posted at the Old School site a long time ago, , where you can also get some of their demos.  Awesome stuff but I wanted to post it too.  When I was in high school, my buddy Norm was friends with Tony in IR, but I never did go to see them.  Funny how we would drive an hour and a half to go drink beer on the rocks in Seal Beach but we wouldn’t make the drive to go see as many shows as we should have.  I got this around the time it came out in 1983 and it quickly found it’s way to a mixed tape, that I could take with me wherever I went.  I’ve talked about the stereo in first car and how the treble was insane in that thing.  Zero bass and sitting in the back your ears would ring if you sat back there too long.  Now this Ill Repute is a super trebly kind of thing and listening to it reminded me of cranking the tunes in that car.  I made sure to record this as is so you would get the full effect.  In my opinion every tune on here is awesome, but if I had to pick one it would be Sleepwalking.  There may be something wrong with your taste if you don’t think this is at least a really good hardcore record.  Who knows though because if you pay attention around here, I have some pretty whacked out taste.  Enjoy.

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Raped Teenagers flexi

Rt flexi rt1 This is a good follow up to the Meat Puppets post, I think.  I must have went through an Ax/ction Records phaze because I’m noticing that I have several from that particular mailorder/distribution.  This one was released in 1988 and from what it says was released just prior to an album as a sort of sampler.  I assume that these songs are on that album called I Krartans Klor.  I really dug it back then but I don’t think I fully appreciated it the way I do now.  I ended up putting it in the Jazz Punk category but that’s a pretty tough call.  Post hardcore?  I don’t know.  I need a category called trippy tight hard stuff.  I can’t go on too much about how good this band is because one of my favorite bloggers, , Peter, was the drummer from this band.  Ripping drummer by the way and just a rockin band in general.  My Swedish is a bit rusty but I think they are fortelling the eventual rise of the Mustard Relics blog.  Give this a listen and tell me what you think because this was not your run of the mill band, there was definately something different about them.

Mor Ahl

Kraftans Klor


Meat Puppets – S/T 7″

Well Mustard Relics has been running super slow lately and I apologize for that.  Please don’t let that stop you from occassionally stopping by for a visit to my “cafe” (as my friend Fernando would say).  Apparently the server I am on with my host is not working properly and they are in the process of transferring data to another server.  I also found out that there is nothing I can do about my 7mb limit on individual file uploads, so I will unfortunately have to use external storage sites sometimes.  Anyway I could continue on with this boring topic but I’d rather get to the music.

MP1 MP2 MP3 I was fortunate enough to see these guys in the late 80’s at the Kate Bucannon at Humboldt State University.  Incredible in the same way No Means No and Jesus Lizard were.  Do any of you old Humboldt guys remember that show?  I wish you guys would help me out with some stories here because it helps me to remember too.  The only stuff I had of these guys was this first 7″, so I was screaming out names to these tunes.  They didn’t play any.  Incredible musicians to say the least.  I had a tough time putting these guys in a category because they are really all over the place in their sound.  For lack of a better place I went ahead and put them in jazz punk category, although hardcore came to mind too.  Let me know what you think, because I actually don’t care, I really just use them for your benefit and to give my disorganization the appearance of being organized.  You really either like a song or you don’t.  It either means something or it doesn’t.  As you can tell, there is a lot of variety around here as far as what means something to me and what I like.  Listening to this again was cool in more ways than one way.  My copy, since I got it in the early 80’s from Vinyl Fetish in Hollywood, has always had a couple of spots of what I thought was wax on them.  I didn’t know how to remove that without ruining the rest of the record so I never could really listen to two of the songs on here because of that.  It must have been jelly donut or something though because before I ripped it I hit it with some rubbing alcohol and a q-tip and it came right off.  So you are getting to hear this the way I did for the first time, complete.  When I went to KFTH to get some backround they didn’t have much more than a discography, but they did have this awesome link to an awesome collection of live recordings, .  Flex had this to say, “Extreme and hectic hardcore, totally frantic and raging beat, then again weird guitar noise. Highly original… a classic”.   I could regurgitate some other info on these guys, but you can look that stuff up if you’re really that interested.  Suffice it to say that this 1981 release still sounds good today.  You tell me.

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Assuck – Anticapital / Blindspot / +3

as1You really should own your own copy of this and they sell this and a lot of other good stuff for cheap.  I thought I could go ahead and post this (at least temporarily) for two reasons.  First, this is definitely in my top ten all time and just for posterity I have to post those.  Second, you can find this on several blogs using the Google Blog Search function, so this is not the first or last time this will be posted.  I will just post the tracks individually and not give an easy link to the whole thing.  Of course if anyone has a problem with me posting it let me know and please don’t hold it against me.  If you are unfamiliar with these guys, the music pretty much speaks for itself.  Super fast, tight grindcore.  These guys did to grindcore, what Infest did to power violence, in my opinion.  The best of the best in their genres.  In the futre I will post the Necrosalvation 7″ as well.  Let me know what you think.

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They have the whole thing up on fucking YT…

Germs – Live At The Whisky 06/77 LP

You know sometimes I have a hard time deciding on the post both in terms of the words and the music.  I suppose a lot of people go through that so I can’t blame that on brain damage, unless we’re all brain damaged.  I work with people with disabilities and have come to the conclusion that it’s not just them that have been diagnosed but all of us that are disabled.  Emotional, developmental, psychological, physical, take your pick of one or several we are all short of the mark.  I don’t know what that mark is, call it “normal”, but everyone has some kind of issue to deal with.  Like looking through cracked glasses we have to make sense of what we see and do the best to get by.  I read the other blogs and am always impressed by the music, opinions, views and history that are expressed. 

Germs - GermicideThis was one of those ones that, because I run a mostly punk/hadcore kind of site, I felt it was mandatory to post.  It’s probably been posted all over the place and/or re-released but bear with me and know that it is here again.  I got this from my old buddy Alexander Wallace IV from my elementary school in about 1981.  He was a blossoming musician at the time and was into punk just because it was a different kind of music, not because of it’s musicianship (I will post the jazz fusion stuff he was really into sometime).  He gave it to me because it was just too sloppy even as a jam sort of thing.  When I think about it now it was sloppy music made by sloppy people.  I too was very sloppy as a person at one time, for a long time and always dug this recording.  In a way I still do dig it.  In 1977, this was punk rock.  I haven’t forgotten that emotion and energy.  As a person that can look back and reflect I wonder about the appeal of being so strung out on dope and liquor.  There is no better way to describe except fucked up.  I don’t mean just on that occasion but in general.  Redefining what it means to be a human being or least finding out what the human being is capable of.  Self destruction as an artform and a way of life.

Just a couple of notes on this one.  I separated out Forming into two tracks because half of it serves as a sort of intro, there are really only ten tracks on this LP.  I like the intro because of the Rodney Biggenheimer and Belinda Carlisle parts, so I decided to separate that.  Some of these songs go on and on so they ended up being big files, too big to post at 320kbs.  If you care about the sound quality though see below.  Anyway enjoy this piece of history or shit depending on your point of view.

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Hey what do you know, it’s on fucking youtube…