Brujeria – Machetazos 7″

This one is about as offensive as they come and of course it was meant to be that way.  I guess it’s a reflection of the world that we live in that can be brutally ugly itself.  It makes me think of this guy who had a response to one of my comments on the Good Bad site.  In response he asked me if this was Hands Across America.  It was good for a laugh on my part.  No this is not Hands Across America, this is ugly as it gets.  The music, the lyrics, the cover art itself, but that’s good isn’t it?  These guys really do it on this one in an all out kind of way.  Is there a statement they’re trying to make, or is it just shock value?  It’s like blowing yourself up to kill other people.  I could go on and on with philosophy and theories about the meaning of this 7″ but I really don’t know shit about shit anyway.  These guys would probably just laugh.  I’m just a burnt out softy.  Do you guys that know me believe that?  I worked with a guy in San Diego named Tino who had been attacked with a machete and survived.  He had scars all over the place including his face, missing fingers and was just plain lucky to have lived.  The guy who did it to him had just left him for dead.  Anyway you take this in and tell me what you think, at the very least you are in for some of the most brutal stuff this band has to offer…

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Social Distortion – 1945

socD I know this has probably been posted everywhere, but it is just too much of a classic not to post here.  I can remember listening to this all the time in the mid 80’s.  Mostly the 1945 side but listening to it now, both sides are equally good.  Back then I just thought they were as punk as you could get in that LA, SoCal style.  At this time Hell Comes To Your House was the best comp out there (or so I thought).  This was before I ever saw the Another State Of Mind movie/documentary.  That movie was pretty interesting in it’s own way but thinking about it now it reminds me just a little bit of all these stupid reality shows that are popular these days on TV.  I’m sorry but I just can’t get into that crap.  Was it a Crass lyric that said, “we don’t want your TV, we don’t want your lies, we don’t want to sit and stare at other peoples lives”?   Is it cool to quote Crass?  I’m not cool anyway, just wanted to know.  Just too dramatic in a soap opera way for me.  Anyway my buddy Kevin A. and I used to listen to this all the time and this may in fact be his 7″.  If it’s yours dude let me know and I’ll send it back (sorry?).  Those were good times.  Listening to this now, these guys were really good and this really deserves to be a classic.  It’s easy for people to say that something is a classic just because it is old.  The Pacer is a classic now too.  For those who don’t know what a Pacer is, it was a car in the 70’s that looked like an aquarium on wheels.  I put this in the hardcore category but is it hardcore?  I’m not so good with categories as you can tell so I will let others debate over that.  If you don’t have this in your collection you should.  I know they are pretty played out and people these days can say they are punk just because they listen to this band, but oh well.  They are all over Youtube, but this was kind of cool, .

Not my scan up there, the copy I have is just in a plain paper sleeve.  On to the music,

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Dead Horse – Peaceful Death And Pretty Flowers

PDI think it was my buddy Ron Kuka (RIP…fuck cancer) that turned me onto these guys back in the late 80s and fuck, when I first heard them, they were instantly my favorite metal band for a while.  They could rock you or get really brutal.  So much more than the genres that were floating around back then (heavy, thrash, speed, or black).  I have been trying to get the first full length by these guys for a long time after my bro Boner hit record instead of play on the tape I loaned him.  To this day I ask myself why I didn’t break out the tabs on my cassettes.  Before you answer that for me, I will say it, stupidity (but that is youth).  This was their second full length (I think) and I got it off of Ebay for cheap.

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EDIT (again): Fuck, revisiting this post again after over 10 years…and you know this man! Was talking to Brian the other day and we joked about the tape incident. These days I’m lucky to even possess a lot of the tapes as many have been lent out or lost (still kicking myself for the loss of the epic Blues Tape Jeremy Valverde made me). Anyway revisiting the mighty Dead Horse, of course the links are gone, but fucking youtube has most of their music for your listening pleasure. Here’s kind of a cool interview and then of course the tunes…



Internet Wanderings – Homage To The Other Blogs 2

First off I did a post a while ago and didn’t get the answer I was looking for.  PLEASE tell me who this band is, , if you have any idea.

hyena If you’re just looking to download music this may or may not be the post for you.  I do hope (I know I’m living in la-la-land) that wherever people go on music blogs they leave comments.  A ton of writting on this one.

On another post I pointed out some of the music I had found from the excellent sites in my links.  This time I wanted to approach these sites in a little more detail, because there is so much good going on out there related to music and I think these guys deserve a ton of credit.  Every single site I have linked up, I like for one or more reasons.  I generally don’t go looking for music on the web, I just wander from site to site letting each of them turn me on to what they think is postable at the moment.  These are only in alphabetical order.  Great palce to start if you like that whole Dischargy, Doomy, crusty music phenomena, which I do very much.  You get pretty much what the title of the blog implies.  Really cool guy here who has actually bothered to comment on mine once or twice.  What makes this site stand out is that he really does his research or just knows a lot.  He also has a very extended link list that reaches beyond the music and into the political.  Check this good live stuff,  This site has been inactive for over a month now so I don’t know what’s going on there.  This was a good place to start for me as far as the music blogs were concerned.  I contacted the guy who runs it before I started my blog and he had a lot of good suggestions and even offered me some space on his server.  Once again the title of the blog pretty much tells you what it is, but I think the content kind of leans towards 7″ hardcore.  One of my favorites on the site,  The Pope’s site is one of those really special ones but I think that is because of the person himself.  I wrote to him once that he was abrasively honest, which may rub people the wrong way but I meant it as a compliment.  He’s one of the regular visitors to MR that I appreciate.  The music here is almost always that brutal extreme stuff and his posts always say something but he is short and to the point (not like me usually).   He did me a big favor on this one,  I was going to delete the link to this site but I changed my mind because it is too good.  I had asked for a link trade, but I didn’t get one from her, and not only that but she deleted my comments.  Sometimes I take things too personally and the reality is that this site is too good not to link up.  They stopped doing music posts for a while but have aparently started back up.  Lots of Greek political stuff going on here.   An old friend’s band,  Erich over at Good Bad turned me onto this site the other day so I haven’t had the time to really go through it.  He recomended it as an excellent blog.  I liked this Black Flag post  Another one of those sites I offered to trade links with but never got linked up on.  A young guy in college runs this site and that’s pretty much what you get is what I call college music.  The guy is a hell of a writer though and I actually do like several of his posts including this one,  I just got turned onto this site from a link from another blog.  Lots of good crust stuff here but I haven’t had much time to check out every post.  Seems like a nice guy too who has commented on MR.  A great video here,   This site is pretty much a mix of links, reviews and commentary.  Definately a good read.  The only drawback is that I’ve wanted to comment several times but you have to have a Google account to do so.  I finally got a Google account but still couldn’t comment, probably just my own stupidity.  I really liked his commentary on another blog I really like, here,  This is the site mentioned in the above link.  Even though he doesn’t usually have a lot to say, Mark is an uploading machine.  500 and some posts already this year.  He definately tends towards the hardcore punk stuff but is known to stray.  I wish he did write more because he is a fun loving guy who has some good things to say.  He’s shared some good comments at MR.  There is a lot of listening pleasure to be found here so this is as good a start as any,  This site has been dead for a year and a half but was one of the first music blogs I got into.  Lots of classic and obscure punk rock.  Most, if not all, of the links are dead but it is good for the history and as a reference.  The Pope just provided a link to this site in one of his posts and I dig it already.  Lots of good music on the harder faster side, but what really makes it stand out is the writting.  There is nothing like a listening to good music that has some backround to it.  He linked me up without me asking and that’s pretty cool in my book.  This was the first of many awesome posts I hit up,  The guy who runs this blog has a sarcastic honesty that I really enjoy.  I’ve told him on a few occasions that he is a master of the music blog to which he replied, go to the Bang Bang blog I mentioned above.  The music he posts old and new is all punk and metal related.  The variety within those two genres is well documented in both rarity and pure quality.  His commentary is always interesting and I have yet to find better quality rips.  One of my favorite posts out of something like 350 posts,  I’m a little worried here because Jimmy hasn’t posted in a while.  He does his own music posts but was also doing a weekly round up of what was going on with other music blogs.  Really cool stuff.  Here is an example,  This is one hell of a site.  This guys collection just goes on and on.  There is so much to explore here besides just music posts.  You could read and listen for a month and still not get done.  Between the writter and some of the regular readers there is piles of English punk history and knowledge to be found here.  One of the drawbacks is that the rips are seperated into sides of records and tapes as opposed to tracks.  I can’t even tell you how many posts there are.  Incredible still though.  Just a sample here,  A site slightly similar to the Good Bad site in that there is a huge amount of punk history going on.  Not just the music itself but what he has to say really stand out.  Mostly on the European edge of things but I can’t beleive how much good stuff there is out there that I’ve never heard of.  He gets thousands of hits a day.  I think he used to have me linked up but he must have taken me off for some reason.  Still a great guy and a great site but maybe it was because of my coments here (?), .  This was one of his that I jumped all over,  This is my favorite site and not just because the guy who runs it has turned out to be a pretty good friend.  As I told him, he says more in two sentences than I do in two paragraphs.  There is so much going on at this site that is fun to follow.  He also does some really good artistry with the live pictures he finds of bands.  On top of that he just has a knack for posting some of the sickest shit out there.  This was one of my favorites,  I think I discovered this site after he came to mine with a comment and he continues to be a regular visitor.  I like how he tends to post all kinds of different stuff and usually has a lot to say.  The infrequency of the posts does not stop me from coming back though.  I had wanted to hear this one for a while,  I just got turned onto this site because he had left a comment on mine.  I think he had another site before this one that I had checked out before I started blogging myself (Nuclear Farmed Hogs?).  Lots of good stuff here and he keeps it short but sweet on the commentary.  Mostly stuff on the speedy side of things.  Great guy great site.  Check this one out,  Tons and tons of demos and hard to get stuff.  A really classic site that highlights what the title suggests.  It’s a Spanish language site so if your shy about your Spanish like I am you may have a tough time commenting.  He hasn’t posted since the beginning of the month so I don’t know what’s up.  This was a gem worth listening to,  I found this site because of an excellent comment on mine.  Another long time blogger here but I he got rid of his old site and got this one started not too long ago.  You see his interesting comments all over other music blogs and from what I can tell he is well respected.  If obscure Japanese hardcore is your thing, I know I dig it, then this is your site.  I need to start checking this one out in more depth and leave some comments.  You can’t go wrong with even a metallic GISM can you,   This the classic punk site.  So much of what I grew up listening to in the late 70’s, early 80’s.   There’s 300 or so posts here and they always have a lot to say with an insiders kind of knowledge.  You could spend a long time catching up on everthing that’s posted here and if you’re a downloader you might want to get another hard drive.  Kind of a tribute to all the fallen ones too.  I liked this one a lot,  This is another one of those great sites that I have had trouble commenting because it only takes people with Google accounts.  Lots of great, mostly early 80’s English punk but there is also substantial music from all over the place.  The kind of stuff I think would be difficult to fine elsewhere.  I liked this one for just the record cover but never downloaded the music,  If you are into bootleg live recording this is definately the site for you.  Links upon links of music.  Not much in the way of writting about each specific link but a good resource none the less.  He hadn’t posted for a long time and then did one post and hasn’t posted since.  This is a good example of what you’ll find,  Something like 260 posts here and you can find punk, hardcore, crust and powerviolence.  Everything from Sin 34 to Charles Bronson.  I like what they have to say with the posts, but I have a lot of work to do commenting here so I can get to know the people who run the site.  Speaking of Charles Bronson here’s a post on them,  I really like this site because of it’s variety.  Music, video, interviews, photo, reviews and commentary.  The guy who runs the site is really cool and a regular visitor and commentor on MR.  Probably my only fan in New Zealand, ha ha.  A cool UK Subs interview,  Another one of the classic blogs that hasn’t had a post since 08/07.  This was one of those ones that I learned a lot from before I started blogging.  I always liked the sites that had direct links to the music so you could sample a track or two before downloading the whole thing.  On top of that these storage sites sometimes delete files or links become unusable.  A lot of variety again here but this was one of my favorites even though I have the album,  As the name says, punk and metal.  This guy really has a good thing going on here.  His site is similar to mine in that he tells personal stories that tend to go with the music.  The punk and metal you get here is generally from the 1980’s east and west coast American stuff, but is by no means limited to that.  I got worried there for a while because he hadn’t posted anything but has since then come back strong.  A really good example,

That’s it for the music blogs and if you made it all the way through my rantings then you should definately comment.  For one reason or another I feel like every one of these blogs has something to offer you.  I didn’t really have anything bad to say about any of these sites because they have all done something positive for me and I appreciate every one of them.  I would much rather save my negativity for big business and government.  One last thing I wanted to mention is that many of these blogs are done in English by people whose native tongue isn’t English.  I am really impressed by that and wonder how many Americans do blogs in Spanish, German, Swedish, etc.

Brujeria – El Patron 7″

b2 b3 b1 I got good responses here from my last Brujeria post, so I thought I would do another one.  Actually I would have done this one even if I did not get a good response from this band.  The responses were more of a philosophical and religious discussion, but some of the best feedback I’ve had on here.  I learned a lot from people like Fernando and the Pope, and even some of my old bros chimed in too.  Thanx guys.  This one is not their fastest stuff but it is soooooo heavyyyyy, especially El Patron.  This is one of my favorite recordings by these guys and as I said El Patron is just such a good song.  The lyrics really say a lot about culture in general.  I have another good 7″ to post from them, which is still really heavy but has a lot of speed going on too.  As you can tell from the randomness of my posts, I don’t strictly like fast and heavy, but it definately has a substancial spot here at MR.  Take these guys seriously or not as far as their lyrics, you have to admit this is musically far above average for the genre.  Enough of my blabber and on to the music.  Tell me what you think, okay?

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